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Shop on German websites without having to worry about delivery. Book your shipment with us, and you can have the package delivered directly to you! Our platform compares different courier companies to find the best shipping service to forward parcels from Germany.

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Why use our services to forward packages from Germany?

Eurosender offers the perfect solution for shippers who need online purchases and parcels forwarded from Germany or other countries where the store does not deliver. Avoid the hassle of negotiating with a reshipper to accept your item and forward it to your address – this often means losing time and money.

Book a courier service with Eurosender to forward your package from Germany and benefit from door-to-door delivery from the store or warehouse directly to your chosen address.


Our alternative to forwarding parcels from Germany

When shipping with Eurosender, there is no need for a middleman. The store doesn’t offer international shipping? No problem. The courier will pick up the package from their premises directly and deliver it to you. Much faster and less risky than using virtual addresses.

It takes just 5 minutes to arrange parcel forwarding from Germany on our platform. Here is how to do it:


Select the pick-up and delivery countries
in our booking tool


Insert the pick-up and delivery addresses
and complete the order


Communicate the pick-up date and other
relevant instructions to your sender


Make sure the parcel is packed and ready
for collection on the chosen date

When organising a collection from a store or warehouse, make sure the staff are informed about the collection date so that everything goes smoothly.


The best alternatives to parcel forwarding from Germany

We offer multiple services for forwarding parcels to and from Germany. Choose below the option that suits you best to read more about it:
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What can you send with parcel forwarders to Germany

You can send almost anything with parcel forwarders to Germany as long as they are packed properly for transport. Check the packing guides for some of the most popular items:


International parcel forwarding from Germany

Have the package forwarded to you from Germany to anywhere you want. With our express solution, you will get the items faster than any other German parcel forwarding service because the delivery is direct.

See some popular parcel forwarding routes to and from Germany:


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We work with top couriers & parcel forwarders operating in Germany

Package forwarding services to Germany booked through Eurosender will be handled by the most experienced logistics companies in the industry, such as:

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FAQ on international package forwarding services from Germany

Which is the best parcel forwarding service in Germany?
Some of the best companies for shipping from Germany are DHL, DPD, FedEx and UPS. We collaborate with all of these companies and more so that you get the alternative to parcel forwarding from Germany.
Since parcel forwarders operating in Germany vary greatly in the services and features they offer, the best option for you will depend on your particular shipping needs. Once you insert your details in our booking tool, it will display the best parcel forwarding service in Germany for you. If you have questions or need more information about shipping, you are always welcome to contact our team.
What is the difference between shipping with Eurosender and a traditional parcel forwarder?
The difference between shipping with Eurosender and a traditional parcel forwarder is the fact that, with Eurosender, you don't need to worry about setting up a virtual address in a different country so that you can have parcels forwarded to you.
Shipping with Eurosender is a simpler process because we offer a door-to-door service from the store to the address of your choice – anywhere in the world. The courier will pick up the item directly from the place you choose and deliver it to you.
How much does a package forwarding service in Germany cost?
The cost of using package forwarding services in Germany is not a fixed rate. The price you get in the booking tool will be determined by the size of your item and the location you are shipping from. The shipping price will also vary based on the urgency of your shipment since express parcel forwarding to Germany is usually more expensive. If you're not in a hurry, you can get a lower price when booking standard parcel forwarding to Germany.
Use our booking engine to determine how much a package forwarding service in Germany costs – our system calculates immediate prices based on your selection.
How long does parcel forwarding to Germany take?
Package forwarding services from Germany generally take 2-5 days when shipping to the EU and 1-2 days globally.
The estimated delivery time will always be calculated before you make any payment during the order process. Insert your shipping route in the booking tool to see how long a package forwarding service to Germany would take.
Can I track my German parcel forwarding service?
Yes, you can! All of our parcel forwarding services, whether to Germany or any other destination, have tracking already included in the price. Insert the tracking number you receive via email in our shipment tracking tool to monitor the status of your package forwarding service to or from Germany. The tracking number is sent to you automatically once the order has been confirmed by the chosen parcel forwarder operating in Germany.
Will I need to pay customs charges when booking parcel forwarding services from Germany?
You will be required to pay customs clearance costs for parcel forwarding from Germany if the shipment leaves the European Union. Every country has different regulations, so we advise you to check this further on the local governmental and customs websites of the delivery country.
Are there any size or weight limits for shipping with parcel forwarders to Germany?
Every courier company sets their own limits regarding the size and weight of parcels that can be forwarded to Germany. At Eurosender, the maximum limits for parcel forwarding to Germany are as follows:
  • Standard Service – 300 cm in girth (longest side + 2x height + 2x width), maximum weight: 30 kg
  • Priority Express Service – 300 cm in girth (longest side cannot exceed 120 cm), maximum weight: 70 kg
If you need more information, check our page about shipping dimensions.