How to send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg?

Eurosender is a leading parcel broker in Europe collaborating with reliable and trustworthy logistics companies and courier service providers. Our partners operate worldwide, so it is easy to send your parcels and packages to any country. Moreover, our partnership with those companies results in affordable shipping rates and high-quality services. With Eurosender, you can simply enjoy the convenience of door-to-door shipping and wait for a courier to collect your shipment at a chosen address. Book shipping services with Eurosender to send a parcel with POST Luxembourg and get an instant delivery quote online.

Shipping with POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg was founded in 1842 and became a state-owned company in 1992. Currently, it is a leading provider of postal and telecommunication services in Luxembourg. Furthermore, it is easy to send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg because it offers international delivery services. This company is constantly developing in order to grant flexible shipping services worldwide.

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How to order shipping services?

As Eurosender partners with POST Luxembourg, the easiest and the cheapest way to send a parcel is to place an order on our website. Our logistics experts will consider all your requirements and arrange a parcel delivery. Moreover, you will get an instant shipping quote when booking shipping services on our platform.

Consider that our unique algorithm selects the best offer based on the price-to-performance ratio for your chosen route. Thus, your shipment will be operated by an automatically chosen courier company depending on the route and the type of shipment. You will also get the best shipping rates for sending your parcel internationally and domestically. For more information, contact our experienced customer support agents.

What is the price to ship a package?

The shipping price is determined based on those parameters: dimensions of your parcel, its weight, and a chosen route. Thus, it is necessary to take the exact dimensions of your package, weigh it, and chose the countries of pickup and delivery during the ordering process.

Are there any restrictions concerning shipment dimensions and weight?

Before sending a parcel with courier services, you need to check which type of shipping services is the most suitable for it. Measure the dimensions and insert them in the Shipment Size Checker below to see whether standard shipping or pallet delivery would be appropriate.

Check the dimensions of your shipment

If your shipment does not fit standard dimensions or weight, check other ways to ship across Luxembourg or send a parcel internationally to the United Kingdom, to the Netherlands, to Germany, or to other countries worldwide.

Common questions about POST Luxembourg shipping services

How to drop off a parcel at POST Luxembourg collection point?

We have some good news for you! It is not necessary to drop off a parcel at POST Luxembourg collection point. Booking shipping services with Eurosender means that you simply enjoy the convenience of the door-to-door shipping services and wait for a courier to collect your parcel.

It is also possible to drop off a package at POST Luxembourg post offices located throughout Luxembourg.

How to pack a parcel for POST Luxembourg shipping services?

Regardless of the type of shipment, it is necessary to use the right materials for packaging it properly. Moreover, each shipment should be sent in a cardboard box which grants necessary protection for your items. In order to properly pack a parcel for POST Luxembourg shipping services and operations, check our blog article on how to prepare a shipment for transportation.

It is necessary to choose the right packaging for the appropriate type of shipment so that it does not get damaged during transit. You can also check detailed articles on how to pack different items:

How to track your shipment with POST Luxembourg?

After your order is confirmed, you will get a unique tracking number sent via e-mail. There are 2 ways to track and trace a parcel sent via POST Luxembourg when using Eurosender services.

Track and trace a parcel sent via POST Luxembourg on the company’s official website. Open a confirmation e-mail, copy the tracking number, and insert it in the parcel tracking engine on the website of a chosen courier service provider.

Track a parcel using Eurosender platform. Copy the tracking number or the order number and paste it in the form below. To make things easier, check the link sent to you via e-mail, click on it, and find out the location of your parcel at any time.

As an alternative, you can use POST Luxembourg helpline for assistance or contact Eurosender customer support agents if you placed an order with us.

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Things to consider before you send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg

  • Properly pack your parcel for shipping using corresponding materials for extra protection.
  • Indicate correct shipment and personal details. It is necessary to fill the order form by providing the exact parcel dimensions and your local phone number in the pick-up country. Otherwise, it will be impossible to contact you in order to clarify some details or provide the necessary information regarding your shipment. Furthermore, when you indicate inappropriate parcel dimensions and weight, a courier might refuse to collect your shipment.
  • Check the estimated delivery time before you send a parcel abroad with the of our calculator online. Consider that the actual delivery date may vary from the estimated one depending on such factors as weather conditions or holiday season. Once the order is collected, you can easily track and trace a parcel sent via POST Luxembourg online as well.
  • Check whether you are about to send any forbidden or restricted items. If you decide to send those objects by POST Luxembourg, you will be the only one responsible in case of their damage or loss.

Here is the list of some items that are prohibited by POST Luxembourg:

– Explosives;

– Firearms;

– Drugs;

– Illegal objects;

– Live animals;

– Personal documents;

– Valuable and expensive items such as coins, banknotes, platinum, gold, money.


For more information, you can check our detailed article about prohibited and restricted items. Consider that shipping such items internationally could even result in a confiscated parcel. Thus, you need to check those guidelines before shipping or use POST Luxembourg helpline for consulting with the experts.

POST Luxembourg contact information:

phone: 352 2424 8004


business days: Monday-Friday

working hours: from 8 am till 5 pm

If you have any questions about how to send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions.

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