Shipping services for weddings | Bridal gown deliveries for destination weddings

You have found the perfect wedding gown for your destination wedding. Now, all you have to do is find reliable and affordable shipping services for weddings to transport everything to the wedding venue. After all, no future bride would like to see her wedding gown ruined or to spend a big percentage of her wedding budget in covering the shipping costs.

Eurosender offers high-end shipping services for weddings at the lowest prices you can find on the market. We help brides-to-be organize their dream wedding in a timely manner and avoid any unwanted surprises before their big day. Our shipping partners will transport your bridal gown, wedding décor and any other items needed during the reception in the safest way possible.

We have also gathered some important wedding dress packing tips just for you! After all, safety always starts with the right preparation of the shipment. In our guide, you can learn everything about bridal gown deliveries and how to pack a wedding dress for shipping.

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How to book shipping services for weddings

Booking shipping services for weddings with Eurosender is quite simple. You can either book the service as a guest or by creating a free personal account in our website. The latter option is always recommended since it “unlocks” additional payment methods and discounts for future orders. You can learn more about the benefits of opening a free account here.

Book bridal gown deliveries in 4 steps:

  1. Go to our engine and select the country from which the courier company will pick-up your wedding dress and the country of your destination wedding (it could be the same country).
  2. Insert the weight and the dimensions of the shipment (a.k.a. of the package in which the dress is stored in). Please, do not insert the weight/dimensions of an unpacked wedding dress. You also have to clarify whether you are sending a package, a suitcase or a pallet. For bridal gown deliveries, a package would be the correct option.
  3. Fill in the additional information concerning the pick-up and delivery addresses and the name of the recipient. The recipient could be you, the wedding planner, a friend, a relative or any other person that you authorize to receive it on your behalf Just make sure that the recipient will be at the delivery address on the indicated delivery date.
  4. Select any of our various payment methods and pay for the bridal gown delivery.

*When booking shipping services for weddings through Eurosender you follow the same principles of booking any other shipping service. In other words, there is no special section in our shipping engine dedicated to bridal gown deliveries or wedding decorations shipping. You can book the service the same way you would book a service for shipping clothes, books or any other item. What you should keep in mind, however, is that your shipment might be too big or heavy for a standard shipping service. This might not be the case when shipping wedding gowns, but it may apply if you choose to ship all the wedding decorations. In this case, you simply ask for an individual offer. All you have to do is fill in a form and our logistics experts will come up with a customized offer based on your requirements. You will be free to choose whether you can accept or decline this offer.

How to pack a wedding dress for shipping | The materials

Wedding dresses’ grace comes with a price; their fragility. They are usually crispy white and made with delicate fabrics. Have we also mentioned how expensive they are? Preserving them during transport is of great importance. That is why we have gathered some important tips that will help you pack a wedding dress in the safest possible way. Before you start with the process of packing, however, make sure that you have all the essential packaging materials.

Wedding dress packaging materials:

  • Cardboard box(es) – all items shipped through Eurosender need to be stored in a sturdy cardboard box. For extra protection, you can use more than one (they should be slightly different in size). You can find these boxes in hardware stores and most supermarkets – in low prices or even for free. Just make sure that they do not have any holes and that they are big and sturdy enough to fit your dress or any other item you want to ship.

Some of our customers choose to ship their wedding gowns in a suitcase. If you would like to ship your dress in a suitcase instead of a cardboard box, make sure that it is big enough to fit the entire dress. All zippers should be closed and you should wrap the suitcase with protective film!

  • Garment bag – any type of waterproof garment bag will do, as long as it is big enough to fit your wedding gown. Your dress has probably already been given to you in a garment bag upon purchase. If that is not the case, you can find one online or in any physical store that sells house supplies.
  • Acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin – you can find these items mostly in fabric stores, in preservation equipment shops and online. These are especially important in case you need to fold the dress before storing it into the bag. If your dress has jewels or embellishments that might harm the delicate fabrics, please wrap it in acid-free tissue paper or unbleached muslin. Normal tissue is not recommended since it contains acid that can damage the dress.
  • Adhesive tape and scissors – you might have these two essential household items already. They will be used to seal the cardboard box after the dress is carefully placed in it.

