How to ship a printer

Moving or transporting a printer may seem a little risky, but if you choose a reliable courier company and put some thought into properly packing the device, the shipping process should be nothing but safe and smooth. At Eurosender, we have already helped several customers to safely pack and ship a printer to various destinations in Europe, which is why we very well what matters most when arranging such transports.

How to place an order to ship a printer

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Get informed on how to pack tobacco products for shipping.

Shipping a printer with the help of Eurosender is not only reliable and safe but also extremely simple. All you have to do is to place an order for shipping on our website and properly package your device. Our logistics professionals will then step in, arrange the transport and take care of any further tasks. Meanwhile, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of a door-to-door delivery service at a fraction of a usual price.

The standard insurance of up to 200€ is included in the price of every shipment. However, we strongly recommend that customers with more expensive printers also opt for additional insurance of up to 1000€ or 2000€. These two insurance packages are available at very low rates and will give you a complete piece of mind every time you have to pack and ship a printer.

If you want to know more about the best way to pack a printer in your specific case or if you have any other questions that we forgot to answer, do not hesitate to write us an e-mail or call us. Our customer support specialists will provide you with first-hand information and tips that will make transporting your electronic devices much easier.

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How to pack and ship a printer without issues

shipping a printer
Whether you want to ship an inkjet printer or the one with toner cartridges, the golden rule of shipping these office machines is always the same: choose the right shipping service and package well. Follow our guidelines to do just this and more.

Before we delve into tips on how to pack a printer for shipping, let’s talk about the basics first. Here is a list of things you need to know before booking the shipping services:

  • If you want to ship more than one device or if your printer is unusually big, we strongly recommend that you measure your package and use the Shipment Size Checker on our website to determine which service you actually need.
  • If you want your package to be picked up in Spain, Sweden or Poland or if you have also booked our “First possible pick-up time” service, you will need to print the label at home and attach it to the package yourself. In other cases – be it a package, a pallet of freight delivery – this is a task for the chosen courier company.
  • If you are planning to leave the pick-up address soon, never forget to place the order at least 2 days ahead of your planned departure. This ensures that your shipment is always picked-up in time.

Shipment Size Checker

Packaging tips for shipping a printer

It goes without saying that choosing the right packaging materials is your first line of defense against any issues your package might encounter while en route. Moreover, failing to properly protect the printer for shipping does not only make your printer more prone to damages, it may also result in an unsuccessful claim in anything goes wrong.

The best packing materials for moving or transporting a printer:

  1. The original box of your printer – whether you prefer Epson, HP, Brother or Canon, the best way to ship printers by packing it in its original box. It fits your model perfectly and thus makes it possible to secure the device with less effort.

We strongly recommend that you always keep the original packaging of every electronic item that you purchase as you might need to reuse the boxes when needing to move or transport any of your devices. Please be advised that the insurance is only valid in case the shipped electronic item is packed in its original box.

If you do not have the original packaging anymore, try to find one that has similar dimensions as the device you are going to ship (the smallest-size cardboard box that can comfortably accommodate your printer). Head to your local hardware or stationery store to get a brand new one or just look for a used one at a supermarket of choice. Just make sure it is in good condition first.

  1. Bubble wrap – the first layer of protection for any items in the package.
  2. Plastic bags – for storing the cartridges, cables etc. You can also use Ziploc bags.
  3. Packing materials – for internal cushioning of the package. If you can, save some of the materials that your printer was originally packed with(like the original styrofoam inserts), but if you do not have these anymore, you can use packing peanuts, styrofoam sheets, polystyrene chips, foam padding or even an ample amount of crumpled paper.
  4. Adhesive tape and scissors – for sealing the box before sending it away.

How to pack a printer for shipping

Now let us show you the best way to pack a printer to make sure it sustains all the shocks and jolts of transit.

  1. Prepare the printer for shipping. To avoid any risk of damage, remove the cartridges from the printer and unplug any cables. Then remove any paper from the printer and make sure that its paper trays are closed. Secure these with some adhesive tape to keep them in place and prevent them from rattling during transport.

Cartridges in or cartridges out?

Whether you ship a printer with toner cartridges or an inkjet model, your safest bet is to simply remove all the cartridges and thus avoid any issues. However, professionals argue that while toner cartridges should always be removed (when you ship a laser printer), the ink cartridges can even be left in the device if it is transported in an upright position (for customers who ship an inkjet printer).

What are the risks if I ship an inkjet printer with cartridges kept in?

When you send an inkjet printer with cartridges in and the package is not handled well, the link can sometimes spill out and damage other components (seals, rollers drum, fuser units etc.). It can also leave the stains on the device that are extremely difficult to remove.

How to ship ink cartridges?

When you have to ship a printer with ink cartridges, you can send these together with the printer or separately. If you decide to send them in the same box as the device, read on to find out how you can protect them properly.

  1. Protect the printer with bubble wrap. Especially if you do not have the original padding materials anymore, this step is crucial. Wrap the machine in several layers of bubble wrap and secure this with some adhesive tape.
  2. Pack additional components separately. Tie the cables up individually by using ties or elastic bands. Put them in plastic or ziplock bags or wrap them in some bubble wrap. Put each individual cartridge in its own plastic bag and seal really well. Use ziplock bags if you have them and combine this protection with some bubble wrap. Never pack cartridges together as any spills could mean ink leaking into cartridges of other colors.
  3. Prepare the box. Take the box and fill it with packing materials in such a way that the walls are nicely padded and protected while not making it difficult for the printer to stay still when packed inside.
  4. Pack the printer and its components. Place the wrapped printer in the box so that is in the center and on the protective layer. Add other parts and then use as many packaging materials as you need to fill the box completely. Leave no empty spaces in the package!
  5. Final check and sealing. Shake the box gently to see if anything is moving. If your printer stays in place, you are done. Take some adhesive tape and apply it on all sides of the box so that all the edges are covered and the flaps sealed.

Always make sure to keep the original invoice for the items you are going to ship. This serves as a proof of the device’s value and is, therefore, a document that the courier companies normally require if you start a claim procedure following >the shipping.

The best way to ship a printer? Courier services!

Now you know everything about the easiest way to transport a printer via courier services and how to ship ink cartridges or other components safely, but you might still wonder why so many people are choosing this transport option these days and whether it is also the right one for you. Instead of explaining the best reasons ourselves, we turned to our customers and asked them when they find our services to be the perfect solution:

  • Office relocation. When people only need to move a few pieces of equipment such as printers from one office to another – be it to another city or even another country – Eurosender gives them access to reliable services at affordable prices. Ordering is simple and quick, just like the delivery itself.
  • Sending a printer in for repairs. It does not matter if one wants to ship an inkjet printer to a workshop in another city or transport an expensive laser model to another country for maintenance, Eurosender makes this process easy by providing all the necessary guidance and offering the convenience of a door-to-door service.
  • Selling a printer. When selling a used device online, it is crucial that it reaches the buyer in tip-top shape. If the seller can deliver it alone, Eurosender’s trusted logistics partners will execute this task at the highest level.

Is there a piece of information on shipping printers that you think we still owe you? No problem at all. Write us a mail or call us and we will be most happy to offer you further assistance and guide you through the booking process.

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Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping a printer. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship a printer, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.