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Many individuals and businesses reach out to logistics providers to organise their import of spices, as some of them are exclusive and hard to find in supermarkets. That is when Eurosender comes to assistance by offering the most efficient service for shipping spices internationally via courier, with the lowest cost. In case that you were worried about the state they will arrive in, worry no more! We also provide instructions for packaging spices to assure a safe delivery when sending spices overseas through Eurosender.

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Import and deliver spices with Eurosender

Sending spices overseas may seem challenging, but Eurosender will make that an effortless process when delivering them to your customers. In cooperation with renowned logistics providers, we offer the most affordable shipping quotes for shipping spices internationally. Not only that, but registered businesses on our platform have access to discounts whenever using Eurosender credits, predictable deliveries with real-time tracking, increased transparency of logistics data for account holders, and much more!


Shipping spices overseas by courier

Depending on the size and time sensitivity, you can choose the best service to send spices overseas.

Standard shipping

The cheapest option when shipping packages by courier
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Freight shipping

When shipping more substantial quantities of spices overseas
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Individual offer

Ideal for shipments with special requirements
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Instructions for packaging spices

It is of utter importance to prepare the shipment properly to get it safely on its destination; thus, we recommend you to follow our instructions and packaging tips for shipping spices internationally.

  • Ziploc bags/pouches. Put the spices in Ziploc bags or pouches.
  • Plastic food container. Place the bags inside a plastic box.
  • Place them inside the box, and fill the voids with padding materials.
  • Seal the box with adhesive tape.

Can you send spices in the mail or internationally?

Shipping spices internationally can be subjected to inspection based on the customs rules and regulations that impose some restrictions on importing certain food items. Such cases are especially common when one wants to send spices via courier and ship them to some EU country from abroad. It is essential to check the legislation applicable on the collection and delivery countries before you send a package with spices overseas.

Shipping spices within the EU

When it comes to shipping spices within the EU, there are few restrictions based on the safety and quality of the products that are entering the country. When it comes to importing spices from outside the EU, these rules are applied regarding the food colourings and additives that the spices may contain. However, you do not usually need a health certificate to send spices via courier.

Importing spices in the US

There are no particular restrictions for importing spices and herbs for personal use; however, some items may be subject to restrictions or duties. The import of spices containing fruit or vegetable leaves or seeds is typically either restricted or entirely prohibited in the US. Make sure that you inform yourself well before preparing your package for shipping.


Cost of shipping spices internationally

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Frequently asked questions about shipping spices

What is the cheapest way of shipping spices overseas?

If the shipment you are sending is not time-sensitive, you can opt for the Standard Shipping Service. You can check its estimated delivery time using this tool. After filling out the necessary details, you will get the number of business days needed for the shipment delivery to its final destination.

What is the fastest spice delivery service?

If you need to deliver spices overseas urgently, we recommend you to choose the Express Service. By booking this service, you will benefit from the fastest transport within just 24h when shipping intracontinental, and 24-72 worldwide.

Is it legal to send spices by mail or courier?

Some spices may contain specific sweeteners, colourings and flavourings and most of them are legal to be shipped. However, certain spices may be illegal to be imported in specific countries. For example, the UK rejects spices with dye level at and above 0.5 parts per million (0.5ppm) as they are at higher risk of contamination. Thus, the authorities are in charge to regulate the import of spices. Such examples may be dried chilli and other chilli products, or curry powder.

Can I ship Madras curry powder by courier?

The shipment should comply with the regulations of the delivery country as each country has different rules regarding the import of spices. As such, prior to shipping Madras curry powder, we advise you to check this further with the corresponding countries.

How to ship spices in bulk?

Our team of logistics experts can organise the shipping for spices in bulk, whether you need to send them within or outside of the European Union. You will have first to provide us with all the details so we can create a customised individual offer, according to your requirements and specifications.

Take into consideration these guidelines when sending spices overseas. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship spices, Eurosender will not be responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.