Sending jewellery overseas by courier

The transportation of valuable items such as jewellery might be tricky. Sending your jewellery by courier is the best option to make sure your items will be safely shipped. Book a courier service with us and we will guide you through every step of the way until successful delivery.

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Jewellery shipping services for accessories stores

Organise the shipment of your jewellery and accessories directly to your customers’ door, wherever they are. Choose Eurosender as your trusted shipping partner and increase your efficiency. We are a one-stop platform where you can book any shipping service and easily manage all your logistics operations.


Find the best way to ship jewellery internationally

We offer a variety of shipping methods to match any request for safely sending your jewellery abroad:

Standard shipping

Effective and economical. Easy booking and smooth deliveries for smaller items
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Express shipping

International deliveries in 24-72h. Ship your jewellery insured if the total value is up to £4,000
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Individual offer

Our experts know better! Receive an offer personalised to your needs
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What to know before you pack and ship jewellery overseas

Packaging materials | Safely pack and ship your jewellery in a box

Follow these steps to secure your jewellery before sending it by courier.

  • The safest way for shipping jewellery is its original box, if possible. Alternatively, take a small cardboard box and fill it up with cushioning materials.
  • Place the jewellery inside and cover the box with bubble wrap. Carefully shake the box to make sure nothing is moving inside.
  • Fill up the bigger box with cushioning material and place the smaller box inside it.
  • Seal the box and attach the label, if needed.


How much does it cost to ship your jewellery abroad?

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Shipping Jewellery Internationally | Most popular questions

Is it legal to ship jewellery?

The rules about shipping jewellery internationally depend on the regulation between the countries involved and are determined by the materials the item is made of. In regards to the regulations of courier companies, most of them include valuable jewellery on the list of items not recommended for shipping through the standard service. However, it is possible to ship your jewellery with insurance through our express service or by requesting an individual offer.

How do people send jewellery in the mail?

Many people take advantage of their small size and decide to ship jewellery in the mail. If the jewellery is packed in a small box, it can be put together with other items such as clothes. When shipping inside the EU, there is a chance the jewellery will not be discovered by the couriers if it is not detected in the scanning points. However, please keep in mind that when sending valuable jewellery by the regular service you are doing it on your own responsibility.

Do I have insurance when shipping jewellery by courier?

We offer many insurance options depending on the service you booked and the item you ship. When sending non-valuable jewellery accessories, your pieces will be insured whether you pick the standard service, express delivery or even freight shipment. However, some jewellery may be considered as valuable items by the courier companies and, as such, are classified by them as not recommended for shipping. For this reason, when shipping expensive jewellery of up to £4,000, we suggest opting for the express service where you can have peace of mind since your item can be insured for transport.

Can I track my package when shipping jewellery?

Sending jewellery by courier with Eurosender is the easiest way to ship as you can always track your package online. Every package automatically gets a tracking code that will be sent to you via email after the service is confirmed.

Can I send jewellery in Europe and overseas as a gift?

Pieces of jewellery can be great gift ideas for Mother’s Day or Christmas. When shipping jewellery as a gift internationally, in addition to complying with the appropriate legislation, the item will still go through customs procedures and may be taxed accordingly.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping jewellery. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship jewellery, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.