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Let us be frank: everyone wants to find a smart alternative to excessive shipping costs, especially given that the holiday season approaches, and delivery prices tend to increase dramatically during this period. Of course, all of us will be looking for nice gifts on the web and will want those items shipped at the best possible price. Before we provide you with tips on how to save money on postage and shipping, we would like to share some basic principles regarding the logistics providers’ price calculation method. So, to start with, how do couriers charge for delivery?

Here is a brief overview of the factors impacting your shipping price:

This criterion is quite an important one because it is not a rare case to see a larger but lighter parcel cost less than the one which is smaller, but heavier. It has everything to do with how couriers use the space inside their delivery vans.

  • Package measurements;

This parameter is always the most significant one as it determines the type of shipping service you need to use (standard shipping, pallet delivery service, etc.);

  • Shipping route (distance);

Of course, mileage matters for delivery rates. The same should be said about the fuel cost. In some countries, like the UK, congestion fees may be added to the parcel delivery price. This is particularly the case for central London and some other capitals with extremely high traffic.

  • Type of goods or freight that are being shipped;

Here, it is important to understand that some parcels must be handled with the utmost care. Some people use courier services to ship restricted and prohibited objects or substances, others frequently send fragile and valuable items. There is clear evidence of the fact that standard parcels will be sent for less than the ones mentioned above.

Even though the competition in the logistics world is quite high and all the service providers strive not to be more expensive than their counterparts, in some cases, the price difference may become quite tangible. Some people spend hours on multiple price comparison websites. Here at Eurosender, we will be more than happy to share a less time-consuming method with you. So, if you are looking for a smart alternative to excessive shipping costs, you are on the right page.

Tips on how to save money on postage and shipping

Now that you know how couriers charge for delivery, you are ready to learn more about dos and don’ts in terms of shipping. Depending on the number and the volume of the items you are willing to send, we will suggest you some simple tips on how to save money on postage.

  1. Use the best price/quality selection algorithm

Most of us believe that price comparison is the right way to go, given a huge number of specialized apps and websites, but we sometimes forget that these tools often compare standard prices and do not indicate hidden fees and possible surcharges, not to mention how much time we spend on these resources trying to find the best option.

How much do different couriers charge for door-to-door delivery services? If you are asking this question, you are aware of the fact that fares for the same service may depend on a big number of variables. Our suggestion is not to compare standard prices, but to use a comprehensive logistics platform for ordering affordable transport solutions. At Eurosender, we can proudly say that we work with the most reputable courier companies both at the local and the international scale. Having thousands of clients worldwide, we have strong negotiation power. Thus, our logistics partners offer us the lowest prices for their services. You can see it for yourself by using the tool below. In a few clicks, our system will find the cheapest carrier for your parcel, all charges included.

This tool will help you save time and money, as you will not have to register an account with every single company to have access to reduced shipping tariffs.

  1. Do not be afraid to ship with new providers

Avoid working with the same courier all the time. If you have had the lowest shipping rate with this company once, it does not mean that the same provider will always be the cheapest one. New market players appear all the time. They are known to offer the most appealing prices to broaden their client base. Eurosender is open to cooperation with such companies, so we recommend you to check the best price offer every time you need to send a parcel or a pallet.

  1. Do not be shy to ask for a discount or a smart alternative to excessive shipping costs

Of course, if you have an express shipment, you will be offered an acceptable price option at once. If we are speaking about a cheap way of moving to another place or sending multiple packages, many possible budget-friendly solutions come to play (LTL, pallet delivery service, etc.).

  1. Pay attention to the size of the box you choose for packaging

The box should be neither small nor too big for the items you intend to ship. Here, you might find useful the experience of regular shippers, such as online stores. Many sellers affirm that choosing flat rate boxes significantly reduces the parcel delivery cost.

  1. Do not throw old boxes away, you may reuse this packaging for your future shipments

If the box is sturdy and in good condition, it can be easily reused. Just do not forget to remove the old shipping labels.

Feel free to use these hacks to lower your parcel delivery price. If you have any additional questions regarding the tips on how to save money on postage, do not hesitate to ask our friendly customer support team.

Last modified: November 29, 2019

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