Shipping a wedding dress | International bridal gown deliveries for destination weddings

Are you a happy bride looking for a safe and affordable option for shipping a wedding dress to your ceremony location? Or a boutique searching for a time- and cost-effective logistics solution for your national and international bridal gown deliveries? With Eurosender, you will find the optimal courier company in just a few clicks. Excellent price/quality ratio, professional advice, packaging tips, wedding gown insurance coverage – all in one single platform.

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Bridal gown delivery services for businesses

We are a perfect match for your company’s needs. Join thousands of satisfied online boutiques that have chosen Eurosender as their permanent shipping platform. Save time and money when booking your shipments with Eurosender user credits. Optimise your logistics accounting with our consolidated invoices. Have all relevant delivery information in one place. Ship wedding dresses by courier in a safe and prompt manner.


The best way to send a wedding dress internationally

Eurosender offers multiple options for shipping a wedding dress across the country and abroad, depending on the parameters and time-sensitivity of your shipment:

Standard shipping

The most affordable transportation service for shipping a wedding dress in a box domestically or abroad
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Pallet delivery

A perfect solution for the international delivery of your bridal gown together with wedding accessories
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Express shipping

Efficient urgent bridal gown delivery services: 24 hours intracontinental and 48-72 hours worldwide
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Van delivery

A van can fit more than a bridal gown inside. Ship decorations to your wedding destination. Available in Europe
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How to pack a wedding dress for shipping?

If you want your gown to arrive safely at its destination, you need to know how to properly pack a wedding dress for shipping. You shouldn’t send your bridal gown in a garment bag.

  • Wrap the wedding gown in muslin paper. Lay the paper or muslin on a clean surface and place the wedding dress on top of it.
  • Fold the dress if necessary. Every layer should be protected with acid-free paper or muslin, especially when the dress has jewels that can damage the fabric.
  • Place the dress in the garment bag.If the dress is folded you could use a waterproof clear plastic bag instead. Pay attention when pulling the zippers, since the fabrics could easily get stuck in it.
  • Store the garment bag into the wedding dress shipping box. If there is empty space inside, we recommend filling it with packing peanuts, crumpled paper or other cushioning materials. For extra protection, you could also insert the box into a slightly bigger one.
  • Close the box with adhesive tape and seal it.

Reasons for sending a wedding dress internationally

There are many reasons for booking bridal gown delivery, as well as shipping services for weddings:

  • You are planning a destination wedding in Santorini, in Tuscany or in any other dream place and you need to ship your wedding dress and décor at the venue by courier;
  • You found your wedding dress in another country. Maybe your dream dress was in Paris or Milan, but you live in the UK. We can help you safely send your wedding dress internationally;
  • You want to sell your old wedding dress on eBay or through any other online platform. Sending a wedding dress by post may take quite some time. If the buyer is in a hurry, ship your wedding dress by courier at the best price with Eurosender.


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FAQs on shipping a wedding dress by courier or by post

How can I send multiple wedding decorations?

If you plan to send numerous wedding decorations and accessories to your ceremony destination, we suggest requesting an individual offer on our website. Smaller packages of decorations can be transported via the standard shipping service. In the case of multi-parcel shipments, a pallet will make the delivery process much easier.

Is shipping a wedding dress by courier covered by insurance?

Clothing can generally only be insured up to EUR 200 per item. This also applies to the designer or tailor-made wedding gowns.

How much does it cost to ship a wedding dress by courier or by post?

If you want to send a wedding dress in the mail, you need to check the prices of the chosen postal operator. If you prefer door-to-door bridal gown delivery by courier, through the Eurosender platform, you will get an instant quote with no hidden costs. Explore the benefits of our intuitive and easy-to-use platform! Feel the difference!

How to fold a wedding gown?

Keep your gown on its hanger. Put the upper part of the dress in a thick plastic garment bag. Pull the hanger through the opening in the bag. Then fold the bottom part of the dress towards the center. Now you can roll it up carefully and close the garment bag. Make sure not to snag any part of the dress.

Where to buy a wedding dress shipping box?

Shipping boxes of different sizes can be found in stationery shops, as well as at local post offices.

Take into consideration the guidelines on how to pack a wedding dress for shipping when organising bridal gown delivery. Nevertheless, please consider that following them does not guarantee that the courier company will transport your package without restriction. In case you decide to send a wedding dress internationally through our platform, Eurosender will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the transportation of your shipment.