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DSV is a transport and logistics company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. DSV courier services provide comprehensive logistics solutions based on transportation by road, air, sea and train. Nowadays DSV is one of the leading giants in the transport world, having more than 47.000 employees in 75 countries. DSV is one of our trusted partners with whom we cooperate to ensure that you can order the fastest and safest delivery of your package and have access to DSV storage facilities. Eurosender has managed to establish fruitful cooperation with the DSV courier company which results in the affordable cost of shipping with DSV.

When you book shipping services with Eurosender through our platform, we will choose the best shipping solution, based on your shipping needs and the selected route. To decide which type of shipping services would be the right for you, measure your shipment and check whether its dimensions correspond to standard shipping services or pallet delivery. If it does fit any of these two, we will prepare an individual offer.

Eurosender works with a wide variety of logistics providers, ranging from world-famous international courier companies to the most trusted companies on local markets. Check the prices for international shipping with our tool below.

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So far so good

So far so good, but still have no tracking number

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more money than before,and service is…

more money than before,and service is the same that's why 4 stars.

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Parfait! mais que mon coli soit recuperé demain matin.

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Very good

Very good and really helpful the Erasmus discount.

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so far, so good

Clear ordering process but way to few spaces for long adresses. Let's see how it goes from here.


Benefits of shipping with Eurosender

If you are searching the web in the look for the best shipping offer, Eurosender might be a good solution. We have built a comprehensive logistics platform and we pride ourselves on:

Immediate access to the shipping services you need and easy booking, in only 3 minutes;

Instant quotes so that you know the final price you will pay;

Complex network of logistics providers so that you receive high-quality services for the fraction of the standard price;

Live chat agents that are ready to answer any questions regarding your shipping needs;

Real-time tracking with all the carriers;

Proof of delivery on request and many others.


Shipping services with DSV and the alternatives

Through Eurosender, along with the other carriers in our network, you can also get access to the freight services offered by DSV. We automatically select the logistics providers that fit best your requirements and offers some of the lowest prices.

  • Standard shipping: The service is the best option only if the shipment fits within the dimension and weight limits presented on this page.
  • Freight service: DSV is renowned for its international freight services and we cooperate with the company whenever a big load has to be sent or whenever a pallet shipping has to be organized. Through Eurosender, you get access to LTL, FTL and PTL shipping services.
  • Dedicated Van Delivery: As the name goes, this service implies the shipping of your items with a van. The space in the van will not be shared with other shippers. This increases the security of transport and ensures little transit times.
  • Individual offer: shipping can be quite complex and so your requirements. In such cases, our logistics experts will prepare a personalized offer.


Frequently asked questions about DSV freight services

Tracking a shipment with DSV. How does DSV tracking work?

Either you are a conscious sender or a concerned consignee waiting for your shipment to arrive, you can use a tracking number for checking the current status of your shipment with DSV. DSV parcel tracking can be done in two ways, one of which is extremely simple as you can just insert your tracking number in the tool below. Another option is to find the tracking tools on the company’s website directly. Even if your shipment booked on the Eurosender platform is processed with a different carrier than DSV, you will still receive a tracking number in the confirmation e-mail and will be able to use our tracking engine in the same way.


Are there any DSV warehouse solutions where I can store my shipment?

DSV goes beyond logistics and transportation service. It has customized DSV warehouse solutions for its consumers. As a rule, businesses are highly interested in optimizing their supply chain management, so DSV warehouse solutions might be exactly what they need. DSV provides industry-specific storage facilities to increase or reduce inventory levels upon necessity. Additionally, a DSV warehouse management system ensures flexible and highly configurable storage services.

At Eurosender, we are able to organize the storage in the DSV warehouses. If you need storage services, feel free to inform our logistics specialists and they will provide you with all the necessary details.


How can I contact DSV?

If you booked the services on our platform and have additional questions related to DSV services, feel free to contactEurosender support team agents. If you already placed an order on our platform and the selected carrier is DSV, you can check our page where you can find the company’s phone number.

Note that when arranging a pick-up with DSV, a DSV courier will call you beforehand and agree on the details of the collection directly with you.

In case you need to contact DSV helpdesk directly, it is possible to fill out the request form on their website. DSV helpdesk team will respond to your query as soon as they process it.


What are the options for shipment insurance with DSV?

If DSV is your selected carrier when using Eurosender services, you will benefit from shipping insurance according to the CMR convention. In case you need your cargo to be additionally protected, you may opt to choose extra insurance packages for standard packages or freight.


Does DSV deliver to remote areas?

There are cases when one needs to send a parcel to the remote area but cannot be sure that a specific courier company will deliver it. DSV has a map with remote areas covered by its services which you can check on their website. AsEurosender offers advanced solutions, our platform will choose the best option for you depending on your chosen route even if your pick-up and/or delivery addresses are in remote areas. We will help you to arrange shipping to residential areas, ports, campsites, and other distant places.


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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research. When looking for accurate information, such as DSV freight services, DSV shipping insurance, the cost to ship with DSV, DSV FTL shipping or DSV LTL shipping services, always check the official website of DSV.