How to Pack and Ship a Wedding Dress?

Shipping a wedding dress through courier services and by mail

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Looking for an affordable and reliable solution for shipping a wedding dress? Check how to fold and pack a wedding dress for shipping it safely to your ceremony location. Explore the existing bridal gown postage options. Read all you need to know before sending a wedding dress internationally by mail or through courier services.


Shipping a wedding dress in a box across the country and abroad

Transport solutions to consider depending on the size and time-sensitivity of your shipment:
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How to pack a wedding dress for a destination wedding?

If you want your wedding dress to arrive safely at its destination, check our tips on how to properly pack it for shipping in a box:

  1. Put the gown on a hanger.
  2. Whether you intend to ship your wedding gown by post or through courier services, wrap it in muslin paper before folding it. To do so, lay the paper or muslin on a clean surface, place the wedding dress on top of it.
  3. Protect every layer with muslin paper, especially if the dress is decorated with jewels that can damage the fabric.
  4. Fold the dress by following our instructions and put it in the garment bag.
  5. Pull the zip carefully up since the fabric could easily get stuck in it.
  6. Store the garment bag in the wedding dress shipping box.
  7. Fill the empty space inside the box with crumpled paper or other cushioning material.
  8. Take a bigger box and put the wedding dress shipping box inside it.
  9. Close the box with adhesive tape and seal it.


FAQ on wedding dress courier services

How to fold a wedding gown before shipping it?
  1. Prepare a garment bag for your bridal gown.
  2. Hang your wedding dress on the hanger.
  3. Pull the c-shaped part of the hanger through the bag opening.
  4. Make sure the bottom half of your gown stays outside the bag.
  5. Fold both sides of the bottom of your wedding dress towards the waistline.
  6. Carefully roll your train up.
  7. Make sure your wedding dress train can fit the garment bag.
  8. Slowly close the zip of your garment bag. When doing so, you can run your finger between the fabric and the zip to avoid snagging the dress.
What is the best and fastest way to ship a wedding dress internationally, including overseas?
The best and fastest option for sending a wedding dress internationally is the Express courier service. With this logistics solution, your shipments booked through Eurosender will arrive at their destination within 24h-72h worldwide. Nevertheless, when it comes to destination weddings, it is always worth checking the estimated delivery time and adding a few extra days to be able to manage any unforeseen circumstances due to high season, weather conditions, etc.
Where to find a suitable wedding dress shipping box?
You can find shipping boxes of different sizes in stationery shops, as well as at local post offices. Suitable wedding dress shipping boxes can be also purchased at many bridal stores.
How to ship a wedding gown by post?
  • Check the above tips on how to fold and pack a wedding gown for shipping by post.
  • Before sending your wedding dress nationally or internationally, check with the postal operator how much time your bridal gown postage will take.
  • Make sure not to send your gown at the last moment before the planned destination wedding date. For the things to run smoothly, add a few working days to the estimated delivery time.
How much does it cost to ship a wedding dress abroad?
The cost of sending a wedding dress internationally will depend on the distance and the type of wedding dress courier service selected for the transport of your shipment. When shipping a wedding gown by mail, you need to check the price directly with the chosen postal operator. With Eurosender, you can get an instant quote for door-to-door delivery by using our intuitive booking tool below.
Is shipping a wedding dress through courier services covered by insurance?
When booking deliveries through the Eurosender platform, your shipments are always covered by basic insurance, the amount of which may vary depending on the service selected. Additional insurance coverage is also available during the booking process. If you have specific questions regarding your wedding dress shipping insurance, send us a message through live chat.
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Take into consideration these guidelines before shipping a wedding gown through courier services or by post. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restrictions. In case you decide to send a wedding dress internationally, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transport of your shipment.