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Has someone forgotten their car or house keys at your place and you want to give them back, but you are uncertain if you can send keys in the mail or through courier? Shipping a key by courier is possible with Eurosender! All you have to do is choose among the several offered options that will ensure you the best way to mail keys to anyone, whether as an individual or business.


Send keys or locks to your customers

Join many locksmiths that have chosen Eurosender as their logistics solution for shipping keys by courier to their customers. Start using our free platform and get discounts when using Eurosender credits, have your own dashboard for a complete overview of your logistics processes in one place and track your shipments and expenses at any time.

Express shipping

Intracontinental delivery in 24h, 48-72h worldwide
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Standard shipping

Best suited for shipping a larger quantity of keys
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How to send keys by courier

How to pack a key when shipping

Sending a key abroad in an envelope

Both individuals and businesses need to make sure their shipment is adequately prepared before sending keys in the mail or by courier.

  • Padded envelope. You must opt for a padded one, as the logistics provider might dispose the normal one if they discover keys inside.
  • Place them inside the envelope, and you are ready to ship the keys by courier or mail

Sending multiple keys by courier inside a box

  • Sending keys, among other things. You do not necessarily need to book a service just to mail a key with an envelope, but rather, you can place it inside a box, among other belongings.
  • Sending a larger quantity of keys. Add all the keys you intend to ship and fill up the rest of the voids with padding materials to avoid movement during transit.


Ship a key by courier

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