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DSV courier deliveries and freight transport services

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, DSV provides transport, storage and logistics solutions in more than 75 countries. In this guide, you will find out more about DSV courier services, delivery times and more.

If you want to get the best shipping quotes for your needs, make sure to get a quote with Eurosender using the pricing tool below. We work with multiple logistics providers, including DSV, to ensure you are always matched with the optimal option for your requirements.

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Track and trace DSV: DSV tracking services

To track and trace your DSV delivery, you will need a DSV tracking number. Each parcel has a unique number or ID that you can use to find its location and status. When you book a DSV courier delivery, you will receive a DSV tracking number associated with your shipment. Every time the parcel reaches a new warehouse or pick-up point, the tracking status will be updated.

If you have booked the service with us, you can use our tracking tool to follow your shipment. We will send the DSV tracking number via email after the service has been confirmed.

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What are DSV delivery times?

For DSV courier deliveries within the same country, you can expect a delivery time between 24h and 5 working days, depending on the route. DSV international courier services can take longer depending on the destination, but on average, it takes between 5 to 10 working days. For DSV freight services via road, domestic shipments can be expected in 24-48h, and international cargo deliveries can take up to 5 days within Europe.

Besides scheduling a home delivery, you can choose to send your parcel to a DSV pick-up point, from which the recipient can collect it. Delivery to the DSV pick-up points can take 1 to 3 working days to main centres and up to 6 working days to smaller DSV hubs. We always recommend checking the DSV tracking number to see where your parcel is.

If you need to send urgent packages, check our Express Service instead and have it delivered on the next day within the EU.


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FAQ about DSV courier and freight services

Is DSV a freight forwarder?
Yes, DSV acts as a freight forwarder connecting customers with the best shipping solutions. Freight forwarders do not transport the cargo themselves but act as intermediaries between shippers and customers. Although they act as carriers in some situations, DSV offers air, road, sea and rail cargo as a freight forwarder collaborating with other logistics companies to offer a fuller range of transport services.
Can I ship freight with DSV?
Yes, DSV offers a series of freight transport solutions and is famous for having a strong global network combining road, air, sea and rail freight to offer fast and reliable transport services. Customers can book different DSV freight global transport options, including road, ocean and air transport. The DSV road transport services include groupage, PTL and FTL.
  • Air transport: DSV freight services via air freight include door-to-door deliveries and consolidated cargo.
  • Sea freight: customers can book containerised and non-containerised loads, as well as faster DSV freight deliveries with their DSV Short Sea service.
  • Rail freight: DSV transport services include a series of rail-transport solutions within Europe; as well as a strong network connecting the continent with China and other intercontinental destinations.
Can I ship cargo by road with DSV?
Yes, the DSV global transport and logistics include the following options for road freight service:
  • Groupage: consolidated cargo for shipments up to 2,500kg.
  • Partial cargo: up to 2,500 kg delivered within Europe.
  • Specialised cargo solutions such as temperature-controlled deliveries, hazardous goods transport, as well as hanged-garment deliveries for selected routes.
What warehousing solutions does DSV offer?
As a courier company, DSV goes beyond logistics and transportation service, offering customised DSV warehouse solutions. As a rule, businesses are highly interested in optimising their supply chain management, and the DSV warehouse solutions might be exactly what they need. The DSV global logistics provide industry-specific storage facilities to increase or reduce inventory levels; the DSV warehouse management system ensures flexible and highly configurable storage services. DSV warehousing services include other options such as unloading and palletising cargo, dispatching, and loading services.
At Eurosender, we can organise the storage in DSV warehouses for you. If you need storage services, all you need to do is inform our logistics specialists, and they will provide you with all the necessary details.
What is a DSV locker?
DSV parcel lockers are fully automatised dispensers where customers can retrieve parcels by providing a code. DSV has a wide system of parcel lockers available in South Africa. Customers can send packages of limited sizes to parcel lockers situated all around the country.
Read more about shipping to South Africa.
Does DSV deliver to remote areas?
There are cases when one needs to send a parcel to a remote area but cannot be sure that a specific courier company will deliver it. DSV has a map with remote areas covered by its services which you can check on their website.
As Eurosender offers advanced solutions, our platform will choose the best option for you depending on your chosen route, even if your pick-up and/or delivery address is in a remote area. We will help you to arrange shipping to residential areas, ports, campsites, and other distant places.
Why is shipping with DSV cheaper with Eurosender?
Due to the high shipping volume we manage every day, we can negotiate the best shipping prices with DSV or any of our vetted logistics partners. Because of this, we can find the best solution for you, regardless of the size or frequency of your shipment. Get an instant quote with our shipping tool, or contact our logistics professionals if you need a tailored shipping offer.
Can I still ship parcels to the UK with DSV even after Brexit?
Since the 1st of January 2021, the UK has left the EU’s single market and customs union. However, it is still possible to ship packages and cargo to the UK after Brexit using the DSV courier services. Please note that with the new rules, the shipments may take longer, and certain goods can be subject to VAT or import charges. To get more info about shipping with DSV to the UK after Brexit, you can check our handy Brexit shipping guide.
How can I contact DSV?
If you booked the services on our platform and have additional questions related to DSV services, send us a message using the chatbox below, and our agents will help you right away.
In case you need to contact DSV helpdesk directly, it is possible to fill out the request form on their website. The DSV helpdesk team will respond to your query as soon as they process it.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in October 2022. When looking for accurate information, such as DSV freight services, DSV warehouse solutions the cost to shipping with DSV or the DSV tracking number, always check the official website of DSV.