Send Parcels and Care Packages to Crew Members

Parcel delivery to crew members at sea

Shipping a parcel to a crew member onboard ship can be tricky if you do not prepare your care package properly before sending. Eurosender makes international shipping easy by offering low-cost parcel delivery solutions to crew members at all kinds of destinations, including cruise ships and ports. Follow our tips to get your parcel safely delivered as well as ideas for what you can send in parcels to crew members, sailors and captains onboard ship.

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What to know before sending care packages to crew members

Consider the following when sending parcels to crew members, sailors or ship captains to avoid a failed delivery:

Provide accurate shipping information

  • The names of the receiver and vessel are not enough on their own.
  • Also include the name of the shipping line or the full address of the port office where the care package should be delivered.
Ensure the care package is properly packed

  • Your care package may have a long transit time before it reaches the recipient. Use a sturdy cardboard box and enough internal cushioning materials to protect the contents.
  • Check our general packing guidelines on how to pack the various items.
Check if the port is accessible for deliveries

  • The port might not be accessible for the courier van or lorry. Some locations may have car park barriers or require an access code.
  • Contact officials at the port and check if the courier driver will need additional information to enter the premises.
Be aware of the sailing schedule

  • Check the sailing schedule to make sure the crew member can receive their parcel delivery before the ship leaves port.
  • If the sailing date is too soon, have the care package delivered to the crew member at the next port of call.


International parcel delivery to crew members

Regardless of the destination, volume and frequency of shipping, save on parcel delivery to crew members anywhere in the world, with our range of international logistics solutions:

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What can I send in a care package to a crew member?

Deciding what to send in a care package to a crew member will depend on the person. They may be at sea for months at a time and miss basic comforts from home. Here are some thoughtful ideas for what to include in the parcel you are sending to a crew member:


What you cannot ship in parcels to crew members

There are a number of items that are prohibited by cruise operators and courier companies. These include:

Illegal drugs or weapons

Food or other perishables

Certain electronics which may interfere with navigation

Be sure to check the shipping line rules and regulations carefully before sending a care package to one of their crew members. For example, Royal Caribbean has a comprehensive list of items which are banned from bringing on board. Make sure you are not sending anything prohibited in post for cruise or navy ships.


Benefits of booking parcel delivery to crew members with Eurosender

When choosing our services for sending a parcel to crew members or sailors at sea, you get:

Basic insurance included in the price

Instant quotes with no hidden fees

Real-time assistance from logistics experts

24/7 shipment tracking online


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FAQ on sending parcels to crew members

How much does it cost to ship a parcel to a crew member?
The price for shipping a parcel to ship's crew depends on the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations, the weight and size of the shipment as well as the urgency and type of transport service selected. You can get an instant quote in the booking engine below or else contact us via chat or email if you are unsure which service you need for shipping a parcel to a crew member at sea.
How long does it take when sending a care package to a crew member?
The delivery time when sending care packages to crew members depends on the pick-up and destination country as well as the selected service. The fastest way to ship a parcel to a crew member is through our Express Service. The estimated delivery time for global routes is 24-72 hours.
What is the best way to send parcels crew members aboard ship?
We recommend checking in advance with the individual shipping line to get information on the best way to send care packages to their crew members on cruise ships or freight vessels. Depending on the urgency of your package, you can send it to the shipping line's head office or the main port address. The staff there sort packages and mail according to ship and then forward them to their various ships. This process takes more time but it is usually the safest and cheapest solution as well as the easiest delivery option for the courier who will transport the parcel to the crew member. Remember to provide all of the ship and address details when making your order.
Can I reroute my care package to a different port?
Yes, at Eurosender, we offer a Flexible changes option during the booking process if you need to change the address or pick-up date when sending parcels to crew members, sailors or ship captains. You can change these details at no additional cost, any time up until the pick-up. If you need help changing your order details when booking parcel delivery for crew members at sea, you can contact us via chat or email.
What to do if the delivery of your care package to port failed?
If you receive a shipment tracking notification or email saying that the courier attempted delivery but that it was unsuccessful, there are a few things you can do:
If you know that the courier attempted delivery outside of office hours, they can arrange a new delivery on the next working day.
Contact our logistics experts who will do their best to help you with your issue.
Is insurance included when shipping a parcel to a crew member?
All shipments booked with Eurosender have basic insurance included in the price. Additional insurance is available to purchase during the booking process at low prices. Read more about the shipping insurance options Eurosender offers for your crew member care package.