How to Pack and Ship a Table

How to Ship a Table

Whether you’re moving house or selling new and used tables – shipping tables and chairs, a coffee table or pool table is easy with Eurosender. Learn how to pack a table or glass table top for moving and choose the best way to ship a table across country or to anywhere else, across our range of shipping services to suit any requirement.

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Eurosender’s benefits for table manufacturers and resellers

Table producers, retailers and resellers who need to send tables to customers can increase efficiency by registering as a business at no additional cost. Take advantage of your own logistics dashboard to keep track of all your shipping processes in one place, as well as convenient pricing and easy payment options to get your load moving faster.


Shipping a table across country and internationally

Depending on the size and urgency, choose the best way to ship your table across Eurosender’s range of shipping services.

Standard shipping

Cost-effective for shipping a dismantled table that fits in boxes
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Pallet shipping

The best way to ship many tables across country or internationally
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Individual offer

The ideal option for unusual requirements
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Van delivery

Reserve an entire van dedicated for direct transport across Europe
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Insurance when shipping tables

At Eurosender, we know how important it is for your load to arrive in one piece. Whether you’re shipping a pool table, coffee table or tables and chairs, your shipment is covered by basic insurance included in the price. Additional, low-cost insurance options are also available during the booking process. If you are unsure which insurance is right for your shipment, contact our experts who are always on hand and happy to advise you.

How to pack a table for moving


Follow these simple guidelines on how to pack a table for standard shipping

  1. Remove all separate parts and disassemble the table. Wrap each part separately, and protect each part with several layers of cushioning.
  2. Place screws and smaller pieces into separate pouch and take to larger piece to keep them together.
  3. Flat-pack each piece into cardboard box and fill any extra space with additional foam or cushioning to ensure no movement.
  4. Seal the box with tape and reinforce the sides of the box with additional tape. You can also label the box ‘This Side Up’ to avoid mishandling during transport.


Follow these guidelines for shipping tables and chairs on pallets

  1. Place cardboard on the base of the pallet and place the table on top.
  2. Remove any separate parts and pack these into a separate box to secure to the pallet later.
  3. Build a crate around the item or wrap it with foam wrap, moving blankets or some corrugated cardboard and use stretch foil and adhesive tape to keep the protection in place. Make sure that the items are completely covered and securely loaded.
  4. Fix the items and boxes to the pallets using strong bands and further wrap them with stretch foil.
  5. For detailed packing instructions for pallets, please check our dedicated page.


How much does it cost to ship a table internationally and domestically?

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Frequently asked questions about shipping tables
across country and internationally

How to pack a table when ordering a removals service with Eurosender?
When moving house within Europe, the fastest and most cost-effective solution is to book a dedicated van service. This way, you won’t need to package your tables on pallets or boxes, as the entire space is dedicated to your shipment only, to be transported directly to any destination in Europe. When preparing your items for a van delivery, we simply recommend to pack smaller items into padded boxes and protect your larger tables with moving blankets and foam cushioning to prevent damage during transport.
Can I arrange assistance for loading and unloading tables and furniture with a dedicated van service?
Yes, you can request assistance to help you move tables into your dedicated van for an additional fee. To book, simply select this option during the booking process.
Can I transport a table from IKEA or Voga?
Yes. Eurosender can arrange transport for shipping tables and chairs from Ikea,Voga or other retailers. For instructions on how to ship a table from IKEA or Voga, please see our dedicated pages.
Do I need to place tables on pallets for transport?
We certainly recommend to pack tables and chairs on pallets for shipping, as pallets provide much more stability and protection during transport. This will depend on their weight and size as well. Pallets are a great way to transport multiple pieces when shipping a pool table, coffee table or any other table which is unable to be disassembled and packed into boxes. Simply follow our guidelines above, and for more detailed packing instructions for pallet shipping, please see our dedicated page.
How to pack a glass table top for moving?
If your table has a delicate glass top, we highly recommend to pack this separately, and to use plenty of foam cushioning and bubble-wrap to prevent damage during transport. For more detailed guidelines on shipping glass items, please see our dedicated page.