How to Ship from a Different Zip Code Than Where I live?

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Monika Kelesovska
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Dropping-off packages at a different zip code often sound like the right solution, especially when you cannot wait for the courier at home. But, should you change the postal code before shipping from another area, or is it enough to just drop-off the package to a post with different zip code?

Shipping from a different zip code area

Many courier companies are encouraging their shippers to write the correct zip code on the label, as this may inflict some postage changes.

For instance, you had paid for postage from your home, but then you decide to ship the package from a different postal code area, that is farther than your house. Additional charges could apply if you want to drop off at a different zip code location, and you may be required to pay for them before the service is carried out. In such a case, the person responsible at the post office may ask you to pay the excess surcharges.

On the other hand, there should be no issue if the postage charge is the same, and you can drop off the package at a different zip code location.

Shipping and courier collection from a different zip code than the one you live at

The good thing about courier companies and door-to-door shipping services is that you will usually not encounter additional surcharges when shipping from a different zip code within the same city, than the one that you live at. Therefore, you can book the collection at any location at your convenience! With our standard shipping service, you can authorise someone to hand over the parcel to the courier driver on your behalf.

Shipping through Eurosender from different postal code

Through Eurosender, you can book a collection from countless locations around the world for any type of shipment! If you had booked a transportation service from one place, but then you decide to change the pickup or delivery point, we strongly advise you to contact us as soon as possible. Unless you are sure that you will be at the location, we recommend you to choose the “Flexible booking” option during the booking process, that will allow you to make further changes to the order, cancellation or refund your order.

What makes Eurosender the right choice for me?

At Eurosender, we strive for simplicity, and we have built our platform as such. Our platform and order process is so intuitive that it makes the whole shipping experience a lot more pleasing. By giving out recommendations in the fields that you need to insert all the shipping details, we ensure that the process is correctly completed with minimum mistakes; and fewer mistakes in the order process, fewer errors in processing the order and handling the packages.

How to change the postal code before shipping on sites with pre-saved data to avoid misdelivery

If you have an account with Eurosender, you need to log in to your account, and if you have pre-saved addresses where you regularly ship from and to, make sure you change the information before placing new orders. Depending on the type of service you booked, but with the standard shipping service, after the shipping is confirmed with the courier company, you can no longer make changes to the order.

Sellers from many online marketplaces, or shippers with frequent and repeated transport orders, usually have specific data already pre-set on their online profiles. Therefore, if you want to arrange the shipping from a different zip code area, then you should adjust the one you have already pre-set and change the postal code before shipping and printing out the label. With online e-commerce sites, you should usually look for a “Change” field during the label preparation and change the postal code before shipping by inserting the information in the “Ship from” area.

E-Commerce case: Setting a different zip code than the return address

You can select to ship from a different zip code than the return address, all you have to do is check the right boxes when editing the “Ship From” address. Some e-commerce sites would have this very clear and ask you if you want to use the same address that you are shipping from as a return address or opt for a different zip code. If you do not want to keep the same shipping address as a return address, uncheck the appropriate boxes (if applicable), and add the return address information, which is usually an optional field.

I shipped a package labelled with the wrong city, but a right zip code. What now?

The package should arrive at its destination if the zip code is correct, but you have misspelt the town or city. Mail is first sorted and routed by zip codes, and therefore, should arrive at the location of the zip code.

Nonetheless, it is best recommended that you have a return address or a phone number written on the shipment, in case they cannot determine the right delivery location. In such cases, a person handling the loads may call you to confirm if you wrote a wrong city, but right zip code, or send it back to the sender.

What if I wrote an incorrect zip code when shipping?

Do not panic yet, the person working at the post, or the courier company may have noticed the incorrect postcode at the delivery address, and have corrected it on your behalf.

In case no one sees that you had an incorrect shipping zip code, the package may arrive at another location. Even then you can still receive the parcel after noticing the mistake, only with a slight delay.

Another case could be that the order may return an error in the courier company’s system, and will not be handled until the information is correct. If you have left your contact information, the courier may call you to sort this out. In cases that you have not left any contact information, the courier will wait until someone claims it.

Things to keep in mind when shipping from a different postal code area

  • Always double-check the data you provided;
  • There is someone to hand in the package;
  • That address can be easily found on Google maps;
  • That the zip code can be recognised by the courier company’s system, and there were prior collections and deliveries.

Have we not covered something in this article about shipping from a different zip code area? If you have booked shipping through our platform, do not hesitate to contact us; our friendly customer support is here to assist you!

Last modified:November 10, 2020

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