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ACS is one of the most famous logistics companies from Greece and has long been a trusted partner of Eurosender. Known for the excellent quality of their services and favorable prices, ASC offers you the best shipping deals to and from Greece as well as ACS storage facilities. In the article below you can find all the info, you need to successfully complete an order by using the Eurosender platform.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies, to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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How to place an order with Eurosender?

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Richard H Zahm

9 hours ago

Clear website and instructions

Clear website and instructions

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Ljubica Krog-Selak

10 hours ago


Great site and great value

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Jesus Andres Ezquerra Artigas

11 hours ago


Perfecto, rápido y barato. Reservé con Eurosender, el envío lo hizo SEUR y me costó menos de la mitad que contratandolo directamente con SEUR en su web. Muy bien.

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11 hours ago

Satisfactory at this early stage

I haven't gone through the whole process yet, having only set a date for my shipment to be collected so far. But at this stage, everything seems clear --the terms and conditions state how the boxes should be packed, the dimensions and weight, which is helpful when trying to plan your moving out. To be continued...

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11 hours ago

very helpful

very helpful - small hiccup with Estonia telephone

Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

The list of benefits of shipping with Eurosender is endless but below you can find a brief overview of the advantages connected to shipping your goods through the Eurosender platform.

Eurosender provides you with direct online quotes without any hidden extra costs.

We work with a large group of logistics partners, for example, ACS, and can, therefore, offer you the best rates for any kind of shipment.

The friendly and professional customer service team that is ready to assist you in 15 languages.

Create a Eurosender account and profit from the many benefits that come with it.

24/7 online tracking of your shipments.

Possibility for companies to set up an online logistics department for free.

Send a parcel with ACS and the alternatives

Eurosender can help you with all kind of services that ACS provides. Below you find the different kind of shipping transport is available for you.

Standard shipping: A basketball, candles or an egg incubator, are just some things that qualify for standard shipping.

Freight Shipping: Select your type of pallet and then go for FTL, LTL or PTL shipping when you want to know the price to ship a pallet with ACS.

Select country
Select country

Dedicated Van Delivery: Suitable for relocations or other shipments that need direct transport without any stops or layovers.

Individual offer: It happens that some shipments need some extra attention. Contact our logistics experts for a tailor-made offer for your goods.

The shipping service selected is not the only thing that determines the price of your shipment. Below you can find several things that could add to the price of your shipment.

  • Dimensions: When measuring the length, width, height, and weight of the shipment, keep in mind that the packaging material should be included when measuring.
  • Distance: Determine the pick-up and delivery address for the ACS courier services.
  • Kind of items: The nature of the items being shipped can lead to additional fees.
  • Additional requirements: Always contact the courier before ordering when your shipment has additional requirements, such as ACS storage facilities.
  • Delivery time: Flexibility when it comes to the delivery date can lead to huge savings.

ACS FAQ section

  • Where can I find the ACS tracking number?
    • You find the ACS tracking number on the information the sender provided you with or on the order form.
  • How do I track my shipment with ACS?
    • Enter the ACS tracking number on the website for ACS parcel tracking.
  • How to pack your shipment for ACS and are there packaging tips for shipping with ACS?
  • How to label your ACS order?
    • After placing an order you receive instructions regarding the label for ACS courier services.
  • Are parcels insured with ACS?
    • When you book ACS shipping through the Eurosender platform, your shipment is always insured with our standard insurance.
  • Are there ACS forbidden items or ACS restricted goods?
  • Is there an ACS helpdesk or ACS customer service?
    • The details for the ACS helpdesk or ACS customer service can be found on the ACS website. However, when you book your shipment through the Eurosender platform, you have to contact the Eurosender customer service.

Want to order your shipment but are not sure how to go about it? Reach out to our team of logistics experts and they will get you ready for the shipment of your goods.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as ACS courier services, ACS storage facilities, price to ship a pallet with ACS, ACS parcel tracking, ACS helpdesk, ACS customer service, always check the official website of ACS.