Ship a Printer When Moving | Send Large Printers by Courier

How to pack and ship a printer by courier

Moving or transporting a printer abroad is safe and comfortable with Eurosender. Follow the guidelines we prepared on how to pack and ship a laser printer or a printer with toner cartridges safely. Send home and large office printers internationally to your customers with the best prices or ship your used printer when moving to other country in Europe and overseas.

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The best way to ship home or large office printers – services for sellers

Printer sellers or repair shops get many benefits when sending their products with Eurosender. Use our international logistics platform to organise multiple shipments to your clients or business partners. We cooperate with the best couriers to provide you with fast and safe deliveries. Create a digital logistics department to have all the shipping information at hand and manage all your deliveries from one single place.


Which shipping method to choose when sending a printer by courier?

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective choice to send small or home printers to customers
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Pallet delivery

A cost-effective shipping solution to deliver bigger loads internationally
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Individual offer

Ask for an individual offer and our experts will find the best shipping solution
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What to consider before shipping a printer?

  • Measure the printer already packed to determine which shipping service is the best for your needs.
  • Book your shipment in advance if you are relocating. This ensures that your shipment is always picked-up in time.
  • Check whether you need to print the shipping label or not. This information will be provided to you by email.
We care about your safety!

That’s why every shipment sent with Eurosender is automatically insured. Additionally, you can purchase extra insurance to have complete peace of mind when shipping a printer. However, please have in mind that the insurance may not apply when shipping used or second-hand electronic devices.

How to ship a printer internationally by courier | Packaging tips

Choosing the right packaging materials is crucial when you pack a printer for moving abroad. Whether you want to ship an inkjet printer or a printer with toner cartridges, follow our guidelines to safely pack them for moving.

  • Take the original box of your printer – whether you prefer Epson, HP, Brother or Canon, the best packing material for moving or transporting a printer is its original box. If you want to ship a used printer and do not have the original packaging anymore, take a cardboard box with similar dimensions as your printer.
  • Prepare the printer for shipping. Remove the cartridges from the printer and unplug any cables. Then remove any paper from the printer. Close the paper trays and secure them with some adhesive tape.
  • Wrap the printer with bubble wrap.
  • Pack additional components separately. Tie the cables up individually. Place the wires and cartridges into separate plastic or Ziplock bags or wrap them in some bubble wrap. Never pack cartridges together as any spills could mean ink leaking into cartridges of other colours.
  • Prepare the box. Take the box and fill it with cushioning materials.
  • Place the wrapped printer in the box. Add other parts and fill the empty space with the packaging materials.
  • Final check and sealing. Shake the box gently to see if anything is moving. Take some adhesive tape and apply it on all sides of the box.


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FAQs while shipping printers abroad

Can I ship a printer with ink cartridges in?

Whether you ship a printer with toner cartridges or an inkjet model, your safest bet is to remove all the cartridges and thus avoid any issues. However, professionals argue that while toner cartridges should always be removed (when you ship a laser printer), the ink cartridges can even be left in the device if it is transported in an upright position (for customers who send an inkjet printer).

What are the risks during the transportation of a printer with ink cartridges kept in?

When you send an inkjet printer with cartridges in and the package is not handled well, the ink can sometimes spill out and damage other components (seals, rollers drum, fuser units etc.). It can also leave stains on the device that are extremely difficult to remove.

The best option when sending an inkjet printer is, therefore, to remove the cartridges and safely pack them separately.

How to properly pack cartridges for shipping?
When you ship a printer with ink cartridges, it is better to be safe than sorry. In case the cartridges are still new, you should keep them on their original box before placing them on the final package. If you are shipping used cartridges, we recommend you to wrap them with an absorbent material such as kitchen paper before placing them in plastic bags. Additionally, you should protect them in foam or bubble wrap. By taking these measures, you will protect your device and other packages against ink leaks.

Take into consideration these guidelines when shipping electronic devices. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship used or second-hand electronic devices, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.