Panalpina Freight Transport and Tracking

Panalpina air and ocean freight and tracking

Panalpina was a Swiss transport company specialising in international air and ocean freight deliveries. Panalpina was recently bought by DSV, one of our most trusted logistics partners, who now manages all Panalpina freight operations. Since 2021, DSV no longer uses the name or the brand Panalpina and their website has been entirely removed, so please check our page about DSV freight solutions for up-to-date information.

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Panalpina air and sea freight services

Panalpina specialises in international freight shipping and has a strong network of sea and air carriers for shipping palletised and non-palletised cargo. In 2019, DSV bought the Swiss company and they incorporated the Panalpina air and sea freight operations. To get a freight or cargo shipping service with DSV Panalpina, customers can introduce the details of their shipment on the DSV Panalpina webpage. Alternatively, book an LTL, FTL or get a quote for a shared/full cargo flight with us and we will find the best possible solution for your freight shipping needs. We collaborate with a strong network of reliable couriers, including DSV Panalpina.

What’s the price of shipping cargo with Panalpina?

The price of shipping cargo with Panalpina depends on four main factors:

  • Size and volume of the cargo
  • Type of freight service
  • Distance between the pick-up and delivery directions
  • Additional services such as insurance or specific handling requirements

Although Panalpina specialises in sea and air freight services, their international freight shipping network includes air, sea and road cargo transport. For example, DSV Panalpina offers road freight services specialising in perishables or fashion. To find the price of shipping cargo with Panalpina you can contact the company and give them the requirements of your shipment. On the other hand, you can get instant LTL/FTL quotes on our booking tool or ask for an individual offer and we will prepare a shipping solution for you, comparing amongst dozens of trusted logistics companies, including DSV Panalpina.

Panalpina track and trace

Now that Panalpina tracking has been incorporated to DSV, many customers wonder how to track and get information about their Panalpina shipments. The Panalpina Track and Trace system is still up and running, but incorporated to the DSV network. Generally, with every Panalpina freight service, you get a Panalpina tracking number, that you can introduce here to get your Panalpina tracking status.

Alternatively, you can access the Panalpina track and trace system by using myPanalpina login details. Go through the DSV webpage, login here and you will get your Panalpina sea or air freight tracking status. If you have booked a Panalpina international freight shipping service with Eurosender you will be able to introduce the number in our webpage to get the Panalpina cargo or freight tracking status.


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Panalpina international freight shipping: FAQ

Can I book a shipment with Panalpina?
Currently, you cannot book a shipment directly with DSV Panalpina form the DSV webpage. However, you can still log in with your myPanalpina details and access the DSV Panalpina online booking as well as the Panalpina tracking services.
Can I ship freight with Panalpina as an individual?
Yes, it is possible to book Panalpina freight services as an individual. Panalpina also offers storage, distribution and other logistics solutions for business clients.
How to pack your shipment for Panalpina?
To prepare your Panalpina freight shipment you can check the DSV webpage, call the Panalpina contact number or contact the Panalpina customer service for individual advice. A better option is visiting the Eurosender packing guide for packing recommendations of numerous items.
How do I contact the Panalpina customer service?
You can reach the Panalpina customer service by selecting your location on the DSV Panalpina website. Registered users can contact their DSV Panalpina representative for additional information and support.
Are parcels and cargo services insured with Panalpina?
Parcels and cargo are insured with Panalpina, but coverage depends on individual shipments and whether the freight shipment includes usage of a Panalpina warehouse. Alternatively, when shipping with Eurosender, your goods are always insured and you can get additional coverage for extra protection when shipping more expensive products.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in November 2022. To know more about the Panalpina international freight services and prices, Panalpina storage services, Panalpina air and ocean freight and Panalpina tracking always check the official website of Panalpina.