Hermes (Evri) vs Royal Mail Comparison in 2024: Which is Better?

Differences between Hermes (Evri) and Royal Mail: which is better?

Compare the shipping prices of Royal Mail and Hermes, now operating under the name Evri in the UK, and decide which courier company is better, cheaper and faster for your needs. Check our guide to learn the differences between Hermes courier service and Royal Mail or get an instant quote with Eurosender to compare rates with even more courier services.

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Hermes vs Royal Mail prices: is Evri (Hermes) cheaper than Royal Mail?

To make a fair comparison between Hermes and Royal Mail, we have gathered the prices offered by both courier companies for domestic shipping in the UK as well as international services. Bear in mind that Hermes in the UK has rebranded to Evri and it is their data that we have used for comparison in this page. The final prices offered by Hermes or Royal Mail in your specific case may vary depending on the dimensions of the parcel, the distance and the speed of the delivery.

Find out which option is cheaper, Hermes (Evri) or Royal Mail, by having a look at the cost estimates for their domestic and international shipping services in the tables below.

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Evri vs Royal Mail domestic shipping in the UK

Compare the prices for shipping a 10 kg parcel domestically in the UK with Evri (Hermes) or Royal Mail:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
Evri Next Day£10.971 working day
Evri Standard£9.282-4 working days
Royal Mail Guaranteed£17.451 working day by 13.00
Royal Mail Tracked 48£10.832 working days
Royal Mail Signed£8.052-3 working days
Royal Mail Standard£6.953 working days

Hermes vs Royal Mail international prices from the UK to Germany

Compare the Hermes (Evri) vs Royal Mail prices for sending a 2 kg parcel internationally:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
Evri Parcelshop£11.023-7 working days
Evri Courier£11.403-7 working days
Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed£15.153-4 working days
Royal Mail International Tracked£14.003-4 working days
Royal Mail International Standard£12.403-5 working days

Hermes vs Royal Mail international prices from the UK to the USA

Compare the Hermes (Evri) vs Royal Mail prices for shipping a 2 kg package internationally:

Shipping serviceCostDelivery
Evri Parcelshop£37.693-7 working days
Evri Courier£38.073-7 working days
Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed£33.705-7 working days
Royal Mail International Tracked£27.605-7 working days
Royal Mail International Standard£30.456-7 working days
Royal Mail International Economy£14.25Up to 6 weeks
Note: The Hermes (Evri) and Royal Mail international shipping services presented above may not be available for all locations. The prices above are the results of online research conducted in August 2022.

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Is Hermes the same as Royal Mail?

Royal Mail and Hermes (Evri) are both well-known and popular UK shipping providers, but they are different companies that do not work together.

When deciding whether Hermes (Evri) or Royal Mail would be better for your needs, you would have to get quotes from each of their platforms and compare the features they offer.

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Is Hermes (Evri) or Royal Mail faster?

It depends on the desired route and on the shipping service you select. Both Royal Mail and Evri can offer fast courier services with similar transit times for domestic shipments within the UK. Unlike Evri, the next-day service offered by Royal Mail guarantees a delivery timeframe, but the cost is also higher.

For international shipping, Evri (Hermes) estimates delivery at 3-7 days on all services and routes. On average, Royal Mail offers shorter transit times than Evri on European routes but longer transit times for global shipments.

To determine which one is faster for the service you need, DHL or Hermes (Evri), check the comparison in our tables above.

Is Hermes (Evri) or Royal Mail better for shipping large parcels?

Hermes (Evri) imposes a maximum weight of 15 kg and a length limit of 120 cm for each parcel. On the other hand, the limit set by Royal Mail is 20 kg, but you can send parcels of up to 30 kg thanks to their partnership with Parcelforce.

For this reason, you will most likely need an alternative solution for shipping large parcels.

If you need express shipping for packages weighing up to 70 kg, check our Priority Express Service with deliveries within 72h worldwide!

Hermes vs Royal Mail – Which is the most popular in the UK

Royal Mail and Hermes are among the two top companies used by online sellers for shipping their products. In the past few years, Hermes has unfortunately faced a bad reputation among users who complain mostly about parcels lost or damaged in transit. Since rebranding to Evri, they have made continuous efforts to improve their ratings.

For this reason and their extended reach via post offices all over the country, Royal Mail may be more popular than Hermes.

Did you know? A study showed that DPD was the courier company with the highest satisfaction ratings in the UK in 2021. Read about shipping with DPD.


Differences between Royal Mail vs Hermes: Which one is better?

Both companies have their advantages, so before deciding which courier is better, let’s compare Hermes (Evri) and Royal Mail main features:

FeatureRoyal MailHermes (Evri)Eurosender
Door-to-door deliveryFor some servicesFor some services
Free signature upon delivery For some servicesFor some services
Discounts for registered usersX
Support via live chat X
Instant online quotes Depends on the routeDepends on the route
Freight solutions for individuals XX
Real-time tracking For some services
Delivery to sanctioned countries XX

Evri (Hermes) vs Royal Mail for e-commerce: Which one is better?

Both Hermes (Evri) and Royal Mail provide logistics services for businesses and e-commerce stores. Depending on which platform your online store is based on or the features you would like to integrate into your system, you can decide whether Hermes or Royal Mail is better for your e-commerce logistics.

  • Evri (Hermes) is a major logistics player offering solutions for businesses that regularly ship small parcels in the UK and overseas. Business users can benefit from reduced prices, fully tracked services, integration with platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and eBay, as well as dedicated support.
  • Royal Mail is ideal for UK businesses that need a low-cost domestic service for non-urgent shipments and do not require tracking. They provide API solutions, allowing business users to streamline their logistics. Additionally, e-commerce retailers that ship high volumes and spend over £15,000 yearly with Royal Mail can benefit from free weekday collections.


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Hermes (Evri) vs Royal Mail comparison summary

Comparing Hermes (Evri) and Royal Mail to decide which one is better for your e-commerce may take some time as it depends on a number of factors. Remember that the companies you choose to collaborate with have a direct effect on your reputation as a business. When analysing the differences between Royal Mail and Hermes courier service, make sure to check which one is cheaper, faster and has better performance in your main operation area.

Overall, both Evri (Hermes) and Royal Mail offer similar prices and transit times. When making a final decision on whether Hermes or Royal Mail would be better for your particular needs, you will need to take your shipping route into consideration and also determine the urgency of your delivery.

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Disclaimer: The information is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. For more information about Royal Mail and Evri types of domestic and international shipping services or updated data for comparing Hermes (Evri) and Royal Mail prices, we strongly recommend checking the official websites of the logistics companies.