How to Ship BBQs, Grill Sets and Accessories Abroad

Ship BBQ sets and accessories abroad by a courier

When looking to ship a barbecue, grill set or BBQ accessories domestically or internationally, Eurosender has the most cost-effective solutions. Whether you are an individual or a company sending BBQ grills, smokers, charcoal, or barbecue utensils, through Eurosender platform, you will find optimal delivery solutions tailored to your needs in just a few clicks.

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Shipping services for BBQ grill sets and accessories

If you are a producer or an online store selling portable, electric or gas outdoor barbecues and accessories, Eurosender can become your reliable logistics platform for shipping BBQ sets and accessories by courier. Get immediate access to our network of reliable delivery service providers for sending barbeque sets and tools internationally.


How to ship BBQ sets and utensils by courier

Eurosender offers a wide range of shipping options for transporting barbecue grill sets, such as electric or outdoor BBQ grills, smokers and even barbecue tools domestically or abroad.

Express shipping

Ship barbecue utensils or tools and get them delivered in 24-72h
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Standard shipping

The low-cost service for shipping BBQ supplies in a box
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Pallet delivery

Best delivery solution for sending bulky BBQ grill sets
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Van delivery

Move barbeque sets within Europe in a dedicated van
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What to know before shipping outdoor barbecue grills by courier?

Prepare and measure the barbecue already packed for shipping. Use our online size checker to determine which service to choose.

Check if you need to print out and stick the shipping label on your package. This information will be sent to your email address.

Arrange your shipment in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Use our special tool to check the estimated time for the delivery.

How to pack freestanding, outdoor or any other BBQ grill for shipping

We have prepared some tips on how to pack your BBQ grill for moving or when shipping by courier.

  1. Clean the BBQ grill if used. Remove all the food grease, coal and ash.
  2. Remove the detachable parts like wheels, legs, cooking utensils and side burners. Wrap each item and grill individually with bubble wrap to protect from scratches.
  3. Place your BBQ set into the original packaging or, in case you don’t have it, into a cardboard box.
  4. Add cushioning materials or packing paper to secure the pieces. Seal the box with tape.

How to pack BBQ tools, utensils, charcoal and supplies for shipping internationally

If you need to prepare BBQ supplies and accessories for shipping, follow these steps to protect the goods while being transported.

  1. Wrap the BBQ grilling tools and utensils like tongs, basting brushes, spatulas, and paddles with bubble wrap.
  2. Put the BBQ accessories in a plastic bag and fix with adhesive tape.
  3. Place the items in a cardboard box and fill the empty space in the box with cushioning materials.
  4. Close and seal the box.


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FAQs when shipping a BBQ grill internationally by courier

How can I ship a used grill when moving?

Whether you are shipping a charcoal, electric or gas BBQ grill, make sure it is clean. Even if packing is not required when using the van service, we highly suggest you to wrap your grill in a blanket for additional protection and secure with packing tape to prevent damage when moving. Be sure to leave any handles and wheels uncovered so you can move your grill with ease. If you are sending a used grill set with a courier, follow the packing instructions above.

What should I be careful about when shipping a gas BBQ grill abroad? Can I send my BBQs gas tank by courier?

If you want to ship a gas grill domestically or internationally, you need to remove the propane tank and empty the fuel. When transporting gas grills, always make sure that the gas source is disconnected. While you can easily ship BBQ grill by courier, the gas tank is considered a dangerous item and is forbidden for transportation by courier services.

I sold a used outdoor BBQ online: can I send it by courier?
Yes, through the Eurosender platform you can book shipping services for sending an outdoor, garden, portable, electric, and even gas BBQ grill, or smoker, no matter if it is new or used. Pack your item correctly and choose the right shipping option according to the measures and weight of your shipment.
What’s the cheapest way to send a barbecue abroad?
The most affordable option for sending barbeques is using the standard service. However, keep in mind that your shipment must fit the limitations on weight and dimensions, otherwise consider transporting the BBQ on a pallet, by van, or request an individual offer.