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Efficient first mile logistics and delivery services

Improve your supply chain efficiency by optimising your first mile delivery logistics. We offer a global network of first mile courier services on one single platform. Benefit from expert advice on first mile shipping and delivery services in Europe and overseas whenever you need it. Standard or fully-customised first mile logistics solutions to match any requirement.

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Shipping services and solutions for first mile logistics

Get the best first mile logistics solution for your supply chain. Choose any of our door-to-door first mile courier services depending on your requirements:
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How you get the best first mile logistics provider

Our automated platform is the best way of always ensuring you get the best first mile logistics provider. Through our instant price calculator, you will always be paired with the most cost-effective first mile delivery solution available. If have special requirements, our specialists can also provide fully-tailored solutions based on your needs.

Optimise your first mile delivery service and operations long term thanks to our advanced technology.


Optimise your first mile delivery logistics with good preparation

  • Provide accurate shipping info, such as address and order references
  • If the shipment will pass through customs, prepare all required shipping documents
  • Pack the goods for first mile delivery appropriately and have them ready for pick-up
  • Attach the shipping label, if required for the first mile courier service


Why are first mile operations important for e-commerce?

An efficient first mile delivery process can bring huge growth to your online business while also keeping your customer satisfaction high. Set up a free account and boost your business performance with our cutting-edge platform integration. Keep track of your first mile logistics on our user-friendly dashboard and get exclusive rates for first mile courier services.

Warehousing solutions for e-commerce first mile logistics

Storage facilities located near your production site can help save costs and time usually spent on longer first mile shipping. Our first mile logistics service solutions include warehousing in the facilities of one of our trusted carriers. We offer long- and short-term warehousing solutions based on your requirements. Store raw materials or finished goods and optimise your first mile delivery logistics!
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Dedicated van for first mile shipping

The best and most cost-effective first mile delivery solution is the Van Service. Get the whole van reserved solely for your first mile delivery anywhere in Europe to move your goods from the factory or manufacturer to the warehouse. The Van Service is the most convenient first mile logistics solution, as the van travels directly from one address to the other with no stopovers and no packing restrictions.
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FAQ on first mile courier and shipping services

What does first mile delivery mean in logistics?
First mile delivery is the first step in the transfer of goods from the production facility to the final user. First mile operations have different meanings depending on the specific industry. Retailers consider the first mile to be the journey from the supplier warehouse to the retailer distribution centre. For smaller e-commerce, first mile operations might be the transport of goods from the retailer to the courier who delivers to the end customer. First mile logistics relies on effective communication between the supplier and seller, as well as efficient inventory management.
What is the fastest first mile shipping service?
If you need a fast first mile delivery service in Europe, we recommend booking either the FTL transport or Van Delivery Services. In both cases, your goods will be directly transported from pick-up to delivery in the shortest time possible, without any stops or diversions.
How much does first mile shipping cost?
The cost for first mile shipping will depend on how much inventory you choose to order from your supplier as well as the shipping service selected. You can get an instant quote for your first mile delivery service with our booking tool. If you need a tailored first mile delivery logistics solution, request an individual offer and our logistics experts will contact you with the best first mile courier service for your requirements.
How can I improve first mile logistics for my e-commerce business?
Check our tips for reducing first mile delivery costs and optimising your e-commerce first mile operations, all while keeping your customers happy:
  1. Keep your customers informed of any delays that may occur during first mile delivery.
  2. Invest in management solutions, as well as route planning and tracking software.
  3. Follow the planned schedule as much as possible.
  4. Find multiple first mile couriers so that you always have a back-up option.
  5. Invest in several distribution centres to reduce first mile delivery costs in the long run.
What is first mile delivery in Amazon?
Amazon has developed its own first mile shipping network to speed up transit and delivery times. The e-commerce giant aims at controlling every link in the supply chain in an effort to increase customer satisfaction. Read more about Amazon FBA in Europe and how it can benefit your business.