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ACS is one of the most renowned logistics companies from Greece and has long been a trusted partner of Eurosender. When shipping with us, our algorithm selects the courier with the best price-quality ratio for your route and requirements, which may be ACS or another of our trusted partners. Find out more about ACS courier prices, delivery tracking and domestic and international shipping options.

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ACS courier and shipping prices

ACS Greece has a strong network throughout the Hellenic country and customers can book fast ACS parcel shipping and deliveries between any cities and towns in mainland Greece. The price of shipping with ACS depends on three main factors: the size and weight of the parcel, the destination and the type of service you have booked. For all the ACS international shipping services there is a surcharge for extra kg up to a total maximum weight of 50kg.Here is more useful information about the ACS shipping prices for their most popular domestic and international services:

ACS domestic shippingdestinationweighttimeACS Shipping price
Express servicesSame city, different cities and islandsUp to 2kg1-3 working days5,14 -14,30EUR
Express Services - Same DayOnly certain routesUp to 2kg9,20-47,00EUR.
International shipping ACSdestinationweighttimeACS Shipping price
ACS Net ExpresZone Ν (Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria)15-116EUR
ACS World ExpressACS global deliveriesUp to 25kg27-140EUR for EU countries, 52-438EUR rest of the world
ACS Europe 5To and from Greece and other European countriesUp to 25kg2-8 working days27-263EUR
ACS World Import ExpressACS courier service to import goods into Greece.
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Track and trace ACS: parcel tracking and statuses

To track a shipment with ACS, customers need their ACS tracking number. The ACS tracking number is used to find the location and status of your ACS parcel. When your shipment is booked through our platform and performed by ACS, you can follow the transit of your package by inserting the ACS tracking number in our tracking tool. Alternatively, you can use the same ACS parcel number to track it on the courier website directly.

Once you have introduced your ACS tracking number on the tracking tool you will get your parcel status. The ACS tracking status will inform you of where the parcel is and if there have been any problems during delivery.


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FAQ – Shipping with ACS

Is there an ACS shipping insurance included in the price?
When shipping with ACS all standard shipments that do not contain any restricted or prohibited items are covered by basic insurance. The insurance coverage depends on the type of ACS delivery and route. When shipping with Eurosender, basic insurance is included in the shipping price.
What are the ACS forbidden items and restricted goods?
Most courier companies have a list of items that they do not recommend for shipping. ACS forbidden items and ACS restricted goods include:
  • Liquids
  • Dangerous items
  • Food
  • Animals
  • Antiques
To read more about restricted items you can check our page here.
Does ACS make deliveries on the weekend?
ACS offers weekend deliveries son a Saturdays for same-city deliveries. You can add the ACS weekend delivery service to your express parcel at an extra price.
Can I ship cargo with ACS?
ACS offers cargo and pallet transport services for business customers, that can ship palletized loads with a maximum weight per pallet of 500 kg. and up to 1,7 m in height. The price of these freight services depends on the freight volume and country of destination. If you want to ship cargo to or from Greece you can also book LTL, FTL and other freight shipping services directly with Eurosender.
Where can I find the ACS storage facilities?
ACS offers the possibility of reserving warehousing services as part of their logistics and cargo shipping solutions. To find and book ACS storage facilities you will have to contact them directly.
Does ACS provide support on customs clearance for import/export of goods?
If you want to ship abroad with ACS as part of your export/import activities ACS provides the most common customs forms on their webpage. However, they do not offer active support for customs clearance/brokerage and they keep the right of denying transport when the procedure has not been conducted properly.
How to pack your shipment for ACS? Are there any packaging tips for shipping with ACS?
Packaging depends on the kind of item that you want to ship. We have prepared a series of pages about how to properly pack different items to help you pack whatever it is you need to ship.
How to label your ACS order?
Generally, the courier driver will bring the ACS shipping label and attach it to the parcel. However, there are some exceptions where you might need to print and attach the label to the parcel yourself. In such cases, you will receive an e-mail with the label.
Is there an ACS helpdesk or ACS customer service?
When you book your shipment through the Eurosender platform, we take over the communication with the service provider on your behalf. Therefore, you can simply contact our customer support team, and we will gladly help you with any query. If you want to contact ACS directly, you can find the details for the ACS helpdesk or ACS customer service in our dedicated section or on the ACS website.
Can I ship parcels with ACS to UK after Brexit?
Despite the huge impact Brexit has had on logistics and shipping, shipping to the UK with ACS after Brexit is still an option. However, every shipment will have to go through customs and can be subject to VAT and customs charges. If you want more information about shipping with ACS or other couriers to the UK after Brexit you can check our Brexit shipping guide.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2020. For more information about ACS parcel shipping and courier prices, ACS tracking number, ACS international shipping and storage facilities, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.