CTT International Shipping Services and Alternatives

Shipping with CTT Portugal – parcel tracking, international deliveries, and postal rates

CTT is the Portuguese national postal operator with subdivisions operating in banking, mobile phone services, and e-commerce. CTT offers domestic and international mail and express shipping services for individuals and businesses. Find out all about CTT tracking, postal rates and delivery times. Get alternative quotes and solutions using our booking engine.

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Eurosender provides various shipping options and logistics solutions as an alternative for shipping internationally with CTT.
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CTT international parcel tracking. How do I track a CTT delivery?

You will get a unique tracking number when sending an international parcel with CTT Portugal. If you bought something online and the shipment will be performed by CTT, you will most probably receive the tracking code by SMS or email to track & trace the CTT delivery. On the other hand, if you drop off your parcel at your local post office or CTT Contact Point, the tracking code will be visible on the receipt. When you book a CTT express delivery online, you will find the tracking number on the shipping label.

CTT package tracking doesn’t work for all shipments. Unless you work directly with CTT Expresso, the tracking service must also be purchased for most letters and packages, especially for domestic routes. In case of delays or a failed delivery attempt, you need to contact CTT directly.

When booking a delivery with Eurosender, you can always track your parcel online and know where your shipment is at all times.

CTT international mailing services

CTT offers mail and parcel delivery services nationally and worldwide. When choosing a mailing service, CTT offers several alternatives that differ in terms of delivery times (regular and express) and tracking options. You can mail both letters and small boxes of up to 2Kg with these CTT mailing services:

CTT National solutions

  • Regular Post – Deliveries in 3 working days in Portugal mainland.
  • Blue Post – Express deliveries in 1 working day in Portugal mainland and 2 working days to the Portuguese islands.
  • Registered Post – Deliveries in 1 working day in Portugal mainland and 2 working days to the Portuguese islands with the tracking number included. Additional services such as payment on delivery, SMS alert and insurance options are available for an extra fee.
  • Green Post – Fixed price for each package size regardless of its weight. No need for a stamp. Deliveries in 1 working day in Portugal mainland and 2 working days to the Portuguese islands.

CTT International solutions

  • Regular Post – Deliveries in up to 5 working days in Europe and 7 working days globally.
  • Blue Post – Express package deliveries in up to 3 working days in Europe and 5 working days worldwide.
  • Registered Post – Deliveries in up to 3 working days in Europe and 5 working days globally with the tracking number included. Additional services such as payment on delivery, confirmation of acceptance, and insurance options are available for an extra fee and can be requested during the booking process.
  • Green Post – Fixed price for each package size regardless of its weight. No need for a stamp. Deliveries are performed in 5 working days in Europe and 7 working days worldwide.

Have in mind that none of the above-mentioned CTT services is door-to-door, and you must always drop off your letter or parcel either on a CTT Contact Point or a Mail Box (be careful to add the stamp in advance in this case).

CTT international shipping costs and postal rates

Additionally to mailing services, CTT Portugal also offers some options to send parcels weighing up to 30 Kg for domestic shipping and 10 kg for international routes. You can simulate the price for shipping your parcel using the CTT shipping calculator.

Alternatively, you can take a look at the table below where we compiled the shipping rates for various CTT services for shipping a 10kg package and respective delivery times. None of the CTT services listed below is door-to-door. On the other hand, Eurosender services are always door-to-door.

CTT Shipping ServiceDelivery TimesShipping Rates
CTT Domestic Mainland3 business daysFrom 11,40€
CTT Domestic Islands5-6 business daysFrom 21,80€
CTT International Europe5 business daysFrom 47,40€
CTT International Worldwide7 business daysFrom 111.30€


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FAQs about CTT international delivery services, parcel tracking and postal rates

Does CTT provide shipping boxes?
Yes, you can purchase envelopes, packages or cardboard boxes for shipping your goods at CTT Stores or online. The CTT packaging prices depend on the dimensions. Find out more about packing materials and where to buy them on our dedicated page.
How can I pay customs charges when shipping internationally with CTT?
After receiving a customs clearance notification by post or email, you will have to pay the customs charges directly on the customs website with your credit card. Alternatively, you can pay the customs fee upon delivery. In this case, some additional costs and VAT will be included.
Where can I drop off my package? Does CTT have parcel lockers?
CTT has a wide network of lockers and Contact Points where you can drop off your parcel in Portugal. To choose a 24h parcel locker, you need to register on the website and book shipping online. When your order arrives, you will receive an SMS and an email with the code to open the locker. You will have up to 5 working days to pick up your order.
I missed my CTT delivery. Can I schedule redelivery?
Normally CTT does not perform second delivery attempts. In case you were not present at the address, the CTT postman will leave a notification with your parcel’s data on your mailbox, including where you should pick it up and during what hours. Make sure to take this paper with you as well as your ID when collecting your CTT package. This is mostly applicable for deliveries happening in Portugal. For international shipments with CTT, the courier normally collaborates with local shipping companies and, therefore, the redelivery method may be different.
What is the difference between CTT and CTT Express?
CTT Correios and CTT Express are two CTT Group subsidiaries, including other divisions. The main difference between CTT and CTT Express is that CTT (Correios) is a Portuguese regular mail delivery company, while CTT Express specialises in express mail and parcel services. Both divisions serve domestic and international shipments.
Does CTT Express offer shipping insurance?
Yes, all CTT Express Orders have insurance included in the price in case of parcel loss or damage. The amount of compensation is up to € 10 per kg and can be higher if you purchase the additional service. The CTT Extra Insurance allows you to increase the insurance limit of your order up to € 12.500.
What additional services does CTT Correios offer?
CTT Correios offers several additional services for an extra fee. When mailing a letter or a parcel with CTT Correios, you can also opt for registered deliveries, cash on delivery, or proof of delivery services.
Does CTT offer pallet or cargo shipping services?
Business customers with a contract with CTT can ship cargo of up to 700 kg to Portugal and Spain. CTT offers door-to-door cargo deliveries within 1 or 2 business days.
When looking for the most cost-effective and efficient way to send pallets internationally, check immediate prices with our booking tool. Eurosender provides door-to-door freight delivery at affordable prices for businesses and individuals. Insurance included.
When will the CTT postman pick up my parcel?
When booking a collection online, you can choose one of the following time frames:
  • 8 am - 10 am
  • 10 am - 1 pm
  • 1 pm - 4 pm
  • 4 pm - 7 pm
  • 7 pm - 10 pm
What items can’t be shipped with CTT Portugal post?
The list of restricted and prohibited items for shipping will depend on the destination country. In general, it is not allowed to ship weapons, live animals, firearms and ammunition, explosive substances and flammable liquids. You can consult the full list of restricted and forbidden items for shipping with CTT on the company’s official website or check our general list of items prohibited and restricted by most courier companies.
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Disclaimer: The information above is the result of online research conducted in July 2022. For more information about CTT international shipping services, CTT parcel tracking, CTT shipping costs, CTT insurance and CTT lockers, we strongly recommend checking the courier company’s official website.