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Maybe you are planning your next retreat in the Canaries or in one of the many beautiful Greek islands. Then this article on Thomas Cook airlines will be quite helpful to you. We have gathered all the information you need regarding Thomas Cook baggage allowance policy. The British airline company Thomas Cook connects the UK with several leisure destinations around the world. Based in Manchester, Thomas Cook is a popular airline choice for people who are planning their next vacation in Europe, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere.

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Disclaimer: Thomas Cook filed for insolvency the last week of September 2019. Therefore, all flights have been cancelled and the company has ceased all trading activities.


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Thomas Cook luggage

Thomas Cook baggage allowance policy states that all Thomas Cook passengers receive a complimentary hand baggage allowance of 6 kg. This allowance can be up to 10 kg for premium class customers. The maximum dimensions for the hand luggage are 55 x 40 x 20 cm. In addition to that, Thomas Cook passengers can bring along one personal item, such as a laptop, a handbag or an umbrella.

According to Thomas Cook baggage allowance policy, the standard baggage allowance for passengers is 15 kg or 20 kg on long-haul flights and 23 kg to the USA. Passengers who have booked a FlexibleTrips package have a standard baggage allowance that varies between 0 kg to 25 kg per person. The allowance will be displayed in your travel documents. Thomas Cook luggage policy also states that passengers who travel together can combine their baggage allowance. That means though that no suitcase should exceed 30 kg in weight for lifting purposes. Passengers travelling to the USA, Canada or Puerto Rico are unable to combine luggage. However, they can take up to 32 kg in one case.

No. of bags allowed per passengerMax. dimensionsMax. weightPrice
Personal items1 (blanket, laptop, handbag, umbrella, camera, book/magazine etc.)N/AN/AFree
Thomas Cook hand luggage155 x 40 x 20 cm6/ 10 kgFree
Thomas Cook checked baggageN/A158 cm15/ 20/ 23 kg (depending on the package and the destination), up to 32 kg in certain occasionsFare Included or £ 23- £ 25
Thomas Cook excess baggageN/AN/A20-40 kgFrom £45, £55 or £85

All checked luggage dimensions must not exceed 158cm (length + width + depth). Baggage over the 32kg weight limit will be carried by Aegean Airlines as cargo at an additional charge.


Thomas Cook excess baggage

Please remember that, if the specified outer dimensions or free baggage allowance are exceeded, excess baggage charges are applied. This additional baggage can be checked with other checked baggage. The prices for the excess baggage vary according to the destination. However, they can start from £45 (for extra 20 kg) for most European destinations, such as France, Italy, Spain, and the Balkans.


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Thomas Cook luggage | Travelling with infants

Thomas Cook luggage policy states that infants do not have a hand luggage policy. However, they do have 10 kg of check-in baggage allowance. At the same time, any infant milk or baby food can be carried within the parents’ hand luggage allowance. It is important to note that milk and boiled water would need to be in a clear infant bottle and may need to be tasted.

Thomas cook sports equipment

According to Thomas Cook baggage allowance policy, all sports equipment must be registered no later than eight hours prior to departure. Thomas cook sports equipment allowance policy divides the equipment into two groups.

  • Group A includes golf or diving equipment, fishing equipment, skis, firearms, and other items.
  • Group B includes bicycles, canoes, kiteboards, surfboards and other items.

The prices for group A can be up to £60 for certain destinations and for group B the prices can be even higher (£65). It is important to note that, according to Thomas Cook sports equipment policy, any other sporting equipment (e.g. tennis, squash and badminton equipment, inline skates, archery bows, horse riding equipment, mountaineering equipment) can also be included in the baggage allowance. For baggage that exceeds the stated allowance, excess baggage charges will apply. The prices, in this case, vary and can be even £12 per kilo!

Thomas Cook musical instruments

Thomas Cook baggage allowance policy does not clarify whether they are special rules and prices that apply for boarding the plane along with a musical instrument, such as a guitar or a violin. Therefore, we advise you to contact the airline company if you are planning to do so.

Thomas Cook pet policy

Thomas Cook pet policy only states that passengers can transport their pets as cargo in the cargo hold. It is not clarified whether any charges apply or what kind of animals are allowed in the cargo hold. We recommend you to contact Thomas Cook in advance if you are planning to travel with a pet.


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Airlines reserve the right to change policies at any times. Therefore, this information is subject to change and is based on data collected on Thomas Cook’s website on 20/01/2020.