Can I Send E-cigarettes and Vapes in the Mail?

All about shipping e-cigarettes, e-liquid and disposable vapes internationally

International shipping of e-liquid and electronic cigarettes, whether disposable vapes, Juul pods or other, is a complex process with specific regulations in place. Most shipping companies do not allow private customers to send e-cigarettes, and in this article, you will understand why. We will cover the main questions and rules to have in mind when shipping vapes in the mail.

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General regulations for shipping electronic cigarettes and e-liquids internationally


Before shipping electronic cigarettes internationally, it is important to check whether they are legal at the pick-up and in the destination countries.

In 2021, the US passed a law known as the “vape mail ban”, and many countries have followed the approach regarding shipping such products. For EU shipments, any nicotine-containing products must also comply with the Tobacco Directive 2014/14/EU. Bear in mind that most regulations treat all products related to electronic cigarettes (the device itself and the filing liquid) within the same set of rules.

When it comes to the device itself, since e-cigarettes and Juul pods are electronic items, before sending them abroad, remember that lithium batteries exceeding the specifications below cannot be transported by air. Even though they are prohibited, if you end up deciding to send li-Ion-powered vapes and Juul pods in the mail, make sure that the batteries travel inside the device and comply with the following requirements:

Single-cell batteries: No more than 2 cells, ≤ 20Wh
Multi-cell batteries: No more than 4 cells, ≤ 100Wh

E-liquids and vape cartridges

Strict regulations regarding vape juice content have been implemented in different countries across the globe, which means they cannot be shipped in those locations.

When shipping nicotine-free e-liquids through the mail internationally, their volume must not exceed 1L. The bottles, which must be securely closed and placed in leak-proof packaging, must also include details about the ingredients and nicotine content.

However, most courier companies prohibit sending liquids, including vape juice, because any leakage will cause damage not only to the parcel itself but also to other shipments.

Make sure your parcel does not contain any promotional elements.


Can shops send vapes and e-cigarettes through the mail?

The rules for businesses are slightly different than for consumers. For B2B and B2C shipments, licensed companies can ship e-cigarettes, Juul pods and vape juice internationally if they have all the necessary documents and make a shipping contract with an authorised provider.

In most cases, the sender and the shipping company need to agree on the shipping conditions, so both parties are aware of the nature of the goods being transported. Send us a message through the chat if this is your case, and let’s discuss the ways we can help you!


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How to pack electronic cigarettes and vapes for shipping?

The ideal approach is to pack the electronic cigarette in its original box to ensure the safety of the device during transit. Follow these simple packing guidelines:

  1. Put the e-cigarette or disposable vape in a plastic resealable bag.
  2. If you have the original packaging, place the device inside.
  3. Use any other box that fits the device if you do not have the original packaging.
  4. Cover the initial packaging with bubble wrap and put it inside a larger cardboard box.
  5. Fill the voids with cushioning materials.
  6. Close and seal the main shipping box.

Important: Do not remove the battery from the device, especially if it is powered by lithium batteries. Make sure that the power switch cannot be accidentally turned on when placing the device in the box. Check our guide about shipping lithium-powered devices for more information.

How to pack e-liquids for shipping?

  1. Tightly seal the bottles of e-liquid.
  2. Cover each bottle individually with bubble wrap.
  3. Place the bottles in a leak-proof plastic bag.
  4. Fill a cardboard box with cushioning materials such as crumpled paper.
  5. Fill the voids with additional cushioning materials.
  6. Close and seal the box.


FAQ – All about shipping e-cigarettes in the mail

Can I ship e-cigarettes internationally with every courier company?

No, each courier company has its own rules regarding shipments with restricted and prohibited items. For example, DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS will not ship parcels that contain vape juice or electronic devices for vaping within the content.
Before booking any delivery service, we recommend checking the rules of the designated courier for your route. When shipping with Eurosender, please know that these items are not allowed when booking the Express or Regular Plus shipping services. The courier may refuse to collect the parcel if it contains prohibited items such as e-cigarettes and vapes. If you need further assistance, you can reach us by chat, phone or email before shipping to discuss your options further.

Is it illegal to send vapes or Juul pods in the mail?

The answer depends on the status of Juul pods or vape products at your specific location. Take the US, for example: since the vape mail ban law, it is illegal to send disposable vapes in the mail between individuals. However, in other countries, the local regulations may be different.
Bear in mind that there is always a risk of confiscation by customs officers if you decide to ship e-cigarettes internationally in the mail or by courier. Read more about how the customs procedures work.

Can I buy vapes online? If so, can they be delivered to my house?

Yes, in most cases, you can buy vapes online and have them shipped to your address, as long as you are purchasing from an authorised company. The important step is making sure you only buy from reputable companies.
The online seller will then have gone through all the work of getting the licenses and arranging the delivery service to ship the vape products to their customers internationally.

Is there insurance for shipping electronic cigarettes and vape juice internationally?

Insurance applies only when licensed companies ship e-cigarettes, Juul pods and vape juice internationally, provided they have all the necessary documents and organise the delivery through authorised carriers.
For C2C shipments, there is no insurance coverage for vapes and e-liquids shipped internationally, as they can only be mailed at the sender’s own risk. In such cases, properly packing electronic cigarettes and e-liquids is crucial for successful delivery.

What about e-liquids or e-cigarettes that do not contain tobacco/nicotine, can they be shipped?

Most couriers and shipping companies restrict the shipment of all e-cigarettes and e-liquids, whether they contain nicotine or not. If you want information about a specific courier, we recommend checking directly with the company.

Take into consideration these guidelines when mailing electronic cigarettes or e-liquids internationally. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to ship e-cigarettes or e-liquid internationally, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.


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