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Shipping cars and vehicles to Poland

If you are looking for the best solution to send your car or other types of vehicles to Poland, choose Eurosender for a safe and affordable service. Our vehicle logistics experts always find the solution that best meets all your requirements when sending cars to and from Poland. Send us all the details of the vehicle and route to get a personalised quote for door-to-door international car shipping services to Poland.
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Why shipping a car to Poland with Eurosender?

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Road car transport services to Poland

Whether you are shipping new cars to Poland or transporting your used vehicle when relocating, we got you covered. There are many different car transport services you can choose to send vehicles to Poland.

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Dedicated solutions for vehicle transportation in Poland

With years of experience in the logistics industry, we organise international car shipping services to and from Poland with the best option for your company.
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Things to consider before shipping a car to Poland

To avoid problems when shipping a car to Poland, follow these four simple steps to prepare your vehicle.

Wash the car and take out all personal objects

Condition check
Check fuel and fluids level and the engine conditions

Prepare all the transport and import documents

Take photographs of the car to serve as conditions proof

Importing a car to Poland: useful tips

When importing a car to Poland, don’t forget to check the applicable legislation to find out the documentation you need to present to the customs authorities and haulier company to transport and import the vehicle.

Check the legislation and prepare the documents
Before booking an international car shipping service to import a vehicle to Poland, it is essential to check the rules and customs requirements to avoid any inconvenience.
Pay taxes, customs and VAT
To import a car in Poland, you may be required to pay customs duties, VAT and other taxes depending on the year and country of origin of the vehicle.
Register the vehicle
When importing a car or another vehicle to Poland, you will be required to register it to the competent office, providing the vehicle documents, original registration, and insurance.


Additional shipping services

At Eurosender, we always find the best logistics solution to meet every specific shipping requirement you may have.
If you are looking for additional services when shipping your car to or from Poland, check some of our solutions.

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Book your fully personalised car shipping service to send your vehicle to Poland through Eurosender. Send us the following details using the button below, and our experts will send you a quote with no obligation.

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FAQs – Shipping cars and other vehicles to Poland

How much does it cost to ship a car to Poland?
Transporting a car to Poland is a process that includes different options and specific requirements that are influencing the final costs. For this reason, each car transport service to Poland will be organised based on a fully tailored solution and price adapted to its needs and it is not easy to give a specific price. To know the exact costs to ship your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles to Poland, please send us your specific requirements and our vehicle logistics experts will send you a quote via email.
Should I empty the car before the transportation to Poland?
Car hauliers strongly suggest emptying the vehicle from all personal items and objects to avoid damages or other inconveniences during the transport. If you need to send personal items when shipping your car to Poland, you can book our door-to-door package delivery or an entire van for your relocation. If you intend to ship the car to Poland with personal belongings inside, please inform us in advance to allow us to arrange this with the transporter.
Can I ship a car from Canada or the US to Poland?
Yes, it is possible to ship a car or other vehicles from Canada or the US to Poland. The vehicle will be transported by sea or air, according to your specific requests. When shipping and importing a car from Canada or the US to Poland, it is important to check the countries legislation and customs rules.
Is transport insurance included in my vehicle shipping service?
Yes, all car shipping services organised through our platform have transport insurance included. When organising a car transport service to and from Poland, our logistics experts will take care of all the details and present you all the options for hauling and insurance options available. For safe vehicle transport to Poland, we suggest you ask for the enclosed car shipping service that offers a higher level of protection during transit since your vehicle will not be exposed.
For any doubt on which is the best insurance or transport option, do not hesitate to contact our experts.
What types of cars can be shipped to Poland?
With Eurosender, you can organise international car shipping services to Poland for every type of vehicle. Thanks to our vast network of car hauliers and logistics companies in Poland and Europe, you can ship vehicles of any make and model to Poland. Here are some of the international car shipping solutions we offer.