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With Eurosender, you can get instant prices for express courier services to Mauritius, as well as all other major destinations around the world. Insert the shipping details in the booking tool to get access to the best courier service to Mauritius.

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When booking international courier services to Mauritius through Eurosender, you can be sure that your items will be in the hands of the best logistics companies on the market. We collaborate with a vast number of renowned and reliable courier companies, and we compare their services to find the best courier rates to Mauritius.

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Save time with a door-to-door express courier to Mauritius

No need to wait in line at a courier drop-off point! Shipments sent with our express courier services to Mauritius are delivered to the recipient’s doorstep in 24 hours on the same continent or in 48-72 hours worldwide. Depending on availability at your pick-up location, you can also arrange for same-day collection when booking your courier to Mauritius.

Courier to Mauritius: what can I send?

There are many items that can be sent via courier to Mauritius as long as they are packed properly. For example, check the packing guides of some of the most popular items:


Track your courier to Mauritius in real time

Our courier services to Mauritius allow you to track your shipment from start to finish — and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing where it is at all times. Just click on the tracking number sent via email and track your courier to Mauritius in real time!

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International courier services to Mauritius for specific needs

We offer various international courier services to Mauritius depending on your individual requirements.

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FAQ about how international courier services to Mauritius work

Which courier service to Mauritius is best for me?
It depends on the type of service you need and what your shipping needs are. Most top courier companies have services available in a variety of countries around the world – either through their own networks or via partnerships with local transport companies.
To save time in searching for the best international courier services to Mauritius and comparing their rates, get a quote on our booking tool. Our system will match you with the right provider.
How can Eurosender provide competitive courier rates to Mauritius?
The high volume of delivery services organised through our platform on a daily basis gives us a strong negotiation power. We provide our customers with already negotiated courier rates to Mauritius that are extremely competitive to the average market value.
Will the courier to Mauritius weigh the parcel upon collection?
Most courier drivers do not bring scales to weigh parcels upon collection. Parcels are weighed later at the local depot. If your parcel weight is heavier than what you booked, most courier companies will issue a surcharge or return the parcel to the pick-up address. If you realise before the pick-up that the parcel you are sending via courier to Mauritius is overweight, contact our customer support team for advice.
Can I arrange a specific courier service to Mauritius?
No, you cannot select the courier during the ordering process, since the courier is automatically selected by our algorithm based on your order details. However, you can request to change the courier company assigned to transport your shipment for an additional fee. To check the possibility of changing the international express courier service chosen to transport your item to Mauritius, contact our customer support team for assistance.
Are shipments sent with international couriers to Mauritius insured?
Yes, our shipping services include basic insurance coverage. The value of the coverage may differ depending on which service you select; if additional protection is needed when booking an international courier to Mauritius, low-cost additional insurance can be purchased.