Excess and Unaccompanied Baggage Shipping Services

Cheap delivery services to send excess baggage

Find the best courier service for shipping your excess baggage domestically and overseas. Thanks to Eurosender, you can avoid the expensive fees for extra baggage when travelling and send unaccompanied and excess suitcases directly to your final destination. Book a cheap courier service to send your extra baggage in a few clicks and travel hassle-free to or from the airport, port or station.

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How to send unaccompanied and excess baggage with Eurosender?


Select the countries of pick-up and delivery


Schedule the collection before your travel


Send your suitcase ahead and travel stress-free


International shipping services to send excess baggage

Send your excess baggage internationally with our luggage delivery services. Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose between different services.
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Why shipping your excess baggage with Eurosender

Immediate quotes for sending your excess baggage

Access to a vast network of reliable couriers

Fully tracked and automatically insured service


How to pack suitcase for an excess baggage delivery service?

Follow our recommendations to prepare and pack your suitcases in case you need to ship domestically or abroad your unaccompanied and extra baggage via courier.

Pack a suitcase to send ahead

  1. Make sure the items inside cannot move during transit
  2. Place the suitcase in a sturdy cardboard box
  3. Remove any old tags and add the shipping label if needed

Pack Sports and Duffle Bags

  1. Soft bags must be safely packed inside a cardboard box
  2. Fill the empty voids with cushioning materials to keep the items safe
  3. Close and seal the package. Attach the shipping label if needed
For more details about packaging, visit our dedicated pages about packaging materials and our detailed packing guides.
Shipping a suitcase on its own may not be allowed in some countries, and may result in extra fees. To ensure safe delivery, wrap the suitcase in plastic film and pack it in a sturdy cardboard box. An insufficiently-packed suitcase is not covered by insurance and releases the courier and Eurosender from any liability. For route-specific details, contact our support team via chat.


Excess baggage policies and fees

Check our dedicated pages about baggage policies for every type of transport to find out what are the limits for your baggage. If you want to avoid the high fees for an extra suitcase or for exceeding the weight and size limits, book our international excess baggage delivery service in just a few clicks.


Other services when sending unaccompanied and excess baggage

With our platform, you can book different shipping services for every different need. Check some of our additional services when shipping your unaccompanied and excess luggage or for any other situation. Check our dedicated pages for more details about each and find out what is the best solution for you.


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FAQs – Shipping excess baggage when travelling

Is it cheaper to ship excess baggage or pay the airline fees?
It is usually cheaper to book a courier service to send your unaccompanied and excess baggage than to pay the extra fee to the airline company, especially if you have a lot of luggage. Many airline companies charge high fees for extra luggage or suitcases that exceed the limit. Our luggage delivery service is the cheapest option to ship your extra baggage directly to your final destination, and travel light and stress-free. Book your delivery right away.
What is the cheapest option to send excess baggage when travelling abroad?
The cheapest solution to send your excess baggage when travelling is our Standard Service. This service is available within Europe and is performed by the best and most reliable couriers. For destinations out of Europe, you can book our Priority Express Service, for a fast and safe delivery.
How much does it cost to ship extra baggage?
The cost of an extra baggage delivery service depends on the shipment dimensions, the route and the urgency of the delivery. Our booking engine always find the best and most affordable solution for shipping your excess baggage, according to your specific needs. Insert the shipping details on our booking engine to get an instant quote.
Can I send excess baggage directly to my hotel?
Yes. To send your excess baggage directly to your hotel you only need to fill out the consignee’s information with the hotel details when booking the delivery. Check our dedicated page about hotel deliveries for more details on how to input the information correctly on the order form. Before scheduling the extra baggage delivery service, confirm with the reception the address details and inform them about the shipment.
Can I send my extra baggage ahead when travelling?
Yes, you can send your extra baggage ahead to avoid paying extra fees at the airport or station and receive all your suitcases directly at the hotel or at home. Thanks to our international baggage forwarding services, you can book a reliable courier service to send your unaccompanied baggage directly to the final destination of your trip.
Can I send unaccompanied luggage without flying?
Yes, it is possible to send unaccompanied luggage via plane without flying, however airlines companies charge high fees for this service. If you are looking for a cheaper and fast service for shipping unaccompanied luggage internationally, you can book our door-to-door services. Insert the details in our booking engine to get an instant quote for a cheap excess baggage shipping service.