Whistl: UK Parcel Delivery and International Shipping

Whistl UK and international courier services

Find out how letter and parcel deliveries with Whistl work. They are the second largest postal company in the UK, and in this article, you will understand more about Whistl UK and international shipping services, as well as their delivery times.

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How long does Whistl take to deliver?

Whistl offers a variety of letter and parcel delivery services, each one with its own delivery times and schedules. For international shipments, the Whistl delivery time is up to 14 days. In practice, this estimation may vary depending on international customs procedures.

For urgent shipments within the UK, Whistl offers express letter and parcel delivery with a transit time of 24h. You can check Whistl delivery times for domestic and international shipping services in the tables below.

Whistl letter delivery times in the UK

ServiceLetters (240 mm x 165 mm, 100 g)Large Letters (353 mm x 250 mm, 750 g)Delivery time
PremierSort YesYes, but only non-urgent deliveries 2-3 working days
PremierSort Flex YesYes2-3 working days
AllSort YesYes3 working days
FirstSort YesNo1 working day

Whistl letter delivery times in the UK

ServiceLetters (240 mm x 165 mm, 100 g)Large Letters (353 mm x 250 mm, 750 g)Delivery time
PremierSort YesYes, but only non-urgent deliveries 2-3 working days
PremierSort Flex YesYes2-3 working days
AllSort YesYes3 working days
FirstSort YesNo1 working day

Whistl international letter and parcel delivery times

ServiceDelivery time
International Letters 3-5 working days
International Standard Business Parcel Delivery 3-14 working days

Whistl UK and international shipments – Partners and collaborations

Whistl collaborates with a wide network of courier companies to provide quality shipping services domestically within the UK and internationally.

The primary focus of Whistl is sorting and processing letters and parcels for delivery. Once the items are sorted, they then delegate the last-mile delivery to other couriers.

For international shipping, Whistl courier services primarily compete (although in some instances partner) with UPS, UK Mail, Parcelforce, as well as DHL and Hermes.

Whistl and Royal Mail – are they the same company?

Even though many people may think so, Whistl and Royal Mail are not the same company. However, Royal Mail performs deliveries of lighter-weight items on behalf of Whistl.

Who is Whistl courier service owned by?

Until 2015, Whistl postal service operated as TNT Post UK (owned by TNT Group) and was a subsidiary of the Dutch delivery company PostNL. Eventually, the company rebranded to Whistl and separated from PostNL, although PostNL retained a 17.5% holding and continues to support Whistl as a shareholder.


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FAQ on Whistl international shipping services

Do Whistl courier services deliver on Saturdays or weekends in general?
Whistl delivers parcels on Saturdays between 12 – 1 pm. They do not provide services on Sundays or bank holidays.
Until what time do Whistl postal services deliver?
Whistl's delivery times vary depending on the service and the day of the week. The delivery timeframe is communicated once the parcel enters the final stage of transit. The Whistl delivery timeframes are listed below:
  • Monday: 8.00 am – 6.30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8.00 am – 5.15 pm
  • Wednesday: 9.00 am – 7.45 pm
  • Thursday: 7.30 am – 4.30 pm
  • Friday: 8.00 am – 4.30 pm
  • Saturday: 12 – 1 pm
  • Sunday: No service
How long does Whistl take to deliver in the UK?
Whistl courier service offers transit times of 1-3 days for shipments within the UK. Customers can choose next-day delivery for urgent orders, however, bookings have to be processed before 1 pm to increase the chances of the item arriving the following day.
How long does Whistl take to deliver to the USA?
The time it takes Whistl to deliver letters and parcels to the USA depends mainly on which service you choose. Whistl provides delivery times of 3-5 working days for letters and 3-14 working days for parcels. If you need your item to arrive sooner than that, Eurosender offers express shipping for letters and parcels to the USA in just 24-72h! Check below some of our services to the USA:
Does Whistl postal service deliver to Canada?
Yes, Whistl provides international shipping services to Canada, but how long do they take to deliver? Standard Whistl delivery times are 3-5 working days for letters and 3-14 working days for parcels.
Are Whistl letters and parcels delivered by Royal Mail?
Yes, since Royal Mail specialises in shipping small items, they deliver some smaller shipments on behalf of Whistl. Several other couriers perform deliveries for Whistl as well, depending on the shipping route, shipment size, and service selected.
Are Yodel and Whistl the same company?
No, Yodel and Whistl are not the same company, however, they do collaborate. Whistl offers customers using their Whistl Parcels and Parcelhub options 2-hour delivery services through Yodel. This is particularly beneficial for businesses that need to ship parcels urgently.
Read more about shipping with Yodel.
Does Whistl deliver large parcels?
Whistl imposes a maximum parcel weight of 30 kg and dimension limits of 184 cm (length) and 240 cm (girth). If you need to ship large parcels of up to 70 kg, you can get an immediate shipping price using our booking tool. With our Express Service, you can send large parcels worldwide in 24-72h.
How does Whistl’s part-tracked service work?
Many of the services offered by Whistl are part-tracked because they only provide tracking information until the parcel is handed over to the courier delegated for final mile delivery. Whistl offers their customers an online tracking portal with configurable notifications to make parcel tracking easy and convenient.
What does in transit with Whistl mean?
When your Whistl parcel tracking status indicates "in transit with Whistl", it means that Whistl courier services are transporting your parcel towards the delivery location. The tracking status stays in transit until the courier driver delivers the parcel to the receiver.
Why can I not track my Whistl parcel?
If the Whistl parcel tracking status is not updated for more than a couple of days or if it has passed its expected delivery date, you should contact Whistl courier service for further information. Tracking update delays may happen due to long transit distances, a delay in the tracking system or high volumes of parcels at sorting depots.
Read more about how parcel tracking works.
How do I contact Whistl courier service?
There are a number of ways you can contact Whistl courier service, depending on your type of enquiry:
Phone: Whistl customer service is available 8.30 am – 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday. You can call them at 01628 891 644. New customers wishing to create an account can contact the Whistl sales team at 01628 702 956. If you have problems tracking a domestic or international parcel delivery with Whistl, you can contact 01628 702 979.
Email: Other general enquiries not linked to an existing order can be addressed to packagescustomerservices@whistl.co.uk.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in August 2022. For more information about Whistl parcel postal and delivery services, please check the official website of Whistl.