Sending Documents to Poland by Courier (2024)

Document and envelope shipping services to Poland

Send documents to Poland as an individual or business with our express Envelope Shipping Service. Use our automated platform to ship documents to Poland with a reliable courier delivery service. Get an instant price for the delivery of important documents to Poland from anywhere in the world and benefit from express transit times.

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Benefits of sending documents to Poland with Eurosender

Online tracking included in the price

Express worldwide delivery within 24-48h

Proof of delivery available on request


How to ship documents to Poland

Follow these guidelines for sending documents to Poland by post or courier:

  1. Get a suitable envelope and place the documents inside.
  2. Weigh and measure the envelope.
  3. Insert your shipping information in our order engine and book the service.
  4. Ensure someone is available for the courier at the pick-up address on the selected date.
  5. Monitor the progress of your envelope with the tracking code.
* Please note that with our Document Service you can only send paper documents. If you want to send other items in envelopes, you will need to select Express or Standard Services.


Express document delivery to Poland by courier

Book international document delivery to Poland with Eurosender and enjoy the fastest service on the market. We can offer you shorter delivery times worldwide as our trackable document courier service to Poland are transported by air and do not go through customs. This solution is ideal for sending urgent documents to Poland or any other country in up to 48 hours.
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How long does it take for documents to be delivered to Poland?

The estimated delivery time when sending documents to Poland is 24-48h, depending on the pick-up and delivery addresses. If you would like to get a more accurate delivery date, simply enter the details of your envelope shipment to Poland in our search engine. Check the average delivery times on some of the most common routes in the table below:

Route to send documents to PolandDocument delivery time
Send documents within Poland1 business day
Send documents to Poland from Germany1 business day
Shipping envelopes to the UK from Poland1-2 business days
Document delivery to Australia from Poland1-2 business days
Document delivery to Poland from Canada1-2 business days


Send registered mail to Poland

Eurosender offers a reliable document delivery service to Poland with online tracking available from pick-up to delivery. Send registered post to Poland with our express door-to-door service in just a few clicks. When you book a registered letter delivery to Poland with Eurosender, your envelope will be delivered directly to the addressee. You can also request proof of delivery for more security and peace of mind.

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What can you ship to Poland in an envelope with Eurosender?

You can use our document delivery service to Poland to send envelopes up to 2 kg. This solution is designed for sending paper documents and materials, such as:

Want to know more about how to send registered post or confidential documents to Poland? Please contact our logistics specialists via chat or email.


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FAQ on how to send documents or registered post to Poland

What is the best way to send a document to Poland?
The best way to send a document to Poland is through our dedicated Envelope Service. The estimated delivery time is 24h within the EU and 48h on other global routes. Please provide complete address details for pick-up and delivery, double checking the information to avoid any errors. If you are shipping documents to Poland and using an embassy address, be sure to check the opening hours and notify the staff of your shipment to prevent the risk of delay.
How much does it cost to send documents by courier to Poland?
The cost for sending documents by courier to Poland depends on the transit distance between the collection and delivery addresses as well as the weight of the shipment. You can get an instant quote in our automated booking engine. The price will include basic insurance and tracking.
Can I ship other items to Poland using the Document Service?
No, the document delivery service to Poland is only suitable for sending paper documents such as passports, postcards, personal letters, printouts and other paper materials. If you want to send other small items in an envelope, you can use the Express or Standard Services.
How long will it take for my document to be delivered to Poland?
The time it will take for your document to be shipped to Poland may vary depending on the transit distance as well as the period but generally the estimated delivery time is 24-48h. The fastest courier service offered by Eurosender for sending documents to Poland is the Envelope Service. You can get an estimated delivery time when booking your shipment in our order engine.
How can I track the registered letter I am sending to Poland?
A unique tracking number is assigned to every envelope shipped to Poland. Make sure to attach the shipping label to the envelope before collection so that the barcode can be scanned along the way. Tracking is always included in the price for sending documents and registered letters to Poland with our Envelope Service. Get your quote and start shipping!
Can I use a normal envelope for shipping my passport to Poland by courier?
Although this is possible, it is not as secure as a hard-backed or padded bubble envelope. We recommend using a sturdy, waterproof envelope that is not likely to tear or become damaged when sending passports and other sensitive documents to Poland. The envelope should also be thick enough that the document cannot be read through the packaging.