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So, yesterday you made plans to stay at home the whole day… You even managed to convince your difficult boss to work from your home office for a day so you could stay put. You were ready for a long day of waiting for the courier who was supposed to pick up a package full of gifts that you’ve so nicely prepared to send to your friend in Spain. You also refused the invitation to go on a date to that new cafeteria in town, just because you had to stay inside the whole day waiting for the driver.

But, surprisingly, he didn’t show up! And now? When will the courier come to pick up the parcel?

Well, this kind of difficult situation shouldn’t happen at all but, unfortunately, sometimes it does. The first thing to do is to check your e-mail again (even the spam folder) to be sure that the courier company really didn’t send you a notification saying that they would not manage to come. Some logistics companies actually do inform their clients by e-mail if, for some reason, there might be any change regarding the parcel’s pick-up. If you haven’t received any message from the courier company, go to their webpage and type your tracking number into their tracking system.

when will they pickup my parcel

Your tracking number is the one you received when you booked the service. The tracking code will usually already be made available and activated right away even before the initial collection of the package. Whenever you receive the tracking code, make sure you check the status of your parcel regularly. In case you notice any unusual statuses in the tracking system, you have to report them as soon as possible and contact the company you booked the courier services with. After doing that, you should be able to find out why there was a delay in the pick-up of your parcel.

What could’ve gone wrong?

There are many unforeseen reasons that can result in a delayed pick-up. Let’s check some of them:


In peak season or on national holidays, the demand for sending and/or receiving packages is so high that delays can occur and you’d, therefore, have to be patient and simply wait for your parcel to arrive. Make sure you book shipping services soon enough if you’re, for example, sending Christmas presents to your friends and want to make sure they arrive on time.

Traffic jam

Another cause for a delayed shipment can be an enormous traffic jam. This sounds like just an excuse but it might be true! The driver was maybe caught in a big traffic jam because of some car accident and he couldn’t arrive in time for delivery. He then postponed the service for the next business day and you should be informed about that as soon as possible.

Bad weather conditions

Weather conditions can also be the reason for a delayed pick-up. When there is a storm, snowfall or any other unfavourable meteorological event, pick-ups and deliveries of a parcel can get affected as travel conditions get worse and the courier driver might have to postpone the delivery.

Incorrect, incomplete or misspelt address

Another possibility is that the driver arrived at your building but he couldn’t find the right door to ring or knock on. It can happen that, in some cases, the address is misspelt, incomplete or outdated, so you should make sure you check all the details before booking a service. If you’ve recently moved to a new place and haven’t received any post yet, make sure you check your address is indeed already functional in order to make sure the courier will be able to reach you.

Problems with printing the label

It can happen that the logistics company had some technical problems while trying to print the label and this was a reason why they didn’t show up.

Difficult access 

Maybe the reason for a delayed pick-up is a property difficult to be accessed. Let’s imagine this situation – the address you’ve given to the courier company is a commercial building. Occasionally, the courier needs an access code in order to be able to enter the building and he just couldn’t go inside. Maybe the receptionist wasn’t aware that a courier company was expected to come that day to pick up a package. You should, therefore, make sure you provide this information when placing the order, otherwise, the courier will leave and a new pick-up attempt will be scheduled for another date. Just keep in mind that whenever you need some additional access codes to reach your house or flat, the courier driver needs to have them too in order to be able to deliver the package to your address. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you provide all needed details about your address when placing an order if you want to make sure your shipping process goes smoothly!

What do to then if a pick-up was delayed?

The first thing to do when there was a delay is to contact the company you ordered the service and reschedule the pick-up date. If you can not be at home again the whole day waiting for the driver, a good solution is to ask a dear friend to be there for you. Even better would be to change the location of your parcel’s pick-up: at your work, for instance. Here in this article, you can find additional information about this topic.

Can I reschedule a pick-up date?

Yes, the courier company or parcel broker used for booking the service will do that for you, but you should call them or send them an e-mail with the information about what happened. With some courier companies, you might be able to make changes and reschedule your delivery by yourself in your customer account. With others, however, you’ll have to contact them and ask them to make the change for you. Know that some courier companies or parcel brokers might charge you additional fees for this service.

Can I cancel the service and be reimbursed?

Note that, in case you decide to cancel the order, you won’t necessarily get a reimbursement for the money you’ve spent. Given the fact that costs have already incurred when the order was confirmed by a courier service provider, you might not be entitled to a full or even to a partial refund.

Check with the couriers before deciding to cancel an order and see what your options are so you don’t end up regretting your decision.

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Last modified: June 13, 2018

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