Panalpina air freight and other logistics services

The Swiss company Panalpina is specialized in international air and ocean freight deliveries. On top of that, the company is specialized in supply-chain management with Panalpina storage facilities, and is one of the leading companies in this field. With a global workforce of about 15.000 employees, Panalpina has offices in more than 70 countries and additional partnerships with local logistics companies in another 100 countries. In 2019 it became known that Panalpina is joining forces with DSV.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies, to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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How to place an order with Eurosender?

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Smooth experience

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Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

Looking for an alternative that is both cheaper and more convenient than shipping with Panalpina? Eurosender provides you with the best rates and the fastest transport of your items. These are the benefits of shipping your good with the help of the Eurosender platform.

Various shipping services for both business and individual users.

Always the best price-to-performance ratio.

Easy sign-up procedure for a Eurosender account which gives you many benefits.

An awarded blog that keeps you up-to-date about everything that is going on in the logistics world.

Possibility to for companies to set up an online logistics department which will definitely improve the efficiency.

Easy online booking without hidden costs.

Send a parcel with Panalpina and the alternatives

Visit the Panalpina website when you want to place an order Panalpina FTL shipping, Panalpina air freight or other services. But don’t forget to get a quote from Eurosender to get a good understanding of the differences. To get an idea of the possibilities of shipping with Eurosender, below you can find the various services that Eurosender provides.

Standard shipping: Most frequently used service at Eurosender, suitable for anything from books to bed linen to a baby stroller.

Freight Shipping: When you want to ship a pallet with Panalpina, Eurosender freight service is a beneficial alternative compared to Panalpina FTL shipping. Whether you choose FTL, LTL, and PTL shipping services, it is essential to select the right type of pallet for your delivery.

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Dedicated Van Delivery: Extremely suitable for removal and relocation services.

Individual offer: Have something unusual to ship? Ask our logistics experts for a personal quote.

The things listed below are factors that determine the ultimate price of your shipment.

  • Dimensions: The dimensions determine whether you can ship your items with Standard shipment or not. The dimensions include length, width, height, and weight of the shipment. (Packing materials should be included when determining the dimensions)
  • Distance: Near or far? Local or International? The distance has an effect on the final price.
  • Kind of items: Fragile, dangerous or high-valued items all have special requirements for transport.
  • Additional requirements: Storage, additional insurance and customs clearance are just a few examples of things that can add to the price.
  • Delivery time: You can easily save on delivery costs when you are flexible with the delivery dates.

Panalpina FAQ section

  • How do I track my shipment with Panalpina?
    • With every order, you get a Panalpina tracking number. To see the status of your shipment, go to the website and enter the Panalpina tracking number.
  • How to pack your shipment for Panalpina
    • You can either go to their website or call the Panalpina contact number or the Panalpina customer service for individual advice. A better option is visiting the Eurosender packing guide for numerous items.
  • How to label your Panalpina order?
    • Panalpina will provide you with instructions after placing the order, as the instructions may vary from country to country.
  • Is there Panalpina customer service?
    • You can find the Panalpina customer service by selecting your location on their website and find the nearest office with the Panalpina contact number.
  • Are parcels insured with Panalpina?
    • Parcels are insured with Panalpina, but coverage depends on individual shipments and whether there is the usage of the Panalpina warehouse.

When you have questions about the services that Eurosender offers or you need assistance with your shipment, then feel free to contact our experienced logistics experts. They will be glad to provide you with the necessary advice and answer all your questions.

Our courier services providers

When you have questions about the services that Eurosender offers or you need assistance with your shipment, then feel free to contact our experienced logistics experts. They will be glad to provide you with the necessary advice and answer all your questions.