Shipping Power Banks by Post or Courier

How to ship power banks overseas?

Many are wondering if they can send a power bank by post or courier as there are some shipping regulations on devices containing lithium-ion batteries. There are many ways to ship portable chargers and other types of power banks to a different location, and our logistics experts know all about it. By choosing Eurosender, you will not only benefit from expert advice, but you can be sure you have chosen the safest method for shipping portable chargers and power banks overseas.


How much does it cost to ship power banks overseas?

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Shipping power banks to your customers

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Sending power banks to another country

At Eurosender, we can recommend you several transportation methods for shipping power banks by courier,
depending on the volume and time-sensitivity of the shipment.

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Pack and send a portable charger abroad by courier

Before shipping a power bank overseas, you should make sure it is appropriately prepared for safe travel.

  1. Use the original packaging or any other box that fits the size of the shipment.
  2. Wrap the portable charger in bubble wrap. Add at least two layers.
  3. Place it in the box and seal it with adhesive tape.

Power bank shipping regulations

Both authorised resellers and individuals can send a portable charger abroad by courier if the device complies with the following requirements outlined in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria:

Single-cell batteries:
No more than 2 cells, ≤ 20Wh

Multi-cell batteries:
No more than 4 cells, ≤ 100Wh

Shipping power banks by air would not be possible for Devices with lithium-ion batteries exceeding these specifications, but instead, you can transport them by road or sea. You can find all relevant battery information and recommendations for every device in the manufacturer’s product information sheet. You should always provide a customs declaration when shipping outside of the European Union. You can read more about customs and customs clearance process on this dedicated page.


Frequently asked questions for shipping portable chargers
and power banks overseas

How do I know it is safe to ship my power bank overseas?
You would have to first inspect the specifications on the portable battery or power bank before shipping. To do so, you can check the external power storage device or its original box for more details. If you have not kept its original packaging, you can find this information online.
Can I send a power bank by post or courier if it exceeds the values on the regulations?
In general, lithium-ion batteries are classified as dangerous goods for travelling, due to their explosive nature, and not all manufacturers can guarantee the top quality of their products. As such, courier companies have imposed restrictions on these items when travelling by air to avoid such situations. However, the danger level usually depends on the lithium content and the Watt-hour capacity of energy storage; thus, some are liable to be shipped overseas by plane, while others require road or boat transportation. Please refer to the “Power bank shipping regulations” or the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria for more information.
Do these tips for shipping power banks overseas apply to every country?
There are courier companies and countries that do allow you to send a portable charger abroad, while others have stricter regulations. If you need to know whether it is possible to send an external charger to your destination country, we strongly recommend before shipping to check the country regulations or contact directly our team of experts for advice.
Can I send a power bank by post or courier with insurance included?
When booking Eurosender services, shipping insurance is included in the price. However, insurance does not apply when shipping forbidden items. You can also add additional coverage on the checkout process, or by communicating this with our team. Please consider that insurance may not apply for used or second-hand electronic devices.
Are power banks allowed on flights?
You can carry a portable battery with you whenever you are travelling by air. However, if you intend to take a more significant quantity of power banks with you, we would recommend you to consider shipping the chargers instead, to avoid any unpleasantries with the authorities.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping power banks. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship used or second-hand power banks, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.