Door-to-Door Luggage Shipping Services

International door-to-door luggage delivery services

Send bags and suitcases directly from your place to your new home, the hotel or the final destination of your journey. Book a door-to-door delivery to ship luggage domestically and internationally via courier in just a few steps. Select the pick-up and delivery locations below to get an instant quote for your door-to-door luggage shipping service.

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Why the door-to-door luggage service is perfect for you

Choosing a domestic or international door-to-door luggage shipping service allows you to travel light without carrying all your suitcases and bags to the airport or train station. Thanks to our vast network of courier companies, we can pick up your luggage directly at your address. Travel stress and hassle-free knowing that your luggage will be delivered directly to the final address. Check our page about door-to-door delivery to learn more about the service and our advantages.


Our door-to-door luggage and courier services

Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose between different domestic and international door-to-door luggage shipping services.
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How to pack your suitcase for a door-to-door delivery service

To better protect your suitcase and its content, we recommend packing your items appropriately. Follow these simple steps before booking a door-to-door shipping service to send suitcases and bags:

  • Pack your items inside the luggage safely so that they will not be moving during transit.
  • Put the suitcase inside a cardboard box.
  • Close and seal the box with strong tape.

For more details on how to prepare your luggage for a door-to-door service, check our dedicated page on how to pack a suitcase for shipping and our detailed packing guides.

Shipping a suitcase on its own may not be allowed in some countries and may result in extra fees. To ensure safe delivery, wrap the suitcase in plastic film and pack it in a sturdy cardboard box. An insufficiently-packed suitcase is not covered by insurance and releases the courier and Eurosender from any liability. For route-specific details, contact our support team via chat.


Why choose Eurosender door-to-door luggage delivery

Immediate quotes for shipping your luggage

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Additional services for your door-to-door luggage delivery

We are proud to offer different types of logistic services in addition to our door-to-door luggage delivery to meet any other shipping need. These services are especially useful for people moving to another city or country since we will take care of the entire logistics of the move on your behalf. Check our dedicated pages for more details about our many logistic services and find the best solution for your needs.


Safe and insured door-to-door luggage delivery services

Every service booked on our platform has basic insurance included in the price. For extra protection when booking a domestic or international door-to-door luggage delivery service, you can purchase additional insurance directly during the booking process.

Please be aware that the insurance does not cover damages to the packaging material, so make sure to use a cardboard box as final packaging when shipping luggage internationally.


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FAQs – International door-to-door luggage delivery services

What is the best courier for door-to-door luggage delivery?
Many couriers offer door-to-door luggage shipping services, not only DHL and FedEx but many other courier companies. The best courier for a door-to-door luggage delivery is the one that can offer a cheap and quality service to meet your specific needs. When booking on our platform, we instantly find the best option for you comparing many courier companies, like DPD, DHL or UPS. Insert the pick-up and delivery locations on our booking engine at the top of the page to get an instant quote.
How much does a door-to-door luggage service cost?
The costs of a domestic or international door-to-door luggage shipping service depend on the shipment dimensions, the route and the urgency. When using our platform, you can get the price for door-to-door shipping services for your suitcase and bags in just a few clicks.
Can I book door-to-door luggage delivery when travelling?
Yes, you can book a door-to-door shipping service to send your suitcase ahead when travelling and save the stress of carrying the suitcase and bags with you. Airline companies and trains, for example, have specific limits or high fees for bringing an extra suitcase. If you want to avoid the stress and the high costs of transporting big and heavy suitcases when travelling, our door-to-door luggage service is ideal for you.
Where is the door-to-door luggage shipping service available?
Our logistic services are available within Europe and globally, depending on the type of service. Our Standard Service, for example, is the cheapest option for door-to-door luggage deliveries within the EU. If you need to send your luggage out of the EU, you can book our Express Service or request a personalised offer. Send us a message through the chat box below if you need any help!
Can I book a door-to-door luggage delivery to or from a student dormitory?
Yes, booking door-to-door luggage delivery is possible to or from a student dormitory. However, before booking the shipment, follow the instructions on our page about how to ship to a student dormitory to avoid any inconvenience like failed pick-up or delivery due to lack of information.