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Shipping services to the Caribbean

Send parcels and letters to the Caribbean with the best express couriers in the world. Find the best shipping service to any island in the Caribbean with our online shipping tool.

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Eurosender shipping services to the Caribbean

Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose between different shipping services to the Caribbean.
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What can you send to the Caribbean

You can organise different types of shipments to the Caribbean based on the items you need to send.

  • Envelope: Send letters and documents to every destination in the Caribbean.
  • Box: Ideal for sending small items, cardboard boxes are the most common packaging material for small shipments worldwide.
  • Barrels: One of the most common ways to send goods in bulk to the Caribbean islands.

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Customs procedures when shipping to the Caribbean

Customs documentation and fees may apply when shipping parcels to the Caribbeans. You will need to fill out a proforma or commercial invoice with the declared value of the goods. Customs fees will have to be paid by the recipient for the goods to be cleared by customs for delivery.

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Shipping services to the Caribbean: cost calculation

The cost of shipping a parcel to the Caribbean is calculated based on weight, dimensions, route and any other extra service that is required. To know the exact price for your shipment, you will need to contact the courier company for a quote or use Eurosender instead!

Get a free-of-charge quote using our booking tool. Once you provide the details, you can immediately see the costs of the selected shipping service to the Caribbean.

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Why ship to the Caribbean with Eurosender

Fully door-to-door service
Free online tracking
Basic insurance included

Shipping services to every country in the Caribbean

Parcel delivery to every island of the Caribbean

With Eurosender, you can book shipping services to almost any destination, including overseas European territories and other minor islands in the Caribbean.

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Frequently asked questions about shipping to the Caribbean

How long does it take for my parcel to be delivered to the Caribbean?
Shipping times to the Caribbean are influenced by the service chosen and the route. When booking a delivery service to the Caribbean with Eurosender, you will get an express service, with short transit times: only 24-72 hours for most routes.
Keep in mind that the estimated delivery time doesn’t take into account the customs clearance procedures.
Which courier will transport my parcel to the Caribbean?
When booking a shipping service to the Caribbean with Eurosender, we always find the best and most reliable courier for your specific needs. We work with renowned international couriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS. You will receive all the details about the courier in charge of your shipment via email.
Read more about our partners and other international couriers.
Are there any restrictions on what I can send to the Caribbean?
Certain items may be subject to restrictions or import regulations. Before booking a shipping service to the Caribbean, it's crucial to check the courier’s prohibited and restricted items and the regulations of the destination country.
Which shipping companies operate in the Caribbean?
Many local and international shipping companies operate in the Caribbean, including for example DHL and FedEx. When booking a shipping service to the Caribbean with Eurosender we will choose the best courier to handle your shipment.