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With Eurosender, you can buy items from Portuguese websites that don’t ship to your location. We’ll handle the shipping for you with our door-to-door courier solutions – no matter where you’re based! Our platform compares different courier companies, and then proposes the best parcel forwarding service in Portugal. Get an instant quote!

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Why choose Eurosender to forward parcels from Portugal?

Eurosender addresses the challenges of international retail shipping by enabling customers around the world to order from any online store, even if they do not offer deliver themselves. Reshipping can be a hassle, and many people lose time and money when trying to negotiate with a reshipper to forward parcels from Portugal abroad.

Use Eurosender to book a parcel forwarding service from Portugal and benefit from door-to-door delivery from the store or warehouse directly to the address of your choice.


Our alternative to Portugal package forwarding

Rather than using virtual addresses, the assigned courier will pick up packages directly from the retailer and deliver them to you – much faster and safer than traditional Portugal package forwarding services used by other shipping websites.

It takes just 5 minutes to arrange parcel forwarding to or from Portugal on our platform. Here is how to do it:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries
in our booking tool


Insert the pick-up and delivery addresses
and complete the order


Communicate the pick-up date and other
relevant instructions to your sender


Make sure the parcel is packed and ready
for collection on the chosen date

When organising a collection from a store or warehouse, make sure the staff are informed about the collection date so that everything goes smoothly.


The best alternatives to parcel forwarding to Portugal

For more information about our services for forwarding parcels to and from Portugal, please select your preferred option below:
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What can you send with parcel forwarders to Portugal

You can send almost anything with parcel forwarders to or from Portugal as long as they are packed properly for shipping. Check out our guides for some of the most popular items:


International parcel forwarding services from Portugal

We can forward a parcel from Portugal to you, wherever you are in the world. With our express solution, items will reach their destination faster than if they were shipped by any other parcel forwarding service in Portugal – because we deliver them directly.

See some popular parcel forwarding routes to and from Portugal:

Parcel forwarding from the UK to Portugal with Eurosender

Get an instant quote on our platform for shipping and parcel forwarding from the UK to Portugal. The assigned courier will pick up the parcel at the UK address you indicate at the time of the booking and forward it to Portugal. We work with trusted local couriers to provide a seamless shipping experience, perfect for parcels and larger goods.


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We work with top couriers & parcel forwarders operating in Portugal

Portugal package forwarding services booked through Eurosender will be handled by the most experienced logistics companies in the industry, such as:

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FAQ on international parcel forwarding services in Portugal

What is the difference between shipping with a regular parcel forwarder or with Eurosender?
Unlike a regular parcel forwarding service, Eurosender does not require you to set up a virtual address in Portugal (or anywhere else) to have packages forwarded to you.
If you want to buy products online from a specific store in Portugal, but they don't ship to your country, you can just book a door-to-door service with Eurosender. The parcel will be forwarded from the store in Portugal to your own address – which can be pretty much anywhere in the world!
Which is the best parcel forwarding service in Portugal?
At Eurosender, we only collaborate with top logistics performers such as DHL, DPD, FedEx and UPS, etc, so that you get the best match for what you need, when you need it.
Couriers and parcel forwarders in Portugal vary greatly in their services and features, so the best option for you will depend on your particular shipping needs. Once you insert your shipping details in our platform, you will instantly get the most suitable courier service to forward your package to or from Portugal. Simple as that!
How much does a parcel forwarding service in Portugal cost?
The cost of parcel forwarding services in Portugal varies according to different factors. The price you get in our booking tool will be determined by the size of your item and the location from which it is shipped. Express shipping is generally more expensive than the Standard Service, so if your shipment is not urgent, you can usually get a lower rate by booking a standard parcel forwarding service from Portugal.
Use our booking engine to get an instant estimate of the cost of package forwarding in Portugal.
Are there customs fees when booking parcel forwarding services from the UK to Portugal?
Yes, if the parcel you need forwarded from the UK to Portugal contains items that exceed a total of £135 in value, you will have to pay customs fees and duties.
When importing goods into Portugal from the UK, or vice versa, you must declare their value to customs authorities. Different VAT and customs charges are applied to different types of products, depending on their price.
Will the parcel forwarder in Portugal call before collection?
Although some courier drivers may call at their own discretion, they are not obliged to call before collection or delivery. Parcel forwarders in Portugal will only attempt to contact local phone numbers, so if you're arranging the collection from a retail store or warehouse, please make sure they provide the correct contact information.
Can I arrange for a parcel forwarder in Portugal to pick up my item during the weekend?
No, standard parcel forwarders in Portugal perform collections only on working days, from Monday to Friday.
However, there are a few exceptions where you can schedule parcel forwarding from Portugal during the weekend. For more information on this option, please contact one of our customer support agents by clicking the chat button at the bottom of your screen.