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Order an express courier service to Liechtenstein without hassle! With Eurosender, you can get an instant price for the best courier services to Liechtenstein from anywhere in the world. Enter all your shipping details in the booking tool to see the price.

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Negotiated rates with the best international couriers to Liechtenstein

When you book international courier services to Liechtenstein through Eurosender, your items will be in the hands of skilled logistics companies. We collaborate with many courier companies and regularly compare their prices to ensure we offer the best courier rates to Liechtenstein.

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Ship from your doorstep with an express courier to Liechtenstein

No need to wait in line at a courier drop-off point! Shipments sent with our express courier services to Liechtenstein are delivered to the recipient’s doorstep in 24 hours on the same continent or in 48-72 hours worldwide. Depending on availability at your pick-up location, you can also arrange for same-day collection when booking your courier to Liechtenstein.

Courier to Liechtenstein: what can I send?

Many items can be shipped overseas as long as they are adequately packed first. Check the packing guides of some popular items sent via courier to Liechtenstein:


Track your courier to Liechtenstein in real time

We offer tracking for our courier services to Liechtenstein, so you can rest assured that your item is in good hands and enjoy peace of mind knowing your shipment’s location at all times. To track your courier to Liechtenstein, simply click on the link provided in your “Tracking” email.

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International courier services to Liechtenstein to choose from

Our international courier services to Liechtenstein are used by customers for many different shipping requirements.

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FAQ on international courier services to Liechtenstein: parcels and documents

How will the best courier service to Liechtenstein be selected?
The best international courier service to Liechtenstein will be automatically selected thanks to our easy-to-use booking tool that instantly compares prices from different logistics companies. Enter your shipment details in our booking tool and receive the best price available without the hassle of comparing courier options.
How much are courier rates to Liechtenstein?
Courier rates to Liechtenstein will depend on the route distance, shipment size, as well as the type of service you choose. You can use our booking tool to see the price for each shipping service available from your pick-up location to Liechtenstein.
How do I pack a box to send via courier to Liechtenstein?
The best way to prepare your items for shipping in a box is to cover them first with bubble wrap or other packaging materials, then fill the box with cushioning materials. Check our detailed packing guides for instructions on preparing different items for shipping by courier to Liechtenstein.
Are there any restrictions when shipping with international couriers to Liechtenstein?
When booking an international courier to Liechtenstein, you need to bear in mind that certain items such as alcohol or prescription drugs are considered restricted or prohibited by courier companies. Make sure to check the list of prohibited and restricted items to avoid any inconvenience.
Will my shipment go through customs when booking a courier service to Liechtenstein?
If you are shipping within the same free-trade agreement, your parcel will not need to go through customs. However, if your shipment crosses international borders, it will have to go through regular customs procedures. Every country has different regulations, so we advise you to check this further on governmental websites before booking international express courier services to Liechtenstein.
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