Post Luxembourg: Worldwide Courier Services and Tracking

Post Luxembourg courier services: Posting and Tracking

POST Luxembourg, founded in 1842, is a leading provider of postal services in Luxembourg offering logistics and flexible parcel transport services worldwide. Find out more about Post Luxembourg logistics tracking system, collection and posting services throughout this page. Get immediate quotes on our booking tool and ship internationally with the best couriers and logistics companies, including Post Luxembourg.

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Post Luxembourg courier prices: letters and packages

The price of shipping parcels with Post Luxembourg depends on the weight of the parcel and the route. The company divides parcels into different weight categories (from XS to XXL) and allows customers to send parcels up to a maximum of 30 kg. The destinations are divided into 3 categories: inland Luxembourg, Europe and International.

You can add some extra services to a Post Luxembourg standard parcel. The prices of these services vary according to the size of the shipment:

  • FollowMe: Post Luxembourg tracking service: 2€
  • Registration: extra tracking info: 5€
  • Acknowledgement of receipt: the shipper will get confirmation of the delivery: 2,10€
  • Items with a declared value: declare the value of a parcel for insurance purposes: 9.60€
  • Assurance+ (insurance): additional insurance coverage: 5.50€

We compiled some of the prices for shipping packages both domestically and internationally with Post Luxembourg. You can find them below:

Up to 2kgUp to 3,20€Up to 5,25€Up to 7,00€
Up to 10kgUp to 7,20€Up to 29,40€Up to 110,60€*
Up to 30kgUp to 9,60€Up to 77,90€Up to 312,20€*

Post Luxembourg tracking

To track a parcel shipped with Post Luxembourg you will have to use your tracking number. This number is unique to each Post Luxembourg delivery. The package will be scanned each time it reaches a depot and the Post Luxembourg tracking status will be updated accordingly.

If you send a parcel with Post Luxembourg booked via Eurosender, you will receive a tracking number to follow the transit of your shipment by email. You can simply insert this number in the tracking tool on our website and you will be updated with the latest events.


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Frequently asked questions about shipping with Post Luxembourg

What is PackUp Post Luxembourg?
Post Luxembourg offers customers that chance of importing to the country through PackUp Post Luxembourg. This service is used when shippers do not send parcels to Luxembourg. Customers can give the address of a PackUp Post Luxembourg import point, from where they can book a delivery to their home address in Luxembourg.
Does Post Luxembourg make weekend deliveries?
Post Luxembourg makes weekend deliveries through their PackUp 24/24 service. Instead of receiving their parcel at their home address, customers can select the closest Post Luxembourg pickup point and have their package delivered there anytime. However, you will have to register online and pick up the parcel when the local depot, pickup point or PackUp point are open.
What are the Post Luxembourg delivery times?
When booking your shipment with Eurosender, you can always estimate the time of delivery on our dedicated tool to organise your transport better. If you booked your shipment directly with Post Luxembourg, we recommend checking the transit times directly on their website. The delivery times with POST Luxembourg may vary depending on the route that your shipment will travel on, whether or not the entire transit will be handled by POST Luxembourg or also by the couriers that are part of their network.
How does Post Luxembourg postal insurance work?
Post Luxembourg standard parcels include basic shipping insurance. If customers want to add insurance coverage to their shipments, they will have to add insurance. The price if the insurance stamps depend on the type of parcel and the weight category.
Can I book Express deliveries with Post Luxembourg?
To book express delivery with Post Luxembourg you will have to choose between shipping with TNT or shipping with DHL, as the Post Luxembourg transport services do not include express shipping. Alternatively, you can book an express delivery with Eurosender in just a few clicks. Contact our experts for more information.
How do I prepare a package for shipping with POST Luxembourg?
In case you need to send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg or another courier company, you have to prepare it properly for transportation. Regardless of the type of shipment, it is necessary to use quality packaging materials, sturdy cardboard boxes, and even pallets in some cases. To wrap your shipment appropriately, check our packaging tips for shipping with POST Luxembourg or any other courier service provider.
Are there any items prohibited for shipping in case I send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg?
Similar to other logistics companies, POST Luxembourg has restricted items you cannot ship. Some of the Post Luxembourg restricted and prohibited items include:
  • Explosives;
  • Firearms;
  • Drugs;
  • Illegal objects;
  • Live animals;
  • Personal documents;
  • Valuable and antique items.
For more information, you can check our detailed article about prohibited and restricted items. Thus, make sure to check the guidelines before shipping with POST Luxembourg courier services in Europe. Furthermore, you can contact POST Luxembourg helpdesk or consult with our support agents if you need extra information.
How to contact POST Luxembourg helpdesk?
When booking your shipment with Eurosender, you can get the POST Luxembourg’s contact number in our dedicated section or simply contact us and one of our agents will assist you. Additional contact info can be found on POST Luxembourg website.
Can I send a parcel with Post Luxembourg to the UK after Brexit?
Following the new Brexit guidelines, all packages sent to and from the UK will have to go through customs and may be subject to VAT and other customs or import charges. However, it is still possible to ship with Post Luxembourg to the UK after Brexit. If you need more information about shipping to the UK, we recommend you check our extensive Brexit shipping guide.

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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in September 2020. For more information about how to send a parcel abroad with POST Luxembourg, POST Luxembourg local depots, the POST Luxembourg restricted items or postal insurance options or want to reach the POST Luxembourg helpline, always check the official website.