Worldwide routes for shipping a care package to a sibling

Sending a care package to a sibling is an attentive way of showing someone that you care. Especially when your loved ones are far away, for example, because they relocated for employment reasons or they are on a temporary mission. Brothers, friends or even your BFF, these special people deserve to get some extra attention every once in a while. What you put in a care package depends on your sibling, because you know them best. However, items that are frequently found in a care package are food items, cosmetics, toys or games, clothes, personal letters, and photographs. When sending someone a care package, it is more important that the items are personal rather than that they are big or expensive. In this article, we will give you some ideas of what to include when shipping a care package to a brother or sister. So, join us when we find out how to ship a care package to siblings and everything else that is involved.

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Ideas for shipping a care package to a sibling

Sometimes you want to show that you care, but you have no idea how. With many holidays and celebrations during the year and the presents that come with it, thinking of something exciting might seem a bit hard. When you are looking for inspiration when shipping a care package to a sibling, take a look at the ideas below.

  • Sports items: When your friend or sibling is into sports, surprising them with a new sports item will definitely increase their mood. Whether it is a new tennis racket, a golf club, or a fishing rod, it will be a great addition to their leisure time.
  • Jewelry and watches: Who doesn’t like to shine? With a new watch or a new piece of jewelry, you can be sure that your sibling or friend will be delighted.
  • Computers and tablets: A laptop, an iPad, or any other tablet, can be a welcome gift. When they are into gaming, why not send them a game console or just the newest games for the platform of their liking.
  • New or personal clothes: When temperatures start to change, you might want to make sure your sibling is still dressed warmly. You can send them their favorite gloves and scarf or perhaps a new sweater!

These are just a few suggestions when shipping a care package for a sibling. Do you have something that you want to send, but you don’t know how to? Then check our dedicated packing pages where we have loads of pages on preparing various items for shipment. Is your item not on the list? Then just contact our customer service for some free advice.

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How to book shipping a care package to a sibling

Choose the pick-up and delivery countries, the number of packages and their weight.

You will be provided with the best available offer.

Fill in the form with your details and pay for the service.

Get informed on how to pack your items for shipping

With Eurosender offering you some of the most competitive prices on the market, you can easily book low-cost door-to-door shipping services. Sending a care package to your sibling through the Eurosender platform is both comfortable and convenient. With our comprehensive online booking system, you will know exactly how much your shipment will cost in just a few clicks. The price you see is final, meaning no extra surcharges or extra fees on delivery.

The most important thing, when sending a care package to a sibling is to provide a valid and accessible address for pick-up and delivery, and ensure that the shipment is well protected for transportation.

Standard parcel delivery service

With standard shipping services, such as shipping a care package to a brother or sister, you can send packages, parcels, suitcases, sports, and duffle bags all over the world. Whatever your shipment will be, it has to be packed well and correctly to avoid any damage in transport. To qualify for standard shipping services, you need to follow the following restrictions:

  1. Maximum weight of 40kg (30kg in some cases).
  2. A maximum length of 175 cm.
  3. Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm.

Check which service to choose

Dedicated van delivery

When you need a fast solution to move several items from one place to another, we offer you a dedicated van delivery service. Your shipment will be transported directly with no stop-over in hubs of any courier providers, and there will be no space-sharing with the belongings of other customers. To place your order, please send us an e-mail at and mention that you are looking for a dedicated van delivery service.

How to ship a care package to siblings

The most important part is to properly prepare a sibling care package. Making sure the content is well protected from both the inside and the outside is crucial. Take a look at our specific pack and ship pages where you can find packing instructions for a wide array of items. To give you a general idea, here are some of the packing materials that are used for almost any shipment.

  • Cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, crumpled paper, packing peanuts, and so on.
  • Protective materials such as Styrofoam sheets, cardboard boxes, and sheet, plastic foil, etc.
  • Tape, scissors, and stickers with the text ‘Fragile’ or ‘Handle with care.’

Does your item have unusual dimensions or other specific requirements? Get in touch with our logistics experts for an individual offer that caters to your particular needs.

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FAQ for sending a care package to a sibling

How to enter the address when you prepare for shipping a care package to a sibling

Filling the address line during the order is something that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The address is crucial for successful delivery, and a small inaccuracy can lead to problems and delays. Don’t worry, with the example below you are bound to fill in the address field flawlessly.



1. Country
Choose the country of pick-up/delivery.
Ex.: Peru
2. Name & Surname
Add the full name of the consignee.
Ex.: Antoine Mark
3. Address
Fill out the sender’s/receiver’s address.
Ex.: Cercado de Lima 15088
4. Additional info – Optional
Here you can write additional info regarding the address. Keep in mind that this section is optional and is not always checked by the courier.
5. Zip code
Add the zip code.
Ex.: 15088
6. Town/city
Add the full name of the town or city.
Ex.: Lima
7. Phone number
Add the phone number of the army base if known, change the area code if needed.
Ex.: +51 1 2080950



What to keep in mind when preparing your care package
  • You and your sibling or friend don’t want to get in trouble with the law. So, please don’t ship any items that are on the list of restricted and prohibited items.
  • Do you want to surprise your sibling with some food items? Keep in mind that not all food items are allowed. Want to know what is hot and what’s not? Check our dedicated food page to know exactly how to go about shipping food.
  • Would you like to present your sibling with a new phone or even a TV? Then it is good to know that shipping electronics is possible. However, two things should always accompany the shipment:
    • The original invoice.
    • The original packaging.

Without both these things, the standard insurance coverage will not apply to your shipment.

  • We live in a world that is full of batteries in all sorts. When you want to send batteries to your sibling, for example, because they are part of the toy or piece of electronics you have purchased, you should know that batteries are not allowed in transport via air. When you are not sure if this is the case for your shipment, reach out to our customer service to help you find out.
Why choose Eurosender for your sister care package delivery

Once you have decided to prepare a sibling care package via our platform, you will get a range of benefits:

If you believe that something is missing or you still have a question about shipping a care package for a sibling or how to prepare this kind of package, then contact our customer support, and they will gladly help you!

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