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If you are wondering if it is possible to send different packages to different addresses, this article might be perfect for you! Here at Eurosender, many costumers ask us if it is possible to have several parcels collected at the same time and delivered to different locations across Europe. Our answer is a loud YES, of course! It is possible to ship two, three or many different packages to different addresses at the same time anywhere in Europe!

But there are important details that need to be taken into consideration before sending several packages away at the same time, but to different destinations.

In this text, we will give you valuable information regarding on shipping packages and parcels to different addresses, so you will know exactly what to do when you are faced with the need to ship your precious goods to multiple places at once. This is actually a piece of cake, but you need the right information to avoid your shipments being delivered to the wrong address.

So, can I ship to different addresses and what I need to know before doing that? 

Small businesses and e-commerce always need this kind of service in order to send their goods to various clients or resellers. It doesn’t really matter if they are located in the same city or country, or in a completely different part of Europe.

Let’s imagine that you are an e-commerce from Spain and, after years of hard work, you finally manage to successfully expand your business to other European countries. What a wonderful thing! Your products once attracted only your friends and neighbors, but now are desired by clients from other countries as well. There is one potential buyer in Italy, another one in Portugal, the third one in Germany and another one in the UK! What now? “How can I ship multiple packages to different addresses?” Or “How can I send multiple packages to different countries in Europe?”, you might ask.

What should you do?

The safest and easiest way is to place individual offers for each one of the delivery addresses, i.e. to place several separate orders at the same time. For example, if you have 4 different parcels to be sent to 4 different locations – in same city or country or across various locations in the EU –, the best option is to place a special order for each one of the shipments.

How do you actually do that?

It is very simple. Head to our user-friendly engine, which you can also find on this blog, and place an order for each address to which you need to send your goods. The procedure is the same for both Business and Personal Accounts. You can ship your items to almost any address in Europe and our engine will show you the entire list of countries where we offer our services for parcel deliveries.

Fill in the form with all the information needed regarding the pickup and the delivery address, and repeat the procedure for every shipment. If you are not a business but someone who wishes to send various packages to different addresses (for instance, a box to a friend’s home and another one to your mom’s) the process is virtually the same. You just have to choose the Personal Account instead of Business Account.

So, that is it! The first part is done!

What else do I need to know when I ship to different addresses?

Ok, let’s take a look at the example of that small business from Spain that needs to send various boxes to different addresses in the EU once again. Let’s also assume that only one courier company will perform the service and the driver will collect all the 4 boxes at once. Up to this point, things are simple, but not so fast! How will the courier driver know which box has to be sent to Italy and which one has to be sent to the UK, for instance? As always, the answer is “the label, of course”! Putting the proper label on the proper package is the key to avoiding the confusion of having several packages ending up in the wrong hands. Just imagine your hard work going down the drain because of the wrong label! In order to know what to do with these little sticky papers that we talk so highly of, go and read this dedicated article that will teach you everything there is about the humble, but critically important shipping label.

can i ship to different addresses

In order to never face the misdelivery nightmare, you always have to make sure that the information on the label is correct and that the driver attaches it to the right package. You have to bear in mind that the shipper is the one who needs to check that the labels are placed in the correct box, not the courier company.

So, the first lesson is learned: match the labels to the right packages in order to avoid mixing them up!

Another important thing: when using the services of a parcel broker like Eurosender, it can happen that several logistics companies will be selected to perform the delivery of the parcels. The reason for this lies in the fact that our booking system always takes many things into consideration when choosing the right service, the most important ones being price, reliability and speed. For some routes, the company A simply does a better job than the company B, so the intelligent engine of Eurosender will select the first company to take care of the deliveries on this route. For other routes, the best option can be the company B, so we will select the company B for such cases. Because the clients are Eurosender’s number one priority, having several parcels picked up by totally different courier companies is nothing rare. We always want to make sure that the user gets the best service possible! So here it comes our tip number 2: Make sure to hand over the right packages to the right provider!

Is it possible to change the address after placing the order?

Yes, it is possible to change the shipping details for free even after making the order, but only if you booked  “flexible booking”. This service has many advantages:

– changes of the collection date for free;

– changes of the pick-up and delivery address (as long as the address are located in the same countries);

– rectifying mistakes done when filling in the order form with no extra charge.

You can purchase flexible booking in the second step of the ordering process. You might want to choose this service every time you book a shipping service with us. It will enable you to make all sorts of changes to your order without additional charges. A luxury not everyone can afford!

So now you know: every time you need to ship to different addresses, Eurosender and its Flexi service are all you need, along with being careful, of course.

Last modified: April 3, 2018

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