Care Package International Shipping and Delivery

Shipping care packages internationally

Send a care package by courier to a friend or loved one abroad to show you are thinking of them. Get ideas for gifts and other items you can ship in care packages internationally. Check if there are any rules or regulations for sending certain items overseas in care packages. Eurosender makes international care package delivery easy by offering you affordable courier services and packing tips for various items.

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What to know before sending care packages internationally

Consider the following if you decide to ship a care package overseas by post or courier, to ensure a successful and timely delivery:

Care package delivery to remote locations
  • Is the destination remote or rural? Expect a slightly longer transit time.
  • Before placing your order to send a care package internationally, check that courier companies can deliver to the destination.
Make sure that the parcel is properly packed
  • Use a sturdy cardboard box and internal cushioning materials to minimise the risk of loss or damage.
  • Check our general packing guidelines on how to pack the various items.
Provide complete and accurate information
  • Double-check all addresses to avoid issues when sending care packages abroad.
  • If booking care package delivery to a residence or apartment complex, include the correct room, building and floor number.
Check about international customs procedures


Courier services for shipping care packages with Eurosender

Eurosender has the solution you need for sending care packages by courier to any destination worldwide:
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Book any type of international care package delivery

Customers book care package delivery services with Eurosender for many reasons. Read more about where and to whom you can send care packages by courier:


Ideas for what to send abroad in a care package

Think about who is receiving your care package and what they like. There are many thoughtful items and gifts you can send in a care package, these include:


Benefits of sending a care package by courier with Eurosender

When shipping a care package by courier overseas with us, we will provide you with:

Insurance included in the price

Instant quotes with no hidden fees

Assistance from logistics experts

24/7 shipment tracking online


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FAQ on shipping care packages overseas by courier

What is the best way to send a care package abroad?
The best way to send a care package by courier, whether across country or internationally, is to pack the items carefully for shipping in a sturdy cardboard box. Get an instant quote from our booking tool below to get the most cost-effective solution for your shipment. Avoid delays or problems by keeping good communication with all parties involved in the shipping process. Make sure that someone will be available at the pick-up address to hand over the package to the courier. Inform the recipient of the estimated delivery time so that they do not miss the delivery.
How much does it cost to mail a care package internationally?
The price for shipping a care package by courier depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations, the weight and size of the shipment as well as the urgency and type of transport service selected. You can get an instant quote in the booking tool below or contact us via chat or email if you are unsure which service you need for shipping a care package by post or courier.
What is the cheapest way to ship a care package internationally?
The cheapest way to mail a care package internationally is through our Standard Service. You can get a quote by entering your shipping information (pick-up and delivery address, parcel dimensions and weight, etc.) in our booking tool. This option is available to you if you are shipping within the EU.
What should you not send in a care package?
The restrictions on what you can send abroad in a care package may depend on where you are shipping and on the recipient. We recommend checking our dedicated pages for more specific information about what you should not send in your care package. If you are unsure whether an item you want to ship is restricted or prohibited, you can contact our logistics experts via chat or email.
How do you send a care package with food?
Even though food and snack items are listed as prohibited by most courier companies, people still frequently pack food in parcels with other items. You can follow the general guidelines for packing food when preparing your care package.
It is possible to include non-perishable food in your parcel provided that there is no chance it would spoil or expire in transit. Food is normally classed as non-perishable if it has a shelf life of longer than six months.
How long does it take to send a care package overseas?
The delivery time when shipping a care package internationally depends on the pick-up and destination country as well as the selected service. The fastest way to have your care package delivered is through our Priority Express Service. The estimated delivery time for global routes is 24-72 hours.
Remember that delivery times may by longer in the run-up to the Christmas season or Valentine's Day. Check our handy courier holiday calendar and make sure you book your international care package delivery so that it arrives on time.
Is insurance included when shipping care packages internationally?
All shipments booked with Eurosender have basic insurance included in the price. Additional insurance is available to purchase during the booking process at low prices. Read more about the shipping insurance options Eurosender offers for your international care package delivery.