If the cardboard box is much larger than the dress, you can fill in the gap with packing peanuts, old newspapers or other filling materials. Although the dress cannot “break” as glass and pottery art can do, having your wedding dress move violently within the box is not a good idea. If your dress has jewel embellishments, filling in any gaps is out of question.

How to pack a wedding dress for shipping | The 5 steps

Once you’ve made sure that you have gathered all the essential packaging materials for shipping a wedding gown, it is time to start packing! Keep in mind that the courier company will not accept any wedding dresses that are stored in just a garment bag. The courier can only accept sealed cardboard boxes and suitcases that are wrapped with protective plastic film. Also, take into consideration that, in the rare case of damages being inflicted on your dress, if no protective measures were taken, the courier company might not accept any claims from your side.

Step-by-step guide to protect your wedding gown:

  1. Wrap the dress with muslin/acid-free paper. Lay the paper or muslin on a clean surface (e.g. a table, a counter etc.) and place the wedding dress on top of it.
  2. Fold the dress if necessary. If the wedding dress is too long, you can fold it very carefully. Every layer should be protected with acid-free paper or muslin, especially when the dress has jewels that can damage the fabric. If the form of the dress is hard to preserve or if you think that the folding it could potentially damage it, please, avoid this step.
  3. Place the dress in the garment bag. If the dress is folded you could use a waterproof clear plastic bag instead. Pay attention when pulling the zippers, since the fabrics could easily get stuck in it.
  4. Store the garment bag into the box. Put the garment bag with the dress inside the cardboard box. If there is huge gap inside, we recommend you to fill-it-in with packing peanuts, old newspapers or other filling materials. For extra protection you could also insert the box into a slightly bigger one.
  5. Seal the box. Cover all of the box’s openings with adhesive tape and shake it slightly to see if everything stays in place. If you suspect that the box is not strong enough, please change it or take extra protective measures.
Wedding decorations shipping

If you are planning to ship wedding decorations instead of your bridal gown, you should consider the option of requesting an individual offer. If you are planning to have a small wedding with a minimalistic decorations, your shipments could be eligible for a standard courier service. In this case, you can pack and ship your lanterns, vases and decorative plates in a few parcels. However, if you are going to send a lot of packages at the wedding venue, a pallet will be needed to make the handling of your shipment much easier. You can easily book a wedding decorations shipping service by following the same instructions for shipping a wedding dress.

*Things to remember: Eurosender does not ship fresh flowers to venues. If you want to ship porcelain plates and fine glasses, please take our packing tips into consideration.

Reasons for booking shipping services for weddings

There are many reasons for booking bridal gown deliveries or wedding decorations shipping services. Here are some of the most common scenarios:

  • You are planning a destination wedding and you need to ship your wedding dress and/or wedding décor at the venue. It could be a destination wedding in Santorini or in Tuscany. As long as the venue is in Europe, Eurosender can help you have the wedding of your dreams.
  • You found your wedding dress in another country. Maybe your dream dress was in Paris but you live in Germany. We can help you get your wedding dress back home safely.
  • You want to sell your old wedding dress. Maybe you thought that buying a wedding dress was a good idea; however you are now facing some financial problems that could be solved by selling this expensive dress that sits in your closet for over a decade. Eurosender can help you ship your wedding dress to any buyer in Europe.
Reasons for choosing Eurosender:
  • Eurosender will always offer you the lowest price to ship your wedding dress or any other item you have in mind.
  • We take safety seriously and we collaborate with the most trustworthy logistics providers in Europe. Your beloved dress will be in good hands!
  • Our services are door-to-door. That means that we can pick-up and deliver your wedding dress from your own home, the wedding venue, the hotel reception you will be staying at or even your workplace. There is no need to find a drop-off point.
  • Your shipment will be covered with free basic insurance of up to 200€. At the same time, you also have the possibility to purchase extra insurance at a very low price. Since most wedding gowns are relatively expensive, we would recommend you to add extra insurance while placing the order.

If you have any questions regarding shipping services for weddings or for any other occasion, feel free to contact us. Our customer support team will be more than happy to assist you.

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