Shipping Chocolate Internationally Without It Melting

How to ship chocolate internationally

Read everything you need to know about sending chocolate by courier. Whether you are an online store that needs regular chocolate courier services or you simply want to send someone chocolate as a gift, Eurosender has a solution for you. Check our guide on how to pack chocolates, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles and bonbons for safe international shipping without melting.

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Sending chocolate overseas by courier

Transport solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment.
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*Please bear in mind that some courier companies may include chocolate in their list of prohibited items. For any clarifications, please contact our team of specialists via chat


How to pack chocolate for shipping by mail

Send personalised chocolates to someone as a gift and make their day! Follow our pro tips on shipping chocolate by courier without it melting and make sure your recipient gets their parcel in perfect condition.

  • Wrap the chocolate you want to ship in cling film.
  • Put the chocolate in a cooler box.
  • Add cooling agents like gel ice packs or dry ice at the bottom of the box.
  • Place the cooling box into a larger cardboard box and fill all the empty spaces.
  • Seal the box corners and edges with adhesive tape


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General tips when shipping chocolate internationally without melting

  • Check the melting temperature of the chocolate you are sending by courier. Different types of chocolate melt at different temperatures, depending on the amount of sugar, cocoa and milk content. We recommend that you check this prior to shipping chocolate nationally or internationally so that you get an idea how many cooling packs you need.
  • Cool the chocolates, truffles or other products down before mailing them. For most types of chocolate, it is recommended that they are kept in a cool and well-refrigerated area to retain their cool temperature prior to the pick-up.
  • Shipping time. Timing is everything with such delicate shipments. Therefore, the fastest option is the most practical to avoid melting during warmer weather conditions. We would also recommend arranging the pick-up on a Monday or at the beginning of the week. By doing this, you will prevent the package from being stored at the depot over the weekend.


FAQ – Shipping chocolate internationally via courier

Can I send chocolates with every courier company?
It is important to note that not all courier companies will send chocolates internationally. For example, DHL, TNT and UPS will not ship packages that contain chocolates within the content. Each courier has specific rules and requirements for different shipments and services, so we recommend checking this further with the designated courier for your route. When booking the Express or Regular Plus shipping services, please make sure not to include these items as the courier will refuse to collect the parcel. If you need further assistance, you can reach us by chat, phone or email before shipping to discuss your options.
Can I send chocolates in the mail?
Even though chocolates and cookies are included in the list of restricted and prohibited items of most postal and courier companies, many people still send chocolate, chocolate truffles and bonbons in the mail when shipping within the EU. Since chocolates are great gift ideas, people usually pack them in their parcel with other belongings such as clothes.
Will chocolate melt when I send it internationally?
If you have followed our packing guidelines, then the chocolate should not melt when you send it internationally. However, as mentioned earlier, you should also consider other factors such as the ingredients of the product as well as the quality of the cooling packs you use when sending chocolate domestically and overseas.
Can I mail a chocolate bar in an envelope?
Yes, you can mail a chocolate candy bar in an envelope. Small chocolate candy bars can be safely sent in padded envelopes. However, bear in mind that Eurosender Envelope service is only suited to ship documents and letters. Therefore, make sure to book the Package service when sending a chocolate candy bar overseas.
Will my shipment be insured if I send chocolate from the UK to the USA?
If you decide to send chocolate from the UK to the USA or anything that can be found on the prohibited and restricted items list, bear in mind that your shipment will not be insured. The shipper will not be able to claim compensation in the unlikely event of loss or damage.
Can I send chocolate to Europe after Brexit?
Customs checks now apply for shipments to and from the UK. Perishable goods such as chocolate are considered restricted for shipping by many courier companies so it is important to bear this in mind if you plan to send chocolate to Europe after Brexit. If the transporter notices that you are sending chocolate in your parcel, they may remove the chocolate from the package, return it to the sender or even destroy the shipment. Please see our page for more information on shipping after Brexit.
What are the most common reasons for shipping chocolate by courier?
  • Sending chocolate to loved ones. Many people with family members overseas choose to send chocolate gift baskets for many occasions.
  • Ordering special types of chocolate online. There are many types of chocolate that cannot be found in local shops so people choose to ship chocolate truffles, bonbons, bonbonnières and other chocolate goods from abroad.
  • Selling homemade chocolate. Some e-commerce businesses sell homemade chocolate bars online and look for the most reliable shipping solution by courier.
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Take these guidelines into consideration when shipping chocolate nationally and internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. If you decide to send chocolate abroad, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.