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Parcel shipping and forwarding in Europe just got easier! If an online store doesn’t deliver to your location, use Eurosender to forward the package from anywhere in Europe directly to you. Insert your details in the booking tool and book a parcel forwarding service from Europe in just a few clicks.

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Europe parcel forwarding – no need for a virtual address!

Eurosender offers international shipping for items that have been purchased online but cannot be delivered to the destination country. Our door-to-door courier services allow you to skip the virtual address step required by traditional parcel forwarding services in Europe. Once you schedule the pick-up through our platform, the courier will collect the parcel from the address you provided, and transport it to you. We’ll take care of the rest!

When booking a collection from the retailer’s premises, please make sure to communicate the scheduled date to the staff.


Services for forwarding parcels in Europe and internationally

For more information about our services for forwarding parcels in Europe, you can choose between the following options:
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Package forwarding in Europe and globally with the best couriers

It does not matter how far you want to ship your parcel, we will get it there! Parcels can be forwarded anywhere in Europe and to 220+ countries around the world. Parcel forwarding services in Europe booked through our platform will be handled by the most experienced international logistics companies, such as:


Europe parcel forwarding – fully tracked!

Have control of your parcel forwarding service from Europe with real-time tracking. Thanks to our digital tracking tool, when having packages forwarded in Europe, you will always know where your shipment is. Tracking is included in the price of all our parcel forwarding services in Europe.

You will receive the tracking code for your delivery via email, which will be activated once the item is collected.

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Parcel forwarding from the EU to the UK

Our platform will connect you with shipping and parcel forwarding services from any EU country to the UK. Your parcel will be picked up by one of our courier partners at the address you indicate and forward it to your desired location. We partner with local couriers to provide a seamless shipping experience for all of our customers, regardless of the shipment size.

Book the best parcel forwarding services in Europe

Although we ship throughout the world, our main focus is package forwarding within Europe. Read more about parcel forwarding services in different countries below:

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FAQ on parcel forwarding in Europe and internationally

How will the best parcel forwarding service in Europe be selected?
The best parcel forwarding service in Europe will be automatically selected thanks to our easy-to-use booking tool that instantly compares prices and services from different logistics companies. Enter your shipment details in our booking tool and receive the best price available without the hassle of comparing courier options on their websites.
Can I book parcel forwarding from Europe to the USA, Australia or other global destinations?
Yes, you can! We can forward parcels from Europe to the USA, Australia, Canada, or almost anywhere else in the world. When you book shipping with Eurosender, a courier will pick up your item at the chosen location and deliver it directly to you. It's as simple as that!
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Can I book parcel forwarding from the UK to Europe even after Brexit?
Yes, of course! We are proud to continue to offer parcel shipping and forwarding services from the UK to Europe even after Brexit. Booking a shipment on our platform is the same as for any other route, however, you'll also have to check about customs requirements for the item you are shipping.
How long does package forwarding in Europe take?
Europe parcel forwarding services can take 1-5 days when shipping within the EU and 24-72 hours when shipping internationally.
The estimated delivery time is calculated before any payment during the order process, so you can see how long your parcel forwarding service in Europe would take.
What kind of address can I use when booking parcel forwarding services in Europe?
You can use almost any address when booking parcel forwarding services in Europe. Eurosender offers a door-to-door shipping service, meaning that your package is collected and delivered at the addresses provided during the booking process. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you fill out the address form correctly when booking on our website.
The address must be accessible for the van or lorry, with parking no more than 15 metres from the entrance. Bear in mind that collection and delivery take place at the main door of the building. The driver is not obliged to perform collections or deliveries inside the building.
Will parcel forwarding couriers in Europe weigh the item upon collection?
Most parcel couriers do not weigh parcels upon collection but, instead, wait to weigh them at the local depot. If your package weighs more than what you booked, most courier companies will issue a surcharge or return the parcel to the pick-up address. If you realise before the pick-up that the parcel you are forwarding from Europe is overweight, contact our customer support team for advice.
Are there any restrictions when having parcels forwarded in Europe or internationally?
When booking parcel forwarding services in Europe or internationally, you need to bear in mind that certain items, such as alcohol or prescription drugs, are considered restricted or prohibited by courier companies. Make sure to check the list of prohibited and restricted items to avoid any inconvenience.
I am having a parcel forwarded in Europe, will it go through customs?
If you are shipping within the EU, your parcel will not need to go through customs. However, if you've booked a parcel forwarding service from Europe to another global destination, it will have to go through regular customs procedures. Every country has different regulations, so we advise you to check this further on governmental websites before booking the delivery service.
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