How to Ship a PS5 and Other Game Consoles? | Packing Guide

How to send an Xbox, PS or other game consoles overseas

Eurosender offers the best way to send game consoles and gaming equipment internationally. Find out what do you need to do to ship an Xbox, a PS4 and 5 or a Nintendo Switch safely at the best price. Get affordable shipping solutions for you or your store and ship gaming accessories and consoles with a reliable courier. Keep reading to find out how to safely pack a game console and equipment for shipping with the best couriers.

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How to pack a game console and equipment for shipping | Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation

Before sending your Xbox, PS5 or any other game console internationally, make sure it’s properly packed. Packing your gaming console and equipment properly before shipping is the best way of ensuring safe transport.

  • Disconnect your power supply and all the gaming accessories from the console.
  • Bubble wrap the PS5, Xbox or Nintendo console and place it into the original box together with the cables and controllers.
  • Place the original box in cardboard and fill all the empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  • Close and seal the box with packing tape.

How to pack gaming accessories for shipping | Controllers, headsets, gaming chairs

When shipping gaming equipment such as controllers, keyboards, mice, virtual reality glasses, headsets or even a gaming chair with speakers in Europe or worldwide, follow the steps below:

  • Disassemble and pack all parts of the gaming equipment separately.
  • Place the smaller components of the gaming equipment in plastic bags and label them.
  • Wrap each bag, part or gamming accessory in bubble wrap and place them in a box with cushioning materials.
  • Close and seal the box after confirming that its content is immobile.


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FAQ on sending gaming equipment and consoles internationally

What size box should I get for shipping my game console?
Ideally, you should always use the original box to send a game console by courier. You can nest the original box in a larger and sturdier cardboard box.
Try to pick a slightly bigger box than its content so that you can still add some cushioning materials.
Can I ship a Nintendo Switch, PS5 or an Xbox console by plane?
Yes, shipping a PS4 or 5, a Nintendo Switch and Xbox game consoles by air is the fastest delivery method.
With Eurosender, you can book the Priority Express Service, and your shipment will be delivered by air in the shortest time possible.
Both business and individuals can by plane. To ship a Nintendo game console by air, we recommend keeping the battery in, preferably not fully charged.
Can I bring a game console on a plane?
Usually, you can bring a game console on a plane, but only if you follow the rules on transporting batteries. When you travel by plane with carry-on luggage only, we recommend keeping the console somewhere easy to reach.
The security will ask you to take your Xbox, Nintendo Switch or PS5 out of your carry-on luggage when passing through the scanner. Once you go past security, you can wrap it around with the rest of your clothes for cushioning.
If it does not match the airlines' restrictions, you can always send your gaming console by courier with Eurosender.
Can I send a Nintendo Switch overseas?
Yes, you can send a Nintendo Switch overseas. Insert the countries of origin and destination in our booking tool to get a price for your Nintendo Switch delivery to any destination.
Please note that if you are shipping outside the EU, VAT and other duties may apply.
How much does it cost to ship a Nintendo Switch or a PS5?
The price of shipping a Nintendo Switch or a PS5 will depend on the total weight o the parcel and the distance and urgency of the delivery.
Regardless of where you want to ship your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5, you can get an instant price directly on our booking tool.


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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping game consoles and other electronic devices. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship used or second-hand game consoles and electronic devices, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.