How to Pack and Ship a Tuxedo

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Whether you have an upcoming special occasion in another city, or you are a business shipping formal wear to customers, Eurosender have a solution to help you ship a suit or tuxedo with ease. We work with only the best logistics providers to match you with the right courier service for shipping suits to anywhere in the world. Offering you the lowest rates available, you can save on the cost to send a tuxedo and our step-by-step guide will explain the best way for shipping a suit jacket or formal attire abroad or domestically.

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The best way to ship suits internationally

Eurosender offer a range of solutions to fit any type of suit shipping need, depending on the volume and urgency of your shipment:

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective solution for shipping a suit jacket abroad and domestically
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Express shipping

Fast and convenient urgent tuxedo delivery – 24 hours within same continent and 48-72 hours worldwide
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Pallet delivery

Ideal for suppliers shipping formal wear in bulk to clients
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Individual offer

Do you have a special requirement? We will prepare an offer for you within 2h
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How to pack a tuxedo for shipping

Whether you wish to pack a tuxedo in a suitcase or send a suit via courier, here are some instructions on how to pack a suit without it wrinkling.

  1. Fold a suit jacket: On a flat surface, fold the left sleeve to slightly overlap the center of the coat. Straighten the sleeve and place a piece of foam wrap on top. Repeat for the right sleeve, then fold the suit jacket in half lengthwise.
  2. Fold a shirt: Fold both sleeves towards the middle, taking care not to overlap them. Roll the shirt lengthwise into a tube shape.
  3. Fold trousers: Fold the pants lengthwise so that each leg covers the other.
  4. Fold the entire suit: Place the shirt inside the sleeve of the suit jacket. Place the folded tuxedo jacket in the middle of the trousers and cover with a piece of foam wrap.
  5. Extra protection: Cover the folded suit with tissue paper, foam wrap or place neatly into a plastic bag to ship a suit without wrinkling during transport.
  6. Cardboard box: Place the garment into an appropriately sized suit shipping box, or if you are shipping multiple suits, place into a box and use packing foam to fill any gaps.

Reasons for shipping suits domestically and abroad

Reasons why our customers choose to send suits and tuxedos with Eurosender.

  • For a special occasion in another city: Rather than figuring out how to travel with a tuxedo, send a tuxedo via courier ahead to your destination
  • Shipping formal wear to customers: Retail and e-commerce businesses can opt to send a suit via courier safely to their valued customers
  • Shipping suits from the supplier to retailers: Using our freight shipping services is ideal for shipping formal wear in bulk to clients


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Frequently asked questions for shipping a suit jacket abroad or domestically

Can I ship a tuxedo in a hanging garment bag?

Unfortunately, we do not recommend to send a suit solely in a hanging garment bag. Items should be packaged in a box or a suitcase, as courier companies will only accept them this way. Alternatively, you may wish to pack a tuxedo in a garment bag, then fold it into a cardboard box or suitcase according to the instructions above.

Can I ship a tuxedo abroad and expensive formalwear such as wedding attire with Eurosender?

Absolutely. At Eurosender, we have a cost-effective shipping solution to ship a tuxedo or any type of clothing, including wedding dresses, businesses suits and accessories. For instructions on how to pack and ship clothes, please see our dedicated page.

How much does it cost to ship a suit or send a tuxedo via courier with Eurosender?
Once you have followed our instructions on how to pack a tuxedo in a suitcase or cardboard box, precisely measure the item and enter the dimensions and weight into our size checker. This will tell you the exact shipping method applicable to your needs. Simply click ‘add to order’ and you will be redirected the booking page, where you can enter the pick-up and delivery locations. For standard and express shipments, you will be given an instant price offer for shipping a suit jacket.
For larger shipments or unusual requests, our logistics experts will prepare a tailored offer in the shortest time possible.
How can I book a suit shipment?
Once you are happy with your offer, simply enter your details and pay for the service. You will then receive an estimated collection date and additional instructions via email.
I am a supplier who needs to ship suits to an upcoming bridal fair, is this possible?
Yes. We can ship your formalwear and any type of goods to any destination you wish. If you are shipping in bulk, we recommend to use pallet delivery or a dedicated van. During the booking process, please provide exact contact details of the receiver, and ensure that you inform the establishment of the delivery details.
What are the packaging materials needed for suits and tuxedos?
Packaging materials for shipping suits and tuxedos include appropriately sized box, foam paper, tissue paper and packing peanuts to fill any space inside. These can be purchased from any hardware store or specialised storage retailer.