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International postage to Ireland | Parcels and Letters

Book reliable door-to-door courier services to post important letters and parcels to Ireland. At Eurosender, we collaborate with a broad network of international couriers so that you always get the best postage rates to Ireland from the UK and elsewhere. Get an instant quote from our booking tool below and start shipping!

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Posting parcels and letters to Ireland

Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose from different solutions for postage to Ireland:
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Post to Ireland from the UK and overseas

Through collaboration with a vast network of logistics providers, we offer postage services to Ireland from almost anywhere in the world. Whether you are posting to Ireland from the UK or from across the globe, you can always come to Eurosender to get an instant calculation of the postage rates to Ireland.

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Posting small packages to Ireland

Compact packaging is a good way to save on costs when posting small parcels to Ireland. Use a padded envelope or cardboard box that is slightly larger than the contents. If necessary, add cushioning materials to hold the items inside the package in place during transport.

Measure the dimensions to get the most accurate postage rate to Ireland and avoid potential issues or surcharges at a later stage.

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Large parcel postage solutions to Ireland

Posting large parcels to Ireland from the UK and other locations is easy with our package shipping solutions. You can prepare up to 70 kg parcels for shipping via our Express or Regular Plus services.

However, we understand that sometimes you need to ship even bulkier items, so these limits may not be enough. For such situations, we recommend posting your large parcel to Ireland using our freight transport options. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose between sending pallets, booking a shared truck or a fully dedicated van.

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Post and track your letter to Ireland

When you book express postage to Ireland for important letters or documents, tracking is already covered in the price. We recommend our Document Service as it is ideal for sending registered letters within 24-72h. This is the fastest option as your documents travel via air freight and do not go through customs.

You can monitor the progress of the letter posted to Ireland with the tracking code you receive via email. This feature is already included in the service. Insert your code in the tool below to check the status of your shipment.

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What is allowed when posting parcels to Ireland?

There is a long list of items allowed when using a postage service to Ireland, as long as you pack them appropriately. Here are a few examples of situations where you can post parcels to Ireland:

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FAQ on international postage services to Ireland for letters and packages

How much are postage rates to Ireland from the UK?
It depends on the item you are posting to Ireland from the UK, as well as the service you choose.
For packages: Parcel postage rates to Ireland from the UK typically depend heavily on the size of the shipment. Posting large parcels is often more expensive than posting small parcels to Ireland. The reason for this is that postage rates are usually calculated based on the space the item takes inside the truck or plane.
For envelopes: Letter postage rates to Ireland depend heavily on the urgency of the delivery and additional services you purchase. The national postal services such as Royal Mail usually offer the lowest rates for letter postage to Ireland, but their standard service does not include features such as tracking or signed delivery. You often have the option of purchasing these as additional services, or you can post your letter or document to Ireland using a courier service like ours, that already has all of these included.
For either option, simply head to our booking engine and get your shipping quote instantly.
How long does international postage to Ireland take?
Posting parcels and letters to Ireland may take 1 to 5 days, depending on the service selected. If you are in a hurry, choose the Express Service, and your parcel or letter will be delivered between 24-72h.
Items shipped with this service are always delivered by air, which means they reach the destination in the shortest time possible.
The standard postage service is an option that is only available within the EU, and it is perfect for domestic deliveries or non-urgent shipments.
What is the difference between a first-class stamp and a regular stamp when posting to Ireland?
Each stamp refers to different postage services.
First-class stamps are used on priority or express postage services to Ireland, which may have different delivery times depending on the provider and the route of the shipment.
Regular stamps are used for the standard postage services to Ireland.
Is it possible to post a letter to Ireland without a stamp?
When using regular mail services, it is not possible to post a letter to Ireland without the stamp because this is proof that you paid for the service. The stamp is also important when sorting out the mail to make sure the envelope properly reaches its destination.
If you post a letter to Ireland without a stamp, it may be returned to the sender, or the receiver may have to pay for the missing stamp. Find more information here about shipping a letter without a stamp.
If you use our Document Delivery Service, you do not have to worry about stamps at all. The courier will come to collect the envelope at your address and will be in charge of the delivery until the consignee’s hands.
How early should I post a Christmas card to Ireland?
At Eurosender, all envelopes and letters posted to Ireland will arrive in 24-72h, depending on the pick-up location.
However, Christmas is a very busy period for all logistics companies, so we recommend posting your Christmas card to Ireland at least 5 days in advance to make sure it will arrive on time for the holidays.