How to ship cigarettes

Finding information on what exactly is allowed when sending cigarettes (and other tobacco products) through the mail in Europe is a difficult task. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the rules and regulations regarding these matters differ from country to country. However, it needs to be stressed that, according to the information available on the official page of the European Parliament, the sending of cigarettes by post in the EU is generally prohibited. However, many people choose to ship a few packs of cigarettes among other things without any problems. As we know that shipping cigarettes if also far from uncommon, we have put together some very useful tips on how to make sure that the transport runs smoothly as well as on how to pack cigarettes for shipping to avoid damages.

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Your only task is to pack the cigarettes correctly and book the service on our website. We will then take care of arranging the shipping with the best and the most reliable logistics services provider for your route and represent you in the communication with the couriers. You will be able to enjoy the convenience of having the package collected at your doorstep and delivered to the address of your choice.

If you need to ship tobacco products and want to know more about the laws on cigarettes shipping, you can write us an e-mail or call us. Our logistics specialists will do their best to assist you or point you to the best sources of information. Our friendly customer support agents can also guide you through the booking process and make shipping cigarettes by post a lot more pleasant.

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How to ship cigarettes via courier services

Can i send cigarettes in the mail

If you want to mail cigarettes internationally, there are some things you definitely have to take into consideration. Along with carefully studying the laws on shipping cigarettes in the post for your chosen pick-up and delivery countries, you also have to make sure that, like every shipment out there, your tobacco products are carefully packed and thus protected from the elements.


To make sure that everything runs smoothly, we have prepared a checklist of all the necessary steps before shipping cigarettes through courier services:

  • Always check the regulations regarding cigarette shipments for the pick-up and delivery countries. Then make sure that your chosen logistics services provider has no internal rules that would prohibit customers from shipping tobacco products with them. Items like cigarettes are always sent at the customer’s own risk, which means that you are responsible for making sure such shipments are shipped safely.
  • Carefully measure the box in which you have packed the cigarettes and insert its dimensions in our Shipment Size Checker. This way, you will know exactly which service is most suitable for your shipping needs.
  • Mind the label. Never forget to check who is responsible for printing and attaching the shipping label. In most cases, the couriers will take care of this job, but this is not always the case. For pick-ups in Poland, Sweden or Spain as well as when a customer ships their packages with “First possible pick-up time” service, printing the label is the sender’s job.
  • If you are about to leave the pick-up address soon, take the necessary steps to avoid any complications and place the order for shipping at least two days before your departure.

Check if your package is suitable to ship

When shipping cigarettes through courier services, always bear in mind the following:

  • While it is not generally prohibited to ship cigarettes in the EU, these are mostly not recommended for shipping. You can only ship not recommended items at your own risk.
  • When transporting cigarettes between several European countries check what are their own limits. Sending cigarettes through the mail to or from the UK, for example, is not the same as shipping such products to Portugal which is why you need to make sure that you are informed of all the rules.
  • Never ship more cigarettes than allowed. While a few packs of cigarettes are generally not a problem, especially if packed properly, exceeding the limits will get you in trouble. Upon reaching the couriers’ depots, the packages are scanned. If there is anything suspicious, the package will always be carefully inspected.
  • To transport larger cigarette shipments, one needs a special license.
  • It is not illegal to buy tobacco over the internet from another European Community country, but VAT and excise duty have to be paid before these goods are sent to the destination country. You need to check all these requirements before the goods are sent to you.

Cigarette packaging

When asked about how to pack cigarettes for shipping, we always stress proper protection and good measure. While protecting the items properly is crucial, not pushing things too far is of equally great importance. Shipping hundreds of cigarette packs in a box will probably raise some eyebrows in the depot while a few packs, especially when packed together with several other items, will rarely be a major cause for concern. As far as the packing materials are concerned, we recommend the following:

  1. A cardboard box the box has to be big enough for you to pack the cigarettes without problems, but not too big. You can buy it at almost any hardware or stationery store. Used ones are completely fine, but you should always make sure that they are sturdy enough and have no holes, tears or dents.
  2. Bubble wrapto protect the cigarettes, especially if they are only stored in cardboard packaging. This way, your shipment will also not be at risk of coming into contact with water.
  3. Cushioning materials like packing peanuts (polystyrene chips), crumpled paper, foam etc.. These materials do not only add another layer of protection to your shipments, their purpose is also to keep the contents of the package in place so they do cannot move around and cause damage during transit.
  4. Adhesive tape and scissorsto seal the box.

How to pack cigarettes for shipping

When shipping cigarettes internationally, you should make sure that you know how to properly prepare a package for shipping. The instructions for this procedure are very simple and straightforward.

  1. Protect the cigarette packs with bubble wrap. Wrap the protective material around the packaging so that it is completely covered by it. Be generous and make sure that the contents of the package are thoroughly protected.
  2. Prepare the box. Take the box you intend to use for shipping cigarettes and fill it with some polystyrene chips, packing peanuts etc. When you have completely covered the bottom, you can proceed with placing the items in the box.
  3. Add cushioning materials. Add some more polystyrene chips or peanuts. Crumpled paper is a solid and chip alternative for these materials if you do not have access to anything else. Make sure that the cigarettes are completely surrounded by these materials and therefore cannot move inside the box. Gently shake the package to see if everything stays in place.
  4. Seal and label. Seal the box on all sides with duct tape. If you have to print the shipping label yourself, now is the time to do it.
Does anyone send cigarettes via courier services?

Despite the fact that cigarettes, along with other tobacco products, are mostly treated as items that are not recommended for shipping, they can be found in many a package traveling around Europe. Rather than shipping them in bulk, most shippers mail cigarettes internationally in smaller quantities, for examples as gifts for friends and relatives abroad. The fact that this is a rather common practice does not bring us any closer to answering the question of whether or not one can send cigarettes in the mail, but it definitely shows us that such shipments can reach their destinations without problems. When shipping cigarettes abroad by mail, following some basic guidelines and doing some research on your own is therefore crucial.

If you are still a little bit lost when it comes to shipping tobacco products, do not despair. Contact our customer support agents instead and they will do their best to assist you. They help you find the best solution for shipping cigarettes internationally, be it to the UK, Ireland or Germany, and make your booking process even easier.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping cigarettes. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship cigarettes, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.