Why Was My Parcel Returned to the Shipper?

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The sender has sent the package, and you expect no complications. You did everything as asked, and yet, the courier returned the parcel to the shipper. You may ask yourself what the reason for its return is, and we are here to give you some of the most common causes that will help you get it, as agreed.

Are you looking for a courier to return a shipment to its sender?

Why did the courier return the package to the sender, before arriving at my address?

Some of the following situations are recoverable, but unfortunately, with other, there is not much you and the courier will return the parcel to its origin. These situations may depend on the courier’s regulation, or the country’s regulation for the content of the package, on the provided addresses etc. But let’s start with some lighter situations, to some more complicated cases:

  • Returned parcel to the shipper, due to an incomplete or wrong delivery address

The address of the receiver needs to be complete and correct so that the courier driver can deliver the parcel. It is crucial for successful delivery to check if the address is precise – especially the postcode. You should make sure you have all the digits right in their place, as even if you have one wrong, the courier might return it to the shipper after being stored in a depot until you provide more information.

  • Transportation service providers do not recognize the delivery address

Make sure that the address you have provided is visible on Google Maps. Most courier drivers get to a specific location with the help of google maps. Therefore, if the driver cannot find the address, he/she might return the parcel to its origin, if no one claims for it. If you live in a building that was recently constructed, make sure the address is publicly known and ready to receive all kinds of mail. If you have never received letters or packages to your address, it is better to check it in your local city hall.

  • Parcel returned to its origin due to unsuccessful delivery

The courier driver might have attempted to deliver a package but didn’t do it successfully. Unsuccessful attempts could happen because the receiver was not at home or was unreachable. In such situations, the courier usually leaves a delivery attempt notification. If further efforts are not possible, the package will be returned to the sender.

  • Recipient refused the package

If you are the sender, there is a possibility that the recipient may refuse to accept the package. This could happen either because the person was not notified about the delivery, or because the packaging was damaged. Then, the parcel will be returned to the sender, on the request of the receiver.

  • The package exceeds the stated weight or measurements

When you place your order, you will have to give information about the size and weight of the parcel. Usually, for standard shipments, you won’t be asked to provide the exact dimensions. In case the shipper decides to send a package that exceeds the stated measurements or weight, the box could be returned to the shipper, or you would have to pay additional surcharges. You should do your research and check the dimensions allowed for the service. If you are unsure about the weight of your package, it is better to be on the safe side and choose a higher weight range. With some couriers, you can pay the surcharges for it, and the situation will be solved. Thus the parcel will be on its way to the receiver. However, if the courier company does not allow surcharges for exceeded weights or dimensions, the package will be returned to its origin.

  • The sender did not correctly seal the parcel, had it incorrectly packed, or it was not suitable for shipping

When it is visible that the package is not correctly packed or sealed, the courier driver might reject it at the moment of pickup. If the courier only notices this at the depot, the package might be returned after the pickup. As a sender, you are responsible for choosing the best way to prepare and seal your shipment. Properly packed content will ensure not only that your package is delivered, but will also keep your items from being lost or damaged. Are you not sure what is the best way to pack your things?

  • The package containing forbidden items

It is vital to check what you can’t send through courier services. Sometimes, these rules apply only to certain services or courier companies. Some countries have their legislation regarding forbidden items. When you are sending a package, you need to be fully aware of these rules. Courier companies have the right to refuse to deal with parcels containing forbidden or dangerous goods. In such cases, the company reserves the right, to deal with the boxes with no further notice.

Last modified:March 30, 2020

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