How to ship CBD products internationally

The growing popularity of CBD products in Europe and globally has made online businesses selling CBD products flourish. As a result, this has led to an increased demand for shipping CBD oil, edibles and other products internationally. But can one ship CBD products via courier?

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We have gathered the most important information about shipping cannabis products and compiled them all in our guides, so you won’t need to do your own research. Check everything you need to know on how to:

Regulations on buying and shipping CBD

In the last years, many countries worldwide started legalising the usage and shipping of CBD products as long as they contain a low concentration of THC.

In Europe & USA

In the USA and most EU countries CBD products containing less than 0,3% THC can be legally purchased and sent by mail within the same country.

In Canada

Canada has legalised all cannabis products both for medicinal and recreational purposes. However, there are limits on the quantities one is allowed to possess in public.

In Australia

Australia has strict regulations and only allows buying and shipping CBD products containing less than 0.005% THC.

Since the regulations on buying and shipping CBD products can vary so much from country to country, we strongly recommend shippers to check what rules apply in both countries of collection and delivery before booking a delivery.


How to pack CBD products for shipping internationally

When shipping CBD products, make sure you prepare your parcel well. Follow these steps for correctly packing CBD oil, beauty products, edibles and other CBD products for international shipping:


Don’t remove the original packaging as it serves as an additional layer of protection.


Put the CBD product in a leak-proof Ziplock bag to avoid any leakage and wrap it in bubble wrap.


Fill your box with cushioning materials and place your package in the middle.


Seal the box with adhesive tape. Also, tape in the corners and edges to prevent it from tearing during transport.

Most frequently shipped CBD products in Europe and internationally

Many CBD products are available on the market nowadays, and people send CBD products in the mail or by courier all over the world. Here are a few examples:

  • CBD extracts to use in food preparations or for medicine.
  • CBD skin and hair products, including CBD creams, bath bombs, face masks, serums, soaps, beard oil, shampoo/conditioner, lip balm, etc.
  • CBD capsules and pills for medicinal purposes. These can be filled with a CBD extract, oil, powder or herbal additives.
  • CBD vape oils.
  • CBD edibles like CBD gummy bears, candy, chocolate, cookies, power bars, butter, cooking oil, etc.
  • CBD pet products.
  • CBD drinks are gaining popularity as well. Beer, water or soda can contain CBD. Even multinationals like Coca Cola and AB InBev are experimenting with CBD infused beverages.


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FAQ’s about shipping products and oils made from CBD and hemp

Is insurance included when shipping CBD or hemp products and oils?

Liquids, including hemp and CBD oil, are on the list of prohibited and restricted items of most courier companies. However, people ship hemp or CBD oil abroad and in Europe almost every day. Please consider that shipping such items is under the responsibility of the customer so that insurance does not cover any damages of restricted items.

When shipping other types CBD or hemp products, insurance may apply. Additional insurance can be purchased during the booking stage, with affordable prices scalable to your needs.

Is it possible to ship hemp products abroad?
It is possible to ship hemp products abroad as hemp products have considerably fewer restrictions than shipping other cannabis products. Nevertheless, you should always check local restrictions before deciding to ship hemp products.
How to prepare hemp products for shipping?

Packing and shipping products made from hemp, such as alcohol, butter, clothes or cosmetics, you can follow our guidelines for shipping a wide range of products.

If you need to ship hemp oil, consider our guidelines for shipping CBD oil above, and consider keeping the item in its original packaging for added protection.

Are CBD products banned in any countries?

Yes, CBD products are banned in the United Arab Emirates, Russia and Malaysia, so please bear this in mind before deciding to ship.

Is it legal to send CBD oil through the mail?

European Union:

Yes, under 0.2% THC.

United Kingdom:

Yes, under 0.2% THC and marketed as a food supplement.


Yes, under 0.1% THC.

United States:

Yes, under 0.3% THC and derived from hemp, rather than cannabis.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping CBD and hemp products within Europe or abroad. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship CBD or hemp products, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.