How to Safely Ship Jewellery Internationally

Sending jewellery overseas by post or courier

Jewellery shipping can vary depending on the value of the individual pieces. While shipping valuable items requires booking specialist services, sending fashion accessories and artificial jewellery by post or courier is easier. Check our recommendations on how to pack and ship jewellery internationally.

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Valuable jewellery items are usually restricted or prohibited for shipping. Please note that insurance may not apply.


Solutions for shipping artificial jewellery and accessories internationally

Transport solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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Please bear in mind that some courier companies may include valuable or expensive jewellery in the list of prohibited items. For any clarifications, please contact our team of specialists via chat.


How to pack jewellery for shipping

Follow these steps to secure your costume jewellery before sending it in the mail or by courier.

  • The safest way to ship jewellery is using its original box, if possible. Alternatively, take an appropriately-sized box and fill it with cushioning materials.
  • Place the jewellery inside and cover the box with bubble wrap.
  • Fill a larger cardboard box with cushioning material and place the smaller box inside it.
  • Seal the box and attach the shipping label, if needed.


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Regulations for sending jewellery overseas

Is it legal to send jewellery overseas? It depends on the regulations specified on the courier’s and government rules for shipping jewellery and other valuables. The rules about shipping jewellery internationally, even for businesses, depend on the materials the item is made of and if it is considered a valuable or luxury item. Shipping valuable jewellery is prohibited if it contains precious metals and stones. Some countries and couriers only restrict the shipping of jewellery over a determined value threshold. Make sure you check the specific regulations before booking a jewellery courier service. The regulations for shipping costume jewellery are usually much less restrictive.

Non-valuable accessories will be covered by insurance if the costume jewellery and accessories are packed properly. For valuable jewellery, the insurance will not apply because these items are included on the list of prohibited items. Therefore, individuals who decide to ship jewellery internationally do so at their own risk.


FAQ on how to ship jewellery internationally

Can I send jewellery overseas with every courier company?
It is important to note that not all courier companies will ship jewellery abroad. For example, DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS will not ship valuable or expensive jewellery internationally. Each courier has specific rules and requirements for different shipments and services, so we recommend checking this further with the designated courier for your route. When booking Express or Priority shipping services, please make sure not to include these items as the courier will refuse to collect the parcel. If you need further assistance, you can reach us by chat, phone or email before shipping to discuss your options further.
How do I send jewellery by post or courier?
Some postal and courier companies may offer special services for shipping valuables such as jewellery. If you plan on sending jewellery by post or courier, make sure each piece is carefully packaged. Most pieces of jewellery come in their own custom-made presentation boxes, which offer the best protection during transport. People also pack jewellery for shipping with other items such as clothes. Bear in mind that if you send valuable jewellery via post or courier, you do so at your own risk.
Which is the best courier service for jewellery in the UK or abroad?
Generally speaking, specialist jewellery courier services are the best option, however these usually come at a higher cost. Whenever you book shipping with Eurosender, you always get the lowest rate on the market for courier services that ship all kinds of items.
How much does it cost to ship a piece of jewellery internationally?
The price for posting jewellery overseas by courier depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations, the weight and size of the shipment as well as the urgency and type of transport service selected.
At Eurosender, we offer worldwide shipping services, and you can get an instant quote by using our booking tool.
Can I mail a bracelet, necklace or earrings in an envelope?
When shipping inexpensive jewellery internationally, you can use an envelope as initial packaging. If you want to mail a bracelet, necklace or earrings in an envelope, you should select a Package Service when placing your order with Eurosender. Our Document Service is only suitable for sending paper documents.
Can I track my parcel when sending jewellery abroad?
Yes, whenever you book a delivery service with Eurosender, whether you are sending jewellery or other goods by courier, you can always track your parcel online. Every parcel automatically gets a tracking code that will be sent to you via e-mail after the service is confirmed. The tracking will become active once the parcel is collected and scanned for the first time.
Can I post jewellery to Europe or overseas as a gift?
Yes, many people choose to send pieces of fashion or handmade costume jewellery since they are great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. Bear in mind that when shipping jewellery as a gift internationally, in addition to complying with the appropriate legislation, the item will still go through customs procedures and may be taxed accordingly.
Is there insurance for shipping jewellery internationally by courier?
We offer many insurance options depending on the service you booked and the item you ship. When sending non-valuable jewellery accessories, costume or artificial jewellery, your pieces will be covered by basic insurance included in the shipping price.
Valuable items and jewellery made of precious stones such as gold are not protected by shipping insurance since these items are considered prohibited by most courier companies.
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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping jewellery internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. If you decide to send jewellery overseas by courier, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.