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PostNL is a Dutch company which, besides the Netherlands, operates in Italy, the UK, Germany, and Belgium. Formerly known as TNT, the company got its name PostNL in 2011. Besides carrying out the universal postal service in the Netherlands, they also offer courier services, PO boxes, and relocation services. At Eurosender, we work with a network of international logistics providers. At the moment, we do not collaborate with PostNL; however, our network is continuously growing. Book your delivery in our platform, and we will find the most affordable shipping service that best suits your needs with one of our trusted couriers.

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FAQs – Sending a parcel with PostNL

How do I track my shipment with PostNL?

When you want to track your shipment with PostNL, you go the main page of their website, where you will find the tracking engine in the top-left corner. There you enter your PostNL tracking number with which you can determine the PostNL delivery times.

How to label your PostNL order?

Always take the following steps:

  • Remove the old labels.
  • Print the new labels (on self-adhesive paper if possible).
  • Put a second label inside of the shipment in case something happens to the packaging.
  • Firmly place the label.
  • Don’t seal or tape the label after attaching it to the package.


Can I get a PostNL promo code or PostNL discount codes?

When you are looking for a PostNL promo code or some PostNL discount codes, keep your eyes on their website for more info. PostNL frequently collaborates with newspapers, museums, and other organisations for joint discounts.
When shipping with Eurosender, you can benefit from already negotiated prices for shipping parcels or pallets. Get an immediate quote by inserting your shipping details into our booking tool.

Is there a PostNL contact number?

The Post NL contact number can be found on their website and at local offices.

Are there PostNL storage facilities?

There are currently no PostNL storage facilities. Alternatively, Eurosender can organise storage solutions in multiple locations.

What to do when a package is not delivered with PostNL?

There are several motives why a package might get lost or misdelivered. If such a situation happens to you, go to the PostNL website and file online for a claim.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as a PostNL depot, PostNL delivery times, PostNL storage facilities or a PostNL tracking number, always check the official website of PostNL.