How to ship chocolate internationally

Are you an individual that wants to ship chocolate truffles by courier, or a business that needs occurring weekly or monthly chocolate shipping services to specific international routes? Chocolates, Belgian truffles, bonbonnieres, or even chocolate chip cookies can be rather delicate when shipping on warm weather conditions. Therefore, shipping and partnering with Eurosender will ensure that the whole process is completed most safely and efficiently.


Shipping chocolate overseas

Join thousands of businesses that have chosen us as their permanent platform for shipping chocolates or other goods by courier, and created an effective and well-organized shipping process. Eurosender offers you your own dashboard where you can oversee and control all your past and current shipments, discounts when paying with Eurosender credits, already negotiated prices with the best international couriers, consolidated invoices and much more!


Express shipping

Shipping and chocolate deliveries in 24h in Europe and 48-72h overseas

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective solution for shipping chocolate and cookies by courier

Pallet delivery

An optimal solution for businesses shipping chocolate in larger quantities

Individual offer

Custom-made shipping offer that can accommodate all of your shipping demands

How to pack chocolate for shipping by mail or by courier?


Pack chocolate in small boxes for shipping

Do you make your own chocolate bonbons or truffles and are not sure how to pack them when mailing them to your loved ones? Or would you like to send a chocolate bouquet as a gift? Send your chocolate without melting by following our suggestions:

  • Place the chocolate in a plastic foil
  • Put them into an insulated food container
  • Add cooling agents like gel ice packs, or dry ice on the bottom of the box
  • Add the food container inside an insulated box and add more cooling packs on top and around
  • Fill all the empty spaces and seal the box


Pack bigger quantities of chocolate for shipping in pallets

When sending a large quantity of chocolate locally or internationally, it is essential to remember that each bar should be separated, to avoid melting onto one another.

  • Prepare/Buy an insulated box
  • Separate each chocolate with cold packs or other cooling agents around them
  • Place them inside the insulated box
  • Seal the box

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General tips when shipping chocolate, or chocolate truffles by courier

  • The withstanding temperature of the chocolate. Different types of chocolate melt with different pace, depending on the amount of sugar, cocoa, and milk. We recommend you to check this prior shipping to give you an idea on how much of cooling packs you need for its safe transit.
  • Cool the products down, before shipping. For most types of chocolate, it is recommended that they are kept in a cold and well-refrigerated area to retain their cold temperature prior to the collection.
  • Shipping time. Timing is everything with such delicate shipments. Therefore, the fastest option is the most practical and recommended to avoid melting during warmer weather conditions. We would also recommend arranging its collection at the beginning of the week, as soon as Monday. By doing this, you will avoid the package to stay in a depot over the weekend.


FAQ about shipping chocolate, chocolate truffles, chocolate chip cookies and other goods by courier

Can I send chocolates in the mail?

Yes, you can ship chocolates in the mail, as well as chocolate truffles, bonbonnieres, and many other goods containing cocoa.

Will the chocolate melt when I send it internationally?

If you have followed our packing guidelines, and have chosen the fastest available shipping option, then the chocolate will most likely not melt. However, as mentioned earlier, another factor that influences is the product’s ingredients and the quality of the cooling packs.

Can I send chocolate from the UK to the USA?

Yes, you can ship chocolate from the UK, or anywhere, to the USA. Just make sure you have packed them accordingly when you mail them.

What are the most common reasons for shipping chocolate by courier?
  • Send chocolate to your loved ones. Many people that have family overseas are choosing to send chocolate gift baskets for many occasions.
  • Order special types of chocolate online. There are many types of chocolate that one cannot find in a local store so people are choosing to ship Belgian truffles, bonbons, bonbonnieres and other chocolate goods from abroad.
  • Sell homemade chocolate. Some are selling homemade chocolate bars online, and are looking for the most reliable shipping solution by courier; thus, they reach to us.


Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping chocolate nationally and internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship chocolate, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.