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The best way to send your parcels to Tenerife

At Eurosender, our mission is to make parcel delivery to Tenerife an easy, hassle-free experience. Our platform compares thousands of quotes in just seconds to find the best door-to-door courier service for your needs. Use the booking tool below to see the cost of sending a parcel to Tenerife.

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Features of our parcel delivery services to Tenerife

Fully door-to-door delivery

Real-time tracking for all packages

Basic insurance included in the price


Service options for sending parcels to Tenerife

Depending on the dimensions and urgency of your shipment, you can choose between several parcel delivery services to Tenerife, suitable for large or small packages:
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Convenient parcel delivery from your door to the recipient in Tenerife

Whenever you book a parcel delivery to Tenerife with Eurosender, you can enjoy the benefit of home pick-up and delivery. No need to worry about going to the post office or parcel shop. You simply provide the collection and delivery addresses, schedule a collection date, and then the courier does the rest. Send your parcel to Tenerife from your home or workplace, whichever is more convenient for you.

Door-to-door shipping is the best way to send your parcel to Tenerife.


Packing a parcel for successful delivery to Tenerife

If you could only do one thing to ensure your parcel will be delivered to Tenerife safe and sound, this thing would be to use correct packaging. To do that, we recommend using sturdy cardboard boxes as the outer packaging and following the steps below for preparing it:

  • Choose a box that is slightly bigger than the item
  • Wrap each item individually with bubble wrap
  • Place everything in the box and fill the voids with cushioning materials
  • Use tape to close and secure the box

Sending a package to Tenerife: customs procedures

Customs documentation and fees will apply for parcel deliveries to Tenerife from a country in a different trade zone. You will need to fill out a proforma or commercial invoice as well, depending on the reason for shipping and the type of goods you are sending in your parcel to Tenerife. Customs fees will have to be paid by the recipient in order for the goods to be cleared by customs for delivery.


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Solutions for large or small parcel deliveries to Tenerife

Find the best value for money with Eurosender when sending parcels of all sizes to Tenerife. We know how you can keep costs to a minimum and prepared these tips for you to follow:

  • Prepare the package as compact as possible
  • Book a non-expedited shipping option, such as the Standard Service (if available)
  • Use second-hand packaging materials that are still in perfect shape
  • Disassemble the item as much as possible
  • Sometimes shipping two regular-sized boxes is cheaper than one oversized parcel
  • Avoid the heavyweight fees by booking a pallet delivery instead

Find out how to calculate the cost of sending a parcel to Tenerife

The factors below influence the cost to send a package to Tenerife:

  • Weight and dimensions of the package
  • Locations of pick-up and delivery
  • Shipping method used
  • Additional services purchased

By sending your parcel to Tenerife with us, you will be taking advantage of our pre-negotiated shipping quotes. Use the button below to get an immediate quote.


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FAQ about sending parcels domestically or internationally to Tenerife

Can I send a package to Tenerife from anywhere?
Yes, thanks to our door-to-door services and global network of couriers, you can send a package to Tenerife from almost anywhere in the world. Simply type the pick-up country in the booking tool to check route availability when sending a parcel to Tenerife.
Which courier will deliver my parcel in Tenerife?
The courier who will deliver your parcel in Tenerife will be chosen automatically by our platform algorithm based on your shipping route, shipment size and urgency. At Eurosender, we aim to get you the best rate on the market for sending packages to Tenerife. For this reason, we collaborate with multiple international couriers such as DHL, UPS, as well as GLS and DPD. Your confirmation email will state the courier assigned to deliver your order.
How fast can I send a package to Tenerife?
Our Priority Express Service, which exclusively uses air transport, offers the fastest parcel delivery times to Tenerife. The transit time is 24-72h, depending on the distance from the pick-up location. If you book early enough in the day, you may even benefit from the same-day collection when sending an urgent parcel to Tenerife.
What is the maximum weight for parcel deliveries to Tenerife?
There are different weight limits for each parcel delivery service to Tenerife. Some services allow packages of up to 30 kg, while other services have a more flexible limit, allowing up to 70 kg per package. When you send a large parcel to Tenerife through our platform, the system will automatically identify which services are available for your request.
Can I send a package to Tenerife in someone else’s name?
Yes, you can certainly arrange to send a parcel to Tenerife on someone else's behalf. You will need to provide accurate address and contact details to prevent any issues from happening during pick-up or delivery. If your parcel delivery service to Tenerife requires a shipping label to be printed and attached to the shipment, make sure that the person waiting for the courier at the pick-up address gets the label on time. The label is normally sent via email.