6 Ways to Receive a Parcel Without Giving an Address6 min read
receive parcel without giving address

How to get packages without giving an address

Parcel deliveries have become a regular part of our daily lives, largely due to the popularity of online shopping. However, there are times when you may want to receive parcels without giving your address. You may feel uneasy about sharing your private address with the shipping company, or you may have arranged for a surprise delivery to someone.

Fortunately, there are several ways to receive packages without giving an address. Here are the best 6 options to do it:

1. Use a package receiving service

If you are wondering how to get a package without an address, a package receiving service can be a great solution. These services offer a physical street address where you can have your parcels delivered, and they will hold onto them until you are ready to pick them up. This is especially useful if you travel frequently or live in a location without a mailbox or secure parcel drop-off.

Package receiving services also provide an added layer of security for your shipments. They can sign for your parcels, ensuring that they are not left unattended and vulnerable to theft or weather damage. If you need to get deliveries to a location other than your home address, a package receiving service can help you keep your shipments confidential, which is particularly useful if you are planning to send a surprise.

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One of the biggest benefits of using a package receiving service is that it provides a real street address, which is essential for e-commerce businesses that do not ship to PO boxes or other non-physical addresses. This means that you can receive packages from any company, regardless of their shipping restrictions.

Some popular companies that offer package receiving services include FedEx, Royal Mail, UPS, and USPS. These services typically charge a fee for each package received, so it is important to compare prices and features to find the best option for your needs.

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2. Use a parcel locker

A parcel locker is a safe and easy solution for receiving packages without a physical address. These lockers are typically located in public places such as shopping centres, train stations, and apartment complexes, and are accessible 24/7 for your convenience. They are equipped with surveillance cameras and require a unique code to access, making them ideal for high-value items or sensitive documents.

All you need to do is sign up for a parcel locker service and use the locker’s address as your delivery address. This means that when you place an order from an online retailer, you simply enter the locker address as your shipping address, and your purchase will be delivered to the locker.

Once the parcel arrives, you will receive a notification via email or text message with a unique code to open the locker and retrieve your package. Some parcel locker services also offer mobile apps that allow you to track your package and receive notifications in real time.

Parcel lockers are particularly handy for those with busy schedules who need the flexibility of round-the-clock opening hours.

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3. Register for a PO box

A PO box, also known as a post office box, is a secure mailbox that can be rented from a post office. It operates similarly to a parcel locker but is meant for those who get both mail and parcels regularly, like self-employed people. PO boxes are a suitable alternative if you value privacy and prefer to receive parcels without giving your address. Deliveries are placed in the box and locked by the postal carrier until you retrieve them. Some PO boxes can even hold larger packages.

Like parcel lockers, PO boxes typically entail contactless delivery and have more convenient hours for package pick-up. However, if you want to receive a parcel without giving your address, it is a good idea to check with your shipping company before using a PO box. Some companies may not deliver to a PO box and may require a street address instead.

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4. Ship to a business address

If you are employed, and your company doesn’t mind receiving parcels, you can ship your things directly to the office.

This is a good way to receive a parcel without giving a personal address because it provides an additional layer of privacy and security. When shipping to a business address, the package will be received by the company’s mailroom or front desk. This means that the recipient’s personal information, such as their name and home address, is not disclosed to the shipping company or the delivery driver.

Most businesses are located in commercial areas with high foot traffic and security measures, which makes them less susceptible to theft or parcel tampering. This can provide more peace of mind if you are concerned about the safety of your package.

The biggest advantage, however, is that shipping to a business address can be more convenient for individuals who work during the day and may not be home to receive their parcels. If you work 8 hours a day in the office, it can be much more convenient to receive your packages directly at the company. You won’t have to worry about waiting at home for the courier.

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5. Ask a friend or neighbour to receive the parcel for you

None of these options are suitable for you? It’s time to contact the people around you!

Enlisting the help of a trusted person to receive your packages is a great option if you are not available to receive the parcel yourself.

Your friend or neighbour can accept the delivery on your behalf and hold onto the parcel until you are able to pick it up. This can be especially helpful if you are frequently away from home or have a busy schedule. When booking, don’t forget to provide their address and contact details instead of your own.

However, it is important to note that shipping to someone else’s address should only be done with their permission. You should also make sure to communicate clearly with them about the delivery, including providing tracking information and any special instructions for receiving the package.

By following these guidelines, shipping to a friend or neighbour’s address can be a safe and convenient way to get packages without giving your personal address.

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6. Ship with Eurosender and receive a parcel without giving your address

While Eurosender does not function as a traditional package receiving service, our global parcel shipping platform offers the flexibility of arranging deliveries to any street address you choose worldwide – even if it is not your own.

We offer the following options so that you can receive packages without giving your address:

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