How to send tables domestically and internationally with Eurosender

Figuring out how to ship bulky furniture, and especially tables can seem like a complicated task. Fragile items such as an antique dressing table or complex structures like a state-of-the-art pool table can be a nightmare to pack and a challenge when you need to find an affordable way to ship domestically or internationally. Here, at Eurosender, we are doing everything to make this process stress-free by choosing the most reliable logistics partners and making the booking process accessible to everyone. The tips in this article will help you prepare your package whether you are planning to move, relocate an office or sell your items online.

How to place an order for shipping tables internationally and domestically?

Use our engine to book the service directly. For heavy or bulky items, choose the freight service or the option of an individual offer.

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Get informed on how to ship tables abroad as well as how to pack tables for shipping.

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It does not matter if you ship your tables (and other bulky furniture) in boxes, place an order for a pallet or use an individual offer or our relocation services. In every case, Eurosender ensures that you get the best available rates from our trusted logistics partners. All you have to do is place the order in a few easy steps and wait for us to take care of the rest. It’s that simple.

The basic insurance is included in the price of every shipment, but we strongly recommend that you also choose one of our extra insurance packages. This is especially important when transporting valuable items. Additional insurance of 1000€, 2000€, or 5000€ can be purchased at a very low price. Make sure you discuss these possibilities with our shipping specialists before you decide.

We recommend to always photograph the tables or other pieces of furniture before shipping. If anything goes wrong and your goods get damaged, the photos will help you to support the claim.

If you still have trouble deciding what is the best way to transport your pool table or massage table across countries or just to the other side of the city, then do not hesitate to contact our customer support team that will help you with all the inquiries you might have.

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How to move tables across countries

The shipment of different types of tables can sometimes be tricky as they often require a unique approach. By following the instructions below, you will learn how to pack a table and ensure a successful delivery without worrying about your parcels. Good preparation is very important to make sure you look at our tips:

  • If you are planning to send a dining table check if it can be taken apart. In such a case you can probably detach the legs and put them alongside the table top. This way you will be able to send your furniture as a flatpack in a sturdy cardboard box. Make sure that you carefully measure the dimensions of the package and use our Shipment Size Checker to determine which type of service for shipping tables is most suitable for your needs. You can also contact our team of experts that will answer all your questions.
  • Often, your table will not be easily disassembled or will not have the standard dimensions for parcel shipment, as is the case with pool and snooker tables, This is why you will need to send them as freight (either using a larger container or a pallet). In such a case check if pallet delivery is an option or request an individual offer.
  • Always check if you need to print the shipping label yourself. This can be the case (although it does not apply to freight service) when shipping from countries like Poland, Spain or Sweden and when using the “First possible pick-up time” service. In other cases, the courier picking-up your delivery will have it ready for you
  • If you are planning to leave the place of the pick-up address soon after the date of the courier’s arrival, make sure that you make provisions for such a case. Try to order the pick-up at least two days before your planned departure date.

Removals and relocations

Sometimes you need to have a larger number of tables (or any other large sized pieces of furniture) transported, as is in the case of moving to a different country or relocating an office. In such a case try our Removals & Relocations service as it could be a better option than the standard freight/package shipping. A truck/van will be booked especially for you and a professional courier will load your items and secure them for proper and safe furniture shipping.

If you are not sure which is the most suitable shipping service for your needs, contact our freight and Logistics consultants. They will help you select the preferable and cheapest way of transporting tables across countries.



Packing tips for moving tables:

As it is the case with large item shipping, tables come in different varieties and as such often need a different approach. Whether you want to move a pool table, ship a massage table or transport your antique dressing table look at our table packing guide. We will help you make sure that everything is done properly.

How to pack a dining table:


  • Take it apart – if possible disassemble your dining table. Unscrew the legs and wrap each of them individually. Try to fit them alongside the table top for better packaging.
  • Wrap elements in bubble wrap – this will protect your precious items from scratching and other damage. If you have a glass table top, then also secure it with moving pads. This will prevent any marks or scratches from being left.
  • Wrap wooden table tops in blankets and tape securely – wooden furniture is heavy and not very mobile. Wrapping it in blankets will prevent any damage during shipping. Do not put plastic wrap directly on the wooden surface as this can cause moisture to cumulate.
  • Put screws, bolts, and nuts in a plastic bag – these small elements can be lost during shipping. It is a good idea to put them in sealed bags and tape them to one of the larger elements of your table.

How to ship a pool table:

  • Remove the pockets – all standard pool and snooker tables have 6 pockets. They are usually screwed on or stapled. Lie on a floor beneath them and remove them using screwdriver or staple puller.
  • Remove the rails – as with pockets, rails in a pool or snooker table are also detachable. The standard mounting procedure is with bolts, so you can detach them using a standard wrench. Consider getting help from another person to securely remove them from the table.
  • Remove the felt and slate – as previously those elements are often detachable. If the slate is glued make sure you remove it gently not to rip it. Slates are usually screwed to the mainframe, so you can remove them using a power drill or a regular screwdriver. Consider getting help as these elements can be easily damaged and the slate is heavy.
  • Take it apart – what you are left with is like a dining table and can be disassembled in a similar manner. Remember to wrap all elements in protective blankets and foil.
  • Consider a tailored shipping service – the elements of a pool table often do not fit within standard boxes. If this is the case contact our specialists so that they can present you with an individual offer.

How to move a massage table:

  • Check if your massage table folds – many massage tables can be folded for easy packaging and transport. In this case, you will be able to ship it using our standard service from top logistics companies.
  • Take it apart – if your table does not fold, separate its components and pack them individually using bubble wrap, protective blankets, and stretch foil. Do not forget about putting any screws and bolts in a separate protective, sealed plastic bag.
  • Pack your wellness items – your massage table is secure but do not forget about all your accessories. Ceramic pots and candle holders should be covered in bubble wrap, put in boxes containing polystyrene chips (packing peanuts) and sealed with duct tape from the outside. If you are transporting wellness products like oils and incense, make sure they are in secured and sealed plastic bags but be aware that Eurosender does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package with liquids without restriction.

If you are still unsure how to ship a table or have questions about bulky furniture packing contact our customer support agents and logistics experts. They will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions about courier services for shipping tables. Moving your dinner table or pool table is a few clicks or a phone call away.

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