How to Pack and Ship Cricket Equipment

Pack and ship cricket bats

Are you an amateur or a professional player who needs to send cricket equipment to a tournament abroad? Or a sports gear seller looking for a reliable logistics partner for shipping cricket kits to your clients? Learn how to pack and ship cricket bats and other accessories safely and cost-effectively. Get the best price/quality ratio for national and international deliveries in just a few clicks with Eurosender!

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Services you can use for shipping cricket kits domestically and internationally

Standard shipping

The most cost-effective way to send smaller packages containing cricket equipment by courier or by post
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Express delivery

Here is how you can courier a cricket bat and other accessories in 24h within the EU and in 48-72h worldwide
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Pallet delivery

The best way to ship bigger loads of cricket gear and other sports equipment across the country or abroad
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Individual offer

Our experts know better. They will prepare a tailored budget-friendly offer for your large shipments within 2 hours
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How to pack cricket gear for shipping?

Here are the basic instructions for proper cricket bat packaging:

  1. Wrap the cricket bat in bubble wrap.
  2. Bundle all bats together using bubble wrap and adhesive tape.
  3. Fill empty spaces inside the cardboard box with crumpled paper, packing peanuts and other cushioning materials.
  4. Close the box and seal it with adhesive tape.

How to pack and ship cricket shoes and other accessories?

Whether you ship cricket gear domestically or abroad, follow these simple steps to protect the items:

  1. Clean the shoes properly.
  2. Put some pieces of crumpled paper inside each shoe.
  3. Cover each shoe with bubble wrap.
  4. Put your cricket shoes inside the original box, if possible. Otherwise, take a cardboard box that fits the size of your cricket shoes.
  5. Fill empty spaces with cushioning materials.
  6. Close and seal the box. Secure all seams and edges.


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FAQs on sending cricket equipment

How to pack a cricket bat for flight?

Follow the instructions listed above to ensure proper cricket bat packaging. Place your cricket bat together with other items inside the suitcase you are planning to transport as checked-in luggage.

How to carry a cricket bat on an international flight?

Items such as cricket bats, golf clubs, dive knives, archery, hockey sticks, etc. cannot be transported as cabin luggage. You can take them with you in your checked baggage instead. Alternatively, you can ship cricket gear abroad using fast and reliable courier services. Get the lowest price through the Eurosender platform and enjoy your favourite outdoor activities wherever you go! Pack and ship your cricket bats with us and travel light!

Can I send cricket bats by post? What is the best way to send cricket equipment?

Yes, you can ship cricket bats both by post and by courier, but make sure to pack them properly for transportation. Posting this type of items might be the cheapest option for shipping cricket gear abroad, but it usually applies to non-insured packages. This transportation method increases the shipper’s risks.
If you opt for shipping cricket kits via the standard service through the Eurosender platform, your package will be automatically insured up to 200€. Moreover, you will benefit from the prices that have already been negotiated with the leading logistics industry companies. Thus, you no longer need to compare the tariffs of multiple courier service providers and postal operators for sending cricket equipment internationally. Our algorithm gives you the best price offer within a few seconds.