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Colissimo is part of La Poste, offering express delivery services in France and overseas. You can send parcels easily with Colissimo by choosing one of their flexible drop-off options. Check our guide to find out more about Colissimo international shipping, delivery times, pick-up and drop-off points.

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How long does Colissimo take to deliver?

Colissimo shipping times within Metropolitan France are estimated at 2-3 working days. Colissimo international delivery times are usually 4-21 working days depending on the route and service selected. You can check the Colissimo delivery times for domestic and international shipping services in the tables below.

Colissimo shipping times within Metropolitan France

ServiceParcel sizeDelivery time
Colissimo DomicileUp to 30 kg2 working days
Colissimo Point RetraitUp to 20 kg2 working days
Colissimo RetourUp to 30 kg3 working days
Colissimo CollecteUp to 30 kg2 working days

Colissimo shipping times to French Overseas Territories

ServiceParcel sizeDelivery time
Colissimo DomicileUp to 30 kg5-7 working days
Colissimo EcoUp to 30 kg21 working days
Colissimo RetourUp to 30 kg5-7 working days

Colissimo international delivery times

ServiceParcel sizeDelivery time
Colissimo DomicileUp to 30 kg4-8 working days
Colissimo Point RetraitUp to 20 kg4-8 working days
Colissimo RetourUp to 30 kg4-8 working days

Colissimo pick-up and drop-off points

Customers can send parcels with Colissimo from the comfort of their own homes or bring them to a local Colissimo drop-off point.

When placing an order to send a parcel with Colissimo, customers can select any of the 19,000 Colissimo pick-up points in France for their parcel delivery. Please note that the weight limit for parcel delivery to a Colissimo pick-up point is 20 kg, while for home delivery, it is 30 kg.

Check the table below for more information about Colissimo pick-up and drop-off points.

TypeDescriptionPick up
La Poste branchFrench postal service, operating in Metropolitan France, Overseas Territories and the Territorial Collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.Within 10 working days
Relay pointBusinesses such as petrol stations and supermarkets that are within the Colissimo pick-up point network.Within 10 working days
24/7 lockerSelf-service lockers located near shopping centres, car parks, and metro stations. Parcels can be picked up or dropped off at any timeWithin 3 working days


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FAQ on Colissimo international shipping services

Does Colissimo deliver on Saturdays or weekends in general?
No, Colissimo delivers from Monday to Friday only. They do not operate on weekends or public holidays.
What are Colissimo’s delivery hours?
Colissimo delivery hours are generally 9 am to 6 pm if you plan to receive your parcel at your home or business address.
Is Colissimo part of DPD?
Yes, along with Chronopost, Colissimo is one of the brands of the DPD Group, which in turn is owned by La Poste. Chronopost is an express carrier offering faster deliveries for higher prices. Colissimo is the standard shipping option that focuses on cheap parcel delivery.
Who delivers Colissimo parcels in the UK?
Colissimo hands over smaller parcels (up to 20 kg) to Royal Mail and larger parcels (up to 30 kg) to Parcelforce for last-mile delivery in the UK. The selected courier will depend on the size of your item.
Read more about sending parcels to the UK.
Can I ship internationally to the USA with Colissimo?
Yes, you can! Colissimo ships to the USA as well as over 220 countries around the world. The only limitation is that you can only send parcels of up to 30 kg with Colissimo.
Luckily, you can send parcels of up to 70 kg to the USA with Eurosender! Read more about parcel delivery to the USA.
Who delivers for Colissimo in Canada?
International shipments sent via Colissimo to Canada are delivered by Canada Post. Colissimo international delivery times are estimated at 4-8 working days.
Alternatively, if you're in a hurry, you can book with Eurosender and send a parcel to Canada in 48-72h, depending on your location.
What services does Colissimo offer for businesses?
It is very easy for e-commerce businesses to send parcels via Colissimo. Thanks to a range of services, businesses can:
  • Book a courier collection from their address (online)
  • Arrange collection for a suitable time frame (Colissimo On Demand)
  • Choose between 3 delivery methods (Colissimo Europe)
  • Integrate with Colissimo API and access the services of their CMS partners
Colissimo offers two types of contracts to business customers: Facilité (no-commitment) and Privilège (regular shipments, large volumes).
What is ColiShip, and how does it work?
ColiShip is an online tool that facilitates shipping for businesses in France, Overseas Territories and internationally. It can be installed on any device (computer, tablet and mobile) and allows online shops to organise deliveries and parcel returns with the best solutions Colissimo offers.
To activate the ColiShip tool, go to the Colissimo website and sign up to Colissimo Facilité or Colissimo Privilège.
Can I send large or heavy parcels with Colissimo?
Colissimo is not suitable for shipping heavy items or large parcel deliveries because of the weight limit they impose.
At Eurosender, we offer a complete range of transport solutions to find you the best alternative to shipping internationally with Colissimo.
How do I track my parcel from Colissimo?
You can access the Colissimo parcel tracking information on the website of La Poste. To do this, you will need to enter your Colissimo parcel tracking number, which has a total of 13 digits and letters, in the online tool.
Why is my Colissimo parcel tracking not updating?
If the Colissimo parcel tracking is not updating or if it shows an unusual status like "your parcel is in transit at our logistics platforms", please contact La Poste's Colissimo customer service.
Tracking update delays or status issues may happen due to long transit distances, delays in the tracking system or high volumes of parcels at sorting depots. Read more about how parcel tracking works.
Are Colissimo express delivery services insured?
Yes, when you send a parcel with Colissimo, La Poste automatically includes a flat-rate compensation in the event of loss, theft or damage. Parcels are insured at a flat rate of €23 per kg, i.e. a minimum of €5.75 for 250 g and a maximum of €690 (parcels may not exceed 30 kg).
Read more about shipping insurance.
How can I contact Colissimo?
You can contact Colissimo via phone, email or post. On their website contact page, you will need to select your type of enquiry to get their contact information and availability. They provide support in French and English.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. For more information about Colissimo international shipping services, please check the official website of Colissimo.