How to Pack and Ship Honey Internationally

Sending honey in the mail or by courier

Read everything you need to know about how to ship honey internationally. Before you send honey anywhere in the mail or book courier transport for honey products, read our packaging tips and take a look at the restrictions involved. Consult our logistics specialists if you cannot find the information you need for sending honey abroad.

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Honey and other food items are usually restricted or prohibited for shipping. Please note that insurance may not apply.


What services can you use for sending honey abroad

Select the shipping service that best suits your needs and organise the delivery in a few simple steps:
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*Please bear in mind that some courier companies may include honey in their list of prohibited items.
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How to pack jars of honey for shipping internationally

Follow these packing tips to prepare jars of honey properly for shipping abroad by courier:

  • Close and wrap each jar. Put them into individual plastic bags and cover with bubble wrap to prevent leakage.
  • Place the wrapped jars of honey inside a cardboard box. Add cardboard or more bubble wrap between the jars so they do not move or knock against each other.
  • Close the box and attach the shipping label, if applicable. Seal the edges and corners of the box with adhesive tape. You can label it as “fragile” when shipping honey in glass jars.


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What should you keep in mind before mailing honey internationally?

Many people ship honey internationally on a regular basis, even though every courier has specific restrictions and packaging requirements for sending food and liquids.

For businesses

Certified companies working in the apiculture sector can ship large amounts of honey internationally, provided they comply with safety, packaging, labelling and import regulations of the destination country. They must also have all the necessary certificates and pack the honey properly for shipping with authorised transporters only.

It is crucial to secure the honey in adequate leakproof containers. All companies exporting honey must comply with hygiene (e.g. Honey Bee Health Certificate) and quality standards established by the destination country. Read more about international customs clearance.

For individuals

It is important to note that not every courier company offers service to mail honey between individuals both within and outside the EU, as food is on the list of prohibited and restricted items for shipping. Courier companies will not be held liable for damages that may occur to this type of product in transit and such a shipment would need to be covered by insurance. If you decide to ship honey and other liquid products in the mail, it is not recommended to post more than 1L abroad.


FAQ on how to ship honey in the mail and by courier

Can I ship honey with every courier company?
It is important to note that not all courier companies will ship honey internationally. For example, DHL, TNT and UPS will not ship packages that contain honey within the content. Each courier has specific rules and requirements for different shipments and services, so we recommend checking this further with the designated courier for your route. When booking Express or Priority shipping services, please make sure not to include these items as the courier will refuse to collect the parcel. If you need further assistance, you can reach us by chat, phone or email before shipping to discuss your options.
Can you send honey in the mail?
Yes you can. According to the Universal Post Union regulations, securely closed packages containing up to 1L of liquids (including honey) should be accepted.
What is the best way to ship honey internationally?
The best way to ship honey by courier is through our Standard Service. If you are mailing honey within the EU borders, your parcel will not need to go through customs before delivery. You can follow our packing tips above to ensure your honey is properly packed for shipping internationally. Since local honey is a great gift idea, people usually pack it in their parcel with other personal items. Bear in mind that if you decide to ship honey via courier, you do so at your own risk.
Is honey considered a liquid when shipping?
Yes, due to its consistency, honey is treated as a liquid in shipping and air travel. This means that mailing honey is prohibited for air freight by most courier companies, including the Priority Express Service.
Can you post or import honey to the UK?
For businesses: Although shipping after Brexit is now more complicated than before, it is still possible for companies to send honey in the mail and import it to the UK from the EU and vice versa. Food shipments to the UK are subject to international logistics rules and customs inspections. This means that you will have to pay VAT charges and duties, aside from preparing all the required documentation for the authorities.
For individuals: Honey is included in the restricted and prohibited items list of most courier companies. If you decide to ship honey in a package, bear in mind that every shipment sent to the UK will pass through customs and if any prohibited item is discovered, the package may be returned to the sender instead of being delivered to the recipient.
Can I send honey from the EU to the USA or Canada?
Yes you can. Both the USA and Canada allow shipping honey for personal use. You can follow our packing guidelines above to ensure the safety of your shipment in transit.
How do I transport honey by courier as an ecommerce?
If you are shipping as an e-commerce and plan on transporting a large quantity of honey by courier, we recommend our Van Delivery Service. You will have an entire vehicle dedicated to your shipment, with direct transport from the pick-up to the delivery address across Europe. This is the most convenient service if you are transporting honey in bulk to a single customer as it has less packaging and labelling requirements. Get an instant quote in our booking tool below.
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Take into consideration these guidelines into consideration when shipping honey locally or internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. If you decide to send honey overseas in the mail or by courier, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.