What Is The Safest Way To Send A Parcel Internationally?5 min read
safest way to ship a parcel

Tips on the safest ways to ship a package internationally

When shipping packages internationally, it is important to protect your items and to ensure they are delivered safely to its destination. This blog post will provide expert tips on the safest ways to ship a package for maximum protection throughout their international journey.

1. Choosing the right packaging materials

To ensure that you post a parcel in the safest way possible, one of the initial steps is selecting the appropriate packaging materials. The quality and suitability of your packaging significantly impact the protection of your shipment. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Choosing the right box. Select a sturdy and appropriate box for the contents you are shipping. Avoid reusing old or damaged boxes, as they may compromise the integrity of your package. Opt for corrugated boxes, as they provide better protection against external forces.
  • Cushioning materials. Use suitable cushioning materials to protect the items inside the package. Bubble wrap, foam inserts, or packing peanuts are effective options for cushioning fragile or delicate items. Ensure the contents are adequately surrounded and protected from potential impacts during transit.
  • Securely sealing the box. Seal all flaps and seams of the box using with high-quality packaging tape. Reinforce all seams and edges to prevent accidental openings or damage during handling.

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2. Selecting a reliable shipping provider

Partnering with a reliable shipping provider is the safest way to ship a package internationally and ensure its secure journey.

A dependable provider ensures that your packages are handled with care, minimising the risk of damage or loss during transit. By choosing a reliable shipping provider, you can rest assured that your shipments will be delivered safely and on time, providing you with a positive shipping experience.

At Eurosender, we understand the significance of prioritising the safest ways to ship a package. From the moment your shipment leaves your hands until it reaches its final destination, our dedicated team and widespread network of trusted partners ensure that every step of the journey is handled with utmost care.

Rest assured that your packages are in the hands of trusted professionals who will deliver them securely to their destination. Choose Eurosender and experience the seamless service of our remarkable courier network.

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3. Utilising tracking and insurance

Adding tracking and insurance coverage to your shipment are vital steps to make sure you are sending your package in the safest way possible The tracking allows real-time monitoring, ensuring prompt action in case of issues, while the insurance provides financial protection against loss or damage. Here’s more in detail:

  • Package tracking. Utilise the package tracking feature provided by your shipping provider. Tracking allows you to monitor your shipment’s whereabouts, estimated delivery date, and any potential delays. This visibility enables you to address any issues promptly and provides reassurance to both you and the recipient.
  • Insurance coverage. Consider opting for insurance coverage to protect your package against unforeseen circumstances. Accidents, loss, or theft can happen during transit, and insurance provides financial protection for your shipment. Through partnership with Ergo, Eurosender offers options to ensure your peace of mind.

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4. Labelling and addressing

Labelling and addressing are crucial to ensuring your package reaches its intended destination safely and efficiently. Accurate labelling prevents misrouting and confusion, while correct addressing helps delivery personnel locate the destination quickly. Follow these guidelines:

  • Clear and accurate labelling. Ensure your shipping label is clear, visible, and securely attached to the package. Use bold, legible fonts that are easy to read, even from a distance. Include the sender’s and recipient’s addresses, contact information, and relevant tracking numbers.
  • Accurate addressing. Double-check the accuracy of the address you are shipping to. Verify that you have included the correct postal code, city, and country. Inaccurate or incomplete addresses can lead to delays or even misdelivery of your package.

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The importance of choosing the safest way to ship a package

“What is the safest way to ship a package?”— This question should always be a primary concern when shipping packages, and it’s vital to consider the risks and take proactive measures for safe delivery. By investing time and effort in implementing these safety measures and selecting a reliable shipping provider like Eurosender, you can protect your packages and ensure a positive shipping experience for both you and your recipients.

Choose safety, choose Eurosender, and let your packages arrive at their destinations securely and with peace of mind.

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