Bulk Parcel Delivery and Shipping Tool

Send Parcels in Bulk Easily with our Bulk Shipping Tool

Booking multiple deliveries has never been easier. We present to you the most effective way of organising a high volume of shipments. Our bulk shipping tool will allow you to import an entire batch of shipping orders at once and get automatic rates. All you need to do is register and start using our bulk shipping tool. It is entirely free of charge and simple to use.
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Reasons to use our bulk parcel delivery solution

Available for every user: businesses & individuals

Entirely free batch shipping solution

Network of vetted couriers to fulfil your orders


Who can benefit from our Bulk Shipping Tool

Batch shipping is useful for any user that needs to send multiple packages, whether that means 5 or 500 deliveries. Our bulk parcel delivery tool is available for all registered users, but it comes in handy especially for businesses who need to send parcels in bulk on a regular basis. Here are some examples of practical applications of the batch shipping feature:

  • Online shops looking to optimise their delivery process
  • Small business owners shipping from a single warehouse
  • Large companies with high regular shipping volume


Bulk parcel delivery with Eurosender

Using our Bulk Shipping Tool is easy; all you need to get started is a registered account on our platform.
Once you are in, follow these simple steps:


Send us a message so we enable this feature for you


Use the “Batch Import” tab when creating a new order through your dashboard


Download the excel template and input all your data in the spreadsheet


Upload the file and choose your preferred payment option

Bulk parcel delivery with the best prices

Every order created through our platform is assigned to the courier that offers the best price-performance ratio. This means that based on your individual needs – parcel size & route – our system automatically compares the quotes among hundreds of couriers within our network and identifies the one that is the best match for you. Once you import your batch shipping file into our digital tool, you will get the automatic quote for all orders in no time.

How can bulk shipping help small businesses?

Small businesses often struggle with not having enough shipping volume to get good deals with transporters and end up spending a lot of time and resources negotiating and quoting. Our bulk parcel delivery tool will help you with all of that. You will save on resources by being able to import an entire batch of shipping orders at once instead of spending valuable time by placing orders manually, leaving a lot of room for human error. On top of that, you can rest assured that you will always have the best prices for your deliveries with our automatic negotiated quotes without having to contact hundreds of providers.

Shipping efficiently at any scale – this is what our bulk shipping tool is all about.


Register right away and start shipping!

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FAQ – Using the bulk parcel delivery & shipping tool

Is the bulk parcel delivery tool available for every service?
At this moment, you can only book the Flexi option using our Bulk Shipping Tool. We are constantly working to improve our digital solutions and will expand the options for other services soon.
In which locations can I use the Bulk Shipping Tool?
Using our digital batch shipping tool, you can send parcels in bulk when arranging collection in Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, and Romania. For urgent shipments, you can also use the bulk parcel delivery tool to arrange same-day collection in these countries.
How can I pay for the orders placed using the Bulk Shipping Tool?
Once you have imported your batch of shipping orders, you can either pay for them immediately or pay for each of them individually later. The payment methods available are the same as for our regular ordering process: via bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or user credits.
Is there any insurance available when sending parcels in bulk?
Yes. All parcel delivery services booked through our platform have basic insurance coverage included in the price. You can also purchase extra shipping insurance for additional protection even when placing your orders using the Bulk Shipping Tool.
Does Eurosender have any other tools available to help small businesses?
Yes! Besides the bulk shipping for small businesses, you can also take advantage of our multi-carrier API to optimise and speed up your ordering process by building an integration between the Eurosender order system and your own website.