Sending jewellery by courier

Sometimes sending a gift says more than a thousand words and what gift says more than anything else in the world? That’s right: Jewelry. Unfortunately, jewellery is a little harder to ship than most presents and you might be stressing out because you worry the package could get lost or stolen along the way. We often get questions about sending jewellery by courier. When you order with Eurosender, we help you with all your questions regarding your shipment. That is why we made this guide about sending jewellery by courier. If you have other presents or you would like to ship other products, take a look at our other pages as for example about shipping alcohol and shipping electronics.

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Pack and ship jewellery in a box

The packaging may vary when you pack and ship jewellery in a box. There might be a difference between packaging a ring, earrings or a necklace. However, the basic idea is the same for all jewellery and the same goes for the packaging materials you need.

Packaging materials for jewellery

You can find the materials below in most stationery and hardware stores. If you are on a budget or when you decide to go for an environmentally friendly alternative, you can use second-hand materials. In that case, it is extremely important that the materials are not torn, perforated or damaged in any other way. The following materials are necessary for an easy way to ship jewellery:

  • Cardboard boxes: You need 2 cardboard boxes of different sizes. The smallest one should be a little bigger than the item you want to ship.
  • Bubble wrap: To protect the jewellery in the box. If you don’t have access to bubble wrap, you could use paper or other plastic materials. However, bubble wrap is your safest option.
  • Cushioning materials: Preferably packing peanuts. If you don’t have those, you can use shredded paper, more bubble wrap or even a towel.
  • Scissors and adhesive tape: for cutting, securing and sealing the package. If you want to be confident that your box won’t open, it is worth to invest a bit in high-quality

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How to pack jewellery for shipping?

In most cases, the jewellery that you want to send is already in a box from the store. If that is the case, make sure that you close it with tape or something else and keep in mind that this is not one of the boxes described in the process below. If this is not the case, place the jewellery in a box that matches its size before you start. You can also check out our article with packaging advice.

  • Take the smallest box and fill it up with cushioning materials
  • Then place the jewellery and cover them with more cushioning materials and close the box.
  • Carefully shake the box to see if there is anything moving or making a sound.
  • Then fill up the second, bigger box with cushioning materials. Place the first box in the second box and fill it up and cover it again with Cushioning materials.
  • Close the box, tape it and check one last time if you hear any noise when you gently shake it.
  • When you live in Poland, Sweden or Spain, don’t forget to print the label that you receive after placing the order when you pack and ship jewellery in a box.

Shipping Jewelry FAQ
  1. Am I allowed to ship jewellery?

Even though jewellery is on the list of not recommendable items for shipping at most courier companies, with the right packaging it is possible to pack and ship jewellery in a box. Be aware that shipping jewellery is always on your own risk. Also, be sure to check out our article on items that are prohibited to send.

  1. Can I buy additional insurance if I ship jewellery?

Please note that regular insurance doesn’t count for packages that are not recommended for shipping and the same goes for additional insurance. Check out our article about items that are covered by shipping insurance.

  1. Can I track my package?

When sending jewellery by courier with Eurosender, you can always track your package online. Every package automatically gets a tracking code that can be checked on our website. You can find all the details in our separate article about parcel tracking.

  1. How can I calculate the cost of my shipment?

First, you need to know the dimensions of your shipment, which you can find out with our dimension tracker below. Once you have done that, you can continue to calculate the price and place the order. Or call us for an individual offer.

Do you still have some questions unanswered? Contact our Customer Service and we will be glad to help you. You can mail us or contact us by phone, please find our contact details on our Customer Service page. We speak your language!

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping jewellery. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship jewellery, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